Saddest Deaths of 2017


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61 Emmanuelle Riva
62 Miguel Ferrer
63 John Wetton
64 Richard Hatch V 1 Comment
65 E-Dubble
66 Chavo Guerrero Sr.
67 Brenda Buttner

She was the host of Fox News, she made a big impact on television for years.
Her death was caused by cancer, and she was 55.

She will be dearly missed.

68 Ivan Koloff
69 Mildred Dresselhaus

You probably haven't heard of her, but she was responsible for the field of carbon nanotube research and low dimensional thermoelectrics before either were even fields of research, and much of her work has been echoed in the developments of super-efficient solar panels and space elevators. She was also a highly inspirational figure for women in science, constantly defying many double standards in the culture of science. Let's not forget our Queen of Carbon Science, who tragically passed in February this year. - PositronWildhawk

Many people don't even know this genius..., So tragic that she died..RIP - Ananya

70 William Peter Blatty

Author of "The Exorcist".

71 Keith Palmer

The hero cop who lost his life in the Westminster attack after being stabbed. - SuperSonic17

72 Donald Harvey
73 Erin Moran
74 Tony Rosato Tony Rosato Tony Rosato is an Italian-Canadian actor and voice actor who has appeared in television and movies in both Canada and the United States.

Without him, the YouTube Poop probably wouldn't be the same.

"That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario! "

75 Gilbert Baker

The guy who designed the LGBT pride rainbow flag. May he rest in peace.

76 Tino Insana
77 Peter Sallis

Most well known as the voice for Wallace in 'Wallace and Gromit'. His iconic voice will be immortalised in this classic British character.

78 John Noakes
79 Andy Cunningham

Creator and star of the children's T.V. series 'Bodger and Badger'.
Died at age 67. - SuperSonic17

80 Emma Morano

Was the oldest person alive died at 117 - Thecyanryan

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