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1 Rue's Death

Everyone loves Rue, she was the youngest contestant and truly showed kindness and immaturity. The death of Rue was also highly detailed with Katniss creating a bed of flowers, and singing her a lullaby. Rue was very young, and many viewers/readers could relate to her. RIP Rue!

Her death was a heart-breaker! She was shy but bubbly, sweet but mature and possessed such extraordinary skills. She sacrificed her own life, how cruel the Capitol was to allow such a young and innocent girl to participate in these cruel and Malicious events. Her death reflects everyone who sacrifices their life and die innocent in the hands of the cruel and the Malice. #rue4ever

This was definitely the saddest death, the song, the fact she was the youngest, and the reaction of her district in the movie when she died. Also, you know it was really sad for matinee too, because this was one of the few moments that she allowed herself to be broken out of her emotional shell. Also she vowed to win for rue after this event, not prim

Her and Prim both had sad deaths. Both are lovable and I was sad to see them die - Lunala

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2 Finnick's Death

I can't get over Finnick's death.. Seriously! Every time something sad happens, I'm automatically thinking about him! Oh, why did Collins have to kill him off? Of all the characters in the series? He was my favorite. When he died, I did not wanted to complete read the book, and when the Mockingjay part 2 movie came out I had tears in my eyes from the start of because I knew he would die. Finnick was so perfect in his own way. He was so special for me. I've always loved him from the sugar cube scene to now! And forever. So kind, caring, funny, intelligent, strong, brave.. He was killed by lizard mutts and the Holo. Nobody cared about his death in the movie or book (only poor Annie with their unborn child! ) and he was never mentioned anymore after that. He died right after his wedding! I loved Hunger Games so much because of him. (Still my favorite series! ) And I am still so depressed about his death, even I know he just is a character in a series, but for me it feels like missing a ...more

WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE?!?! He was my favorite character in the entire series and deserved so much more! I mean, after he died, NOBODY CARED! (Except for Annie) He had just gotten married and his wife was pregnant! He never even got to meet his son. He was such an amazing character and I honestly think killing him was a mistake. If Peeta got to keep his leg in the movie, then why didn't Finnick get to keep his life? His death didn't really have any meaning and was quite pointless. Where's his happy ending?

It has been so long since I read the books that I barely remember certain details but I remember this death and how upset I was. I had to put the book down for a few days to get over it. And then going to see the movie, the only thing I thought about was Finnick dying. As it got closer, I got more and more anxious because I knew it was coming. Definitely teared up when it happened. He was such a dynamic character, it was hard not to relate to him in some way.

I can't watch Finnick dying. I can watch Rue, Jackson, Mags, Wiress and even Prim, but I can't sit through Finnic's death and if I watch Mockingly Part 2 I always wind forward

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3 Prim's Death

Prim dying was sad, but this was the worst written part in the series in my opinion. Rue's death was packed full of emotion with Katniss making her a grave. Rue is sweet, don't get me wrong, but she is a twelve-year-old Katniss knew for a couple weeks. Now Prim is Katniss's sister that she's known all of Prim's life. Rue did save Katniss, but Prim's goat provided the family with a lot of extra money, milk, and cheese. Still, while Rue got an entire ceremony, Prim got "I watched my sister become a human torch." or something with the same words in different places or such. Katniss was trying to survive, but that was true in the Hunger Games as well, and she could have mourned more for Prim later. Prim's death evoked no emotion from me until Buttercup found Katniss at the end of the book, at which point I cried and cried. This was such a weak point in one of the best books in the world. - pandagirl

Prim's death was #1 for me because it was so quick. You didn't even know Prim died when it happened, because Katniss was trying not to be engulfed by fire. You find out in the next chapter, and your just like what the hell. But, her death made me want to cry because it was so tragic the way that she died. I'm not saying that Rue's wasn't tragic, but I think Prim's was sadder.

I also really bad for Katniss after that happened. I mean, she went through the 74th and the 75th Hunger Games, and fought in the rebellion. Why did the author have to do that to her? Katniss describes how she feels nothing for a year, and that just makes me feel so despondent. Believe me, Rue's death was sad, but Prim's was sadder because Katniss was depressed for a year.

So don't be mad but I choose Cato, Rue and everyone else who died in the hunger games more than her
Think about it she did nothing in the series but get her name drawn she is only a poor brat (I still haven't read Mockingjay) Listen up Rue died as a piece in the capitol's games, was 12, and she was in The Hunger Games (and her family wasn't with her) Prim died as a love girl that in a mine explosion was accidentally purposely killed, she was 13, and the last thing she saw was her sister. Cato died as a piece in the capitol's games and was in pain and suffering for hours. So I just don't like Prim and it wasn't sad okay I heard from the wiki in a explosion but she at least died quick on like some people (cough cough Cato) so anyone else agree?

I loved Primrose! 🌷She was one of my favorite characters. The saddest part was when Katniss found Buttercup and was screaming at him. Then he let her pick him up and it was like even though he didn't know what had happened, he understood that Prim wasn't coming back.😿 - Catlover2004

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4 Cato's Death

No matter how many people he had killed, he was just a kid in the games himself. He was just trying to survive and get home. Cato and Clove's deaths were the most emotional for me because when Clove died you could see that Cato really did love her when he was kneeling beside her and begging her to stay. They helped each other and never left each other. They trusted each other and Cato was panicking when he heard Clove calling and when he saw her lying in the ground he was terrified because he couldn't bear it and when she died he went and avenged her by killing Thresh. I hope he did it brutally. But even killing Thresh wouldn't bring back Clove so he completely lost the will to live and when the mutts were eating him he was thankful that he'd be able to see Clove again. But when he saw what the Capitol had done to Clove he was really mad but he just couldn't carry on with life without Clove so while he died he was just looking into the eyes of Clove's mutt. It's sick and cruel that ...more

So maybe he was a bit crazy, with his reaction to the supplies being blown up. And yeah, he did try to kill Peeta and Katniss and actually succeeded in killing Thresh, the boy from 3, etc. But nobody deserves to be turned into a human chew toy. Even Katniss agrees: pg 339, "The next hours are the worst in my life, which if you think about it, is saying something... The real nightmare is listening to Cato, moaning, begging, and finally just whimpering as the mutts work away at him. After a very short time, I don't care who he is or what he's done, all I want is for his suffering to end." AND pg 341: "And I think the word he's trying to say is 'please. ' Pity, not vengeance, sends my arrow flying into his skull."

What made it even more agonizing was the fact that he had on that body armor. More armor=slower death

No one deserved to die like that, not even Cato. To me, his death was sadder than Rue's because Rue had love, peace and comfort when she died. Cato was torn apart slowly, knowing fully well he had done the wrong things, chosen the wrong things, and that he was used as a tool for the Capitol's entertainment. To top it, he said "please" way more than once in the book. He died slowly, and alone. That makes it the saddest death in the whole trilogy for me.
(PS: I dare you to listen to the ending of the "Muttations" score from the OST and say you don't feel even a little bit sorry for him.)

I think he deserves to die unlike rue he killed most of the players even though you say that cato sacrificed himself what if he was healed he would try to kill peeta and katniss

MY CATO WHY WHY I LOVED HIM WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE SERIOUSLY SUZANNE COLLINS YOU KILL OFF THE BEST CHARACTER IN THE BOOK. I always cry at his and Clove's death yeah they were crazy but I relate to them in so many ways I never cry at Rue's death or even PRIM'S YEAH SUE ME I DON'T CARE I have fanart of Clato all over my room me being a fangirl JUST KATNISS AND PEETA GO TO HELL

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5 Cinna's Death

In the movie, this shocked me so much and it was so emotional especially for Katniss, having to enter the games in such an unstable condition after witnessing this cruel and inhuman murder of her best friend and the one who stuck by her and supported her all the way, right till the end.

Cinna death was So emotional. He was Katniss' best friend. If Suzanne was going to have him die she should have waited until the last book.

This was probably one of the saddest ones because this is the first death where it is, someone Katniss knows very personally where as with Rue she knew her for a few days. Rue's was still very sad though!

Cinnas death was so dramatic and emotional. After you watch that scene, you can feel how Katniss feels toward President Snow and Plutarch Heavensbee. I hated how he was killed in that brutal way (kicking, beating, throwing around).

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6 Glimmer's Death

Glimmer's death was so painfully brutal. Imagine being swarmed by tracker jackers? Also, no one had any grief upon her death, not even her own allies, the careers. She screamed and cried for help, and no one cared to even try to help her and she died a slow, excruciating death.

Glimmer's death was sad because it was by far the most painful and unlike Rue she died alone and was then ripped to shreds because Katniss wanted the bow.

Who cares about carer training glimmer is the forgotten death and it was not quick at all. Maybe she killed 2 tributes and critically injured another she was not as bad as Katniss suggested. She died with no one to hold her hand and no one to sing her to sleep. She then has her corpse shattered by Katniss. She may have been my second favourite but she and the district 4 male where sad deaths R.I.P.

Glimmers death is the worst death in all three books and all four movies, but possibly not the saddest. The reason I voted for her is because of the way she died, and because I felt really sorry for her when it happened.

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7 Mag's Death

Mags sacrificed herself first by volunteering for Annie (if Annie went into the Games, she could have been killed), then she was so friendly and kind towards Katniss. And in the Games, she walked straight into the poisonous fog to save Peeta and do a part in saving Panem from the Capitol's horrible rule. It broke Finnick's heart to see her do that.

Mags death was just so emotional for me even though we had just met her. She was so kind and cute that when she died I couldn't stop crying. First she volunteered for Annie to save her even though she was sure she won't make it. Then her sacrificing herself for Peeta... That was just so emotional.

It was so sad when she died, I mean like she sacrificed herself! You people should really vote her

And then finnick was crying and katniss realised he wasn't so bad😭😭😭

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8 Clove's Death

Guys.. I know these characters deaths were sad and all, but Clove deserves to win. I would vote for Cato too, but Cloves was way more emotional to me. Clove had trained all her life for the games, and when she finally volunteered she had one of her best friends by her side. I read into things like this. I know Cato and Clove were friends before the games. It's a fact. Clove always stayed by Catos side, and Cato volunteered to keep Clove safe. In the movie, they made it look like he liked Glimmer. This is NOT the Real thing guys. He loves Clove. He used Glimmer as a toy to get spencers because she was the "prettiest tribute" compared to the others. She had no skill, no talent, she only joined because she was full of herself. She didn't love Cato. She wanted him in dirty ways. Cato didn't love her, he used her. When she was attacked by the Tracker Jackers, he didn't go back for her, book and movie. He never brought her up again. The way clove calmed him down after the ...more

I literally burst into tears especially when Cato sits with her until she does. It's adorable and yet so sad that I had to stop reading when I read this.

It was so sad! And Cato's reaction was so sweet, it showed that they were still just children, only slightly scarred by the lives they lived


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9 Foxface's Death

What I think is when she ate those poison berries it was suicide. She knew about plants. And she knew she was up against strong tributes and she rather die a painless death instead of a painful one. It was suicide

Now that I think about it, it makes sense. If I were in the Hunger Games I would probably do that. Hell no am I getting my intestines spilled all over, even if I win. - Silverfroststorm

It was sad that she died if she just stayed in a little bit longer she would of won - dylangerleibold

I think if she hadn't eaten them, I bet she would win. We also never knew her real name, I knew if her parents did name her 'fox face' it would be cruel.

She was my favorite character so I voted her!

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10 Boggs' Death

Because he tried to help katniss and his last words were you have command

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11 Thresh's Death

Katniss would be dead without him. It didn't even show his death in the book or movie and it was still sad. Don't you remember when Katniss said "If me and Peeta don't win, I want Thresh to."

I think thresh's death was sad because he spared Katniss life and was friend with rue who in 1st place for saddest deaths. come on guys threshes death was so sad vote for him

It was like... A passing breeze. He was there. And he was gone. - keycha1n

I find his death dadder then everyone but rue finnick and prim - TotalEscapeTheIsland

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12 Female Morphling's Death

This was one of the saddest deaths it should have been in the top ten

So sad. The flower

I cried when I read this in the novel like her dying action is to sacrifice for peeta. They were friends and also the male morphling. She drew a flower on peeta's face. - onggoy

I loved her!

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13 Marvel's Death

He didn't mean to kill rue he tried to kill katniss but katniss moved and rue was behind her so you it was actually katniss fault rue died - cadespencer

I hate him to the bone. WE LOVE RUE!

Wait,marvel killed rue? isn't hunger games NOT superhero film. if it is why did marvel STUDIOS killed rue? just joking. i think why marvel studios killed rue. she's the reason why their films have been unpopular.

He didn't try to kill rue he tried to kill katniss but she moved out of the way and rue was right behind her - cadespencer


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14 Wiress's Death

Wires is awesome - but if Beetee had died I would be distraught I LOVE Beetee

She was pretty awesome and did you see how sad betee was! It must have been a real shock for him and her RIP



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15 Madge Undersee's Death

Madge died during the bombing of district twelve

Did she die? When

She was mayor udersee's daughter in the book

Wait she DIED? When! Gotta see this! Even though she was sweet and all, she WAS snows daughter (I think) -thoress

16 Cashmere's Death

She died with her brother dead moments before and it's no wonder she wanted to kill Katniss plus she had to earlier watch glimmer and marvel die

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17 Snow's Death

Snow was an idiot. He deserved it. Haven't you guys forgotten the amount of innocent children he watched fight to the death, and all he thought was: "This ought to keep the districts from rebelling."

He needed to die!

He was the worst character but again I liked him for some reason. Alma Coin deserved it.

The f snow chant was by me aka (Thoress) -Thoress

Chanting) f snow! F snow! F snow! F SNOW! F SNOW! F SNOW yass by the way I am the girl that did the comments on the district 3 female. So, go check that out.

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18 Districts 8 (74th Hunger Games) Female's Death

Anyone that hates her clearly does NOT think at all. Think if you were her. A little girl, taken from your home and thrown into the woods. You have NO survival skills at all, because your stupid mentor taught you NOTHING. Suddenly, a group of two girls and five guys pulls you down and stabs you. And you spend your last hours in the woods in terrible pain and terror, waiting to die.

Guys, seriously.
Think about if YOU were her. A little girl all alone and scared in a forest and she makes a fire. Suddenly 5 large guys come towards her with a sword and she begs for mercy but they stab her. And she spends her last hours agonizingly stabbed.

Why did the careers make peeta go back and kill her I would rather make her die in agony for days

Seriously all these poop comments are stupid and you guys are probably more pathetic than her and would die much quicker

Yeah we would. That's because we are extremely lucky. If you have a device to be reading this you are already lucky. You would die quick too. Anyone who has a device to read this would. Be thankful you ungrateful person. - Silverfroststorm

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19 District 4 Female (74th H. G)

I mean, we don't know how she really was died, MAN do I wish there was a scene on her death! The book says she died cause of tracker jackers but in the movie she wasn't even in the career pack! But, I think she survived the first day, saw her in the movie running from Cornicopia unharmed, also had Injured MY favorite character! That's ok cause d.3 female faked death after that...just read my comment on her. -Thoress (this section was also by me, Thoress,)

20 District 4 (74th Hunger Games) Male's Death

This dude with awesome hair was so young. He should have hid until he heard the canons. Lots of screen time before the games. In the games, 15 seconds. If I was district 4, I would have volunteered for him. This should be in the top 10. District 4 female didn't care. SO SAD!

He was just as old as Rue and didn't even kill anyone in the book or film he also could have told Cato rue stole his knife as he knew she had. He was either killed by suffocation or blood loss. Knock Cato off 2

He died the worst way to die suffocation - MasyMenos

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