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21 Brooklyn

In Call of Duty The Big Red One you really bonded with everyone in your squad. You fight with all of them throughout the entire European Theatre and you really feel like they have your back. When they talk to you they aren't spouting any plot twist or giving military orders, or screaming and shouting as if they're hardcore Rambo soldiers. They are just just regular guys who volunteered (I think) just like your character. When one of them dies, you feel like you've lost a friend. But the hardest blow is when the wisecracking Brooklyn dies from mortar fire on last mission near the end of the game. There isn't any dramatic music or any music. You just stand there seeing him struggling trying to avoid the shells being fired at him until one sends him flying in the air.

I don't much care for any of the new characters that seemed to fill the top ten with the exception of a couple, Brooklyn definitely should've made it closer than he did, this was the only death that made me want to literally cry.

The way Brooklyn was there for you in the beginning of the game, and the fact that you bond with all the characters in your squad, hurts when one dies. The other fact about Brooklyn's death that sucks is that it's on the last level of the game. He was so close to getting home and he gets mortared to death... RIP my friend.

My favorite Call of Duty 2big red 1 was the first Call of Duty I ever played and I was6

I never finished B.R.1 and now I know what happens

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22 Makarov

Cause now there is no more modern warfare games. Seriously, what will Call of Duty do after black ops 2

Who the heck put him on here. I don't mean to be offensive, but why would you put him on here

23 Jason Hudson

When he put on those glasses in number, I pissed myself

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24 Hendricks V 1 Comment
25 McCullen V 2 Comments
26 Rachel Kane V 1 Comment
27 Captain Reyes

He sacrificed himself for the good of his crew

28 Dempsey

He dies every time you play zombies. Stupid really

29 Menendez
30 Will Irons

Jack Mitchell's best friend

It's so sad play it your self

31 John Taylor
32 Elias

He got shot in the chest lots of times and once in the head. I wish Rorke died in legends never die

33 Ajax
34 Gideon

Dies in the Riot Zombies Easter Egg

35 Pvt. James Ramirez

He got nuked and then he was still alive then died moments later I mean you save the pilot from the crash and you think there is going to be a happy ending and... BOOM! Nuke.

36 Grinch
37 Swift
38 Roebuck
39 Joseph Allen
40 Victor "Vic" Denley

One of the most emotion filled deaths in the Call of Duty franchise.

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