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21 Noah's Death

Cato had a temper tantrum and killed him. Why do you let someone with anger issues into the hunger games? Why?

I love him. Why did he die! Well I guess he is a commonly looked over character but he is still awesome! Also,. I didn't see him in the bloodbath? :3

I wrote a fan fiction where he survives and wins the Games. Wish it could be true in real life! District 3 is awesome!

There's no one named noah his name is never revealed it d3m is what we call him - TotalEscapeTheIsland

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22 Castor's Death

He was my favourite character and was very nice to his brother when they under ground and ( going by the movie ) he was that brave one along with finnick to take care of Peeta and even during the sewer attack he stayed with Peeta but was still attacked and killed by lizard mutts and it was sad watching Pollux cry over his death

He's not the saddest death. I get that. But it was just so touching how he helped his brother out when they had to go underground, and how Pollux cried quietly after his death. Castor's death needs to be on here, and it's sad that some of these "little guys" are so underrated.

I was probably the saddest moment for me when his brother started crying

23 Homes

He was a nice modest guy who just wanted everyone to be safe so it was kinda sad when he was getting killed by the mutts

24 President Coin's Death

Please remove this off the list she deserved to die because she knowingly caused the death of innocent capital kids and primrose everdeen plus some other rebels so she is just as bad as president snow - cadespencer

It would be awesome if she survived because the capital kids would be in a 76 games

25 Seneca's Death

Without him Peeta would be dead. Plus it started the rebellion so without him Catching Fire and Mockingjay wouldn't exist either.

If it wasn't for Seneca's rule change Katniss and Peeta would be dead!

O.K. this isn't actually that sad. But please, vote Cato off number 2? He doesn't deserve it. Please, for Rue and I, also vote Marvel off. Marvel killed Rue, you dumbos! Have you forgotten?

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26 District 7 Girl's Death (74th HG)

She grabbed a bag then got beaten up by glimmer. The Cato chased her with a machete. Then Marvel grabs a sword and he cuts her leg and she lies down on the ground. Then Marvel spears her. That would hurt.

27 District 4 (75th Hunger Games) Boy With Slit Neck

What the hell in the 75th Hunger Games the District 4 male is Finnick and he didn't even die

He was too young. -Blizzard

Umm, this refers to Finnick?

Literally. That kid was sooo young and did NOT deserve that. Anyways AFROS UNITE!

28 District 10 Female (74th Hunger Games)

Guys she is unknown. But I don't mean like, district 4 Male unknown, I mean she was an extra. They just needed a photo of her and them boom she was done. So it's not sad, because she didn't have a part. Only a picture. - Untildawn8

What The Crap I Mean This Girl Is A Badass Enough To Take On Thresh, But Gets Beaten Up And Thrown To The Ground To Be Killed By The Careers Later On. She Was The Last To Die On The First Day I Mean Go Her!

Here Was Her Original Death, The Resean Her Death Was Not Shown Onscreen Was Because Her Stunt Actress/Double Was Hurt In The Bloodbath Scene And Could Not Finish The Death With Her Fighting Thresh After The Bloodbath Ended.

Yass this one is good too, by the way I am the girl who is a major fan of district three female -thoress

29 Chaff's Death

He was good friends with Haymitch and was good for a laugh. Him refusing to get a prosthetic hand shows he was modest and he was really nice to everybody.

30 Leeg 1's Death
31 District 7 Male

He was innocent Clove came after him and stabbed him in the bag- without that, maybe he could have won?! He's from District 7... a really strong DISTRICT - Untildawn8

He was actually slit in the throat, but it was sad. he was trying to defend District 5 Male and he tried to save his own district partner. Sad

32 Raven

So sad

33 District 10 (74th HG) - Crippled Boy

I was absolutely shocked. I mean he was on the verge of death. Cato stabbed him in the stomach and left a big wound and he still survived. Sad to see him go. Every step he took, he bled to death and his internal organs fell out in the process and to be disembowled, slit in the throat and stabbed in the chest is absolutely brutal

34 Cecelia - District 8 (75th Games)

She had 3 children. I cried so hard, because they were begging her not to go, but she had to, and she dies. Imagine your MOM having go to a battle, where she had a 99% chance of dying. 😫 - skimmet1

35 District 3 (74th HG) Female's Death

Her name was Amber. She was my favorite character of all time. Only 13. But, if you guys were less stupid you could've saw that she faked death. She was one of the smartest tributes to set foot in the Cornicopia. She was raised in the smartest district so, she learned to make her heart stop for a few seconds. She was lifted into the hovercraft, and somehow, with her engeneering skills, escaped back to district three, living a secret, normal life. U think I'm lying? Search up district 3 female didn't die 74 hunger games, this pic will tell you all. And, in that close up scene with her, you could have saw that she was still breathing. Goodbye.

I didn't know her name was amber - TotalEscapeTheIsland

Hi guys! I'm back from my last comment (one above this)...just be not lazy and read the damn thing, it's not that hard, I'm sure y'all read in school all the time

All of the stuff below is by me aka (Thoress) -Thoress

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36 Maysilee Donner's Death

Why people she actually started the rebellion in the book

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37 District 6 Girl's Death

Come on, this was so sad when glimmer killed her so violently...

38 Gloss - District 1
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