Saddest Deaths in Children's Movies


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1 Mufasa - Lion King Mufasa - Lion King

I am so glad and happy this sucker died for good. GOD BLESS.

This wasn't sad at all! Even when I first watched the movie when I was 8, I didn't shed a tear! - MrComedy

This death wasn't sad. I was very happy that Mufasa died because he is a hypocrite who only cares for Simba/Sarabi and no one else. That dictator deserved to die because he forced a whole species into the Outlands to starve for no reason. (If you think because all hyenas are bad, then why the heck do "good" hyenas such as Jasiri's clan live in the Outlands in the Lion Guard? ) Also, Mufasa is just a fictional character. If a lot of people found Mufasa's death so sad, then they must be a bunch of idiots who can't separate fictional events from reality. His death doesn't affect anyone's family, especially if our family members, such as our parents, are alive and well.

Heck, Mufasa's death made me happy because I hate him so much. So I consider his death a blessing and satisfaction.

Yes. We know you hate this movie LK hater... But a lot of people found this death sad.


2 Bambi's Mom - Bambi Bambi's Mom - Bambi
3 Charlotte - Charlotte's Web
4 Tadashi - Big Hero 6
5 Coral - Finding Nemo

The Barracuda SHOULDN'T have been there. Finding Nemo would’ve been better if Coral looked for Nemo instead of Marlin.

6 The Giant - The Iron Giant
7 Casper - Casper the Friendly Ghost Casper - Casper the Friendly Ghost
8 Old Yeller - Old Yeller
9 Leslie Burke - Bridge to Terabithia


10 Ellie - Up

The Contenders

11 Littlefoot's Mom - The Land Before Time
12 Rue - The Hunger Games
13 Bing Bong - Inside Out Bing Bong - Inside Out
14 Daisy - Wonder
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