Top Ten Saddest Deaths in Criminal Minds

The Top Ten

1 Death of Haley Hotchner

I cried so much. I loved her character and her death was so sad!

2 Death of William Hodges
3 Death of Emily Prentiss (staged)
4 Death of Ian Doyle
5 Death of Roy Woodridge
6 Death of Maeve Donovan

Her death was incredibly sad and powerful. The fact that Spencer and Maeve didn't even see each other in person only made their relationship more significant. After her death I wanted another love for Reid, one who stayed alive. At the same time, though, I didn't want Reid to end up with anyone but Maeve for the simple fact that they were perfect for each other. I still cry every time she's nominated. I can't help but vote her death as the saddest because is the one that moved me the most, with Haley's as a close second.

This one killed me a little bit, too, I have to say. Reid deserves someone who loves him, besides the team

That episode was SO sad. I can't believe that they did that. Poor Reid.

7 Death of Tobias Hankel
8 Death of Billy Flynn
9 Death of George Foyet

This was great! - RobertWisdom

10 Death of Sarah Jean Dawes

The Contenders

11 Death of Jason Gideon
12 Death of Carolyn Rossi
13 Death of Marvin Doyle
14 Death of Mark Gregory
15 Death of Armando Salinas
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