Top Ten Saddest Deaths of 2016


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61 Andrew Sachs (November 23)

Famous for portraying one of the greatest characters of British Comedy, Manuel from Fawlty Towers.

62 Elie Wiesel (July 2)
63 Caleb Schwab (August 7)
64 Richard Adams (December 24) V 1 Comment
65 Ken Howard (March 23) Ken Howard (March 23)
66 Arthur Anderson (April 9)
67 Paul Daniels (March 17) Paul Daniels (March 17)
68 Frank Levingston (May 3) Frank Levingston (May 3)
69 Tom Kibble (June 2) Tom Kibble (June 2)

An inspiring figure in theoretical physics, who also taught at my university. I would have loved to have had him as one of my professors. - PositronWildhawk

70 Paul Gordon (February 18) Paul Gordon (February 18)

Just so you know, whoever is familiar with some of Digimon's soundtracks or the opening theme of Power Rangers: Wild Force, this is the guy who sung them. So, you could consider him a part of your childhood.

Let's Kick It Out one last time for him. Thanks for the memories Paul Gordon. Rest in Peace :(. - CrimsonShark

71 Michu Meszaros (June 13)
72 Ed Snider (April 11)

Humungous influence on hockey in Philadelphia! Created lots of jobs, and his venue hosted many great shows. He should be top 20

73 Lane Graves (June 14) Lane Graves (June 14)
74 Caroline Aherne (July 2) Caroline Aherne (July 2)
75 Nate Thurmond (July 16) Nate Thurmond (July 16)

This guy received lots of praise from some of the NBA's greatest centers from his time. He wasn't able to make it to 75, as he died at 74. RIP Big guy.

76 Ruby Wilson (August 13)
77 Jack Riley (August 19) Jack Riley (August 19)
78 Tom Searle (August 20) Tom Searle (August 20) Thomas "Tom" Searle (October 23rd 1987 - August 20th 2016) was an English guitarist known for being a founding member and former guitarist of the English Metalcore band "Architects". He was a member from 2004 up to his death in 2016 from Melanoma skin cancer at 28 during which he produced 6 studio albums more.

Guitarist of the English metalcore band "Architects" (And drummer Matt Searle's brother) Died of cancer at age 28. May he Rock in Paradise with those who have passed recently :(. - CrimsonShark

79 Johan Cruyff (March 24)
80 Alexis Arquette (September 11) Alexis Arquette (September 11)
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