Top Ten Saddest Deaths in Assassin's Creed Games

Assassin's Creed has some of the saddest deaths ever. It could be in the modern day or the select time period. These break every fan's heart. In this I will not be considering the comics, so sorry Ezio and Edward, nor will I consider the movie, so sorry Maria. Without further ado, enjoy the list!
The Top Ten
Haytham Kenway

Absolutely the saddest death for me. He was the greatest Templar by far and he was a savage. After reuniting with his son, Connor, we start to think he will turn good again, but then he is killed by Connor, trying to help Charles Lee.

Desmond Miles

Desmond was the first character we truly met. He was in the first 5 games of the franchise. In AC3 though he finally meets his end in a tragic scene in the franchise where he is forced to kill himself to save the world.

Lucy Stillman

Lucy was a likable character. In Brotherhood we really feel sorry for her. She lived so many years undercover with Vidic and the Templars and witnessed the deaths of her only friends only to be stuck in a run down Italian city the rest of her life. Plus she searched for the Apple for so long only to be killed as soon as Desmond picks it up.

Elise de la Serre

The classic lovebirds story. After Elise blames Arno for her dad's death she joins the Templars only to figure out she is being targeted and that Germain was the person who ordered her dad's death. After all of Germain's order is taken out Arnold Elise fight him and Elise tragically dies in one of the saddest scenes in any video game.


In Assassins Creed Orgins we see a very tragic scene towards the beginning. We see the Death of Bayek's son Khemu. While trying to open the vault in Siwa, Khemu steals a knife from one of the members. He unties Bayek and Bayek attempts to kill the members, but in the struggle he accidentally stabs his own son.

Yusuf Tazim

Super sad scene in Revelation. One of the more well liked characters killed in a brutal, brutal way. His death would spark a rally from the Assassins and led by Ezio they get their revenge.

Mario Auditore

Mario was a beloved character and he dies just like that in Brotherhood. It is a very sad scene. While the assault on Monteriggioni in the beginning of the game, he is shot in the back by Cesare.

Hope Jensen

One of the saddest deaths. Hope was the one character that tried to reason with Shay. After she figured out Shay was still alive she attempted to kill him and it almost worked, but Shay killed her last second in a tragic scene.

Ezio's Family

In the beginning of Assassins Creed 2 we see both of Ezio's brothers and his dad murdered in a public execution. A truly tragic scene and some will shed some tears.

Altair Ibn la Ahad

The first Assassin we meet. He doesn't die tragically at least, but his death is still sad. In Revelations Ezio is looking for Altair's library and throughout the game Ezio is able to look at Altair's memories that Altair had recorded. Then in the final disk in a very heartbreaking and sad moment we see Altair succumb in the library to old age.

The Contenders
Mary Read

Yeah this one is definitely sad.

George Monro

First time I actually felt sad for a video game character dying. I remember being extremely sad for a week and couldn't even play rogue for like 10 days.

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