Top Ten Saddest Deaths In Lost

Vote for a character on Lost you think had the saddest death.

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1 Charlie Pace Charlie Pace Charlie Pace is a fictional character on ABC's Lost, a television series chronicling the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island.

I know right?! Totally the best character! He only died because he had to go work on the second lord of the rings film, and going from Hawaii to so far away would be difficult

Best character on the whole show, then bam let's drown him.

I cryed for a half and hour

2 Juliet Burke

Juliet was the most redeeming characters on lost. The island took so much from her. She tried to be so good even when it didn't suit her needs. Finally having something good in her life she gets it taken away.

Where do I begin? This poor woman was lured to the island on false pretences, then essentially held prisoner by a manipulative Ben. When she meets Jack and the others you finally think she'll get back to her sister and nephew, but she gets left behind. She and Sawyer fall in love (such a great couple)... and then Kate comes back. *sigh*. With all the looks shared between Kate and Sawyer you can't help but feel sorry for Juliet.
When things start to fall apart for her and Sawyer, they end up going along with Jack's crazy plan and it's such a heart-breaking moment when the chain wraps around her and pulls her in. Sawyer tries to hold on, and you think he'll save her, that he'll redeem himself, but she slips through his grasp and falls...
Juliet had suffered a lot, and had been trapped a lot longer than the others. She finally gets something good in her life, and it gets taken away. She never got to see her sister or nephew again. She's an all round tragic character. I guess the ...more

3 Boone Caryle
4 Jack Sheppard
5 Shannon Rutherford

Such and underrated character with a lot of hate received from the fans of the show. Shannon and a terrible life. How can people not get touched by her backstory and understand her life and hate her? You like a murderer and a torturer and not someone who was affected by their stupid life? The island changed her and I wanted her to get off that island with Sayid so she could finally be happy. Saddest death in the show. Abandoned is one of the saddest episodes. Honourable mention to Sun, Jin and Juliet.

Even though you knew the episode was leading up to her death it was still compelling viewing and the best episode of Lost ever one of the best 40 mins of T.V. ever

6 Libby Smith
7 Mr Eko
8 Sun-Hwa Kwon

She drowned with her husband Jin. This truly broke my heart because they were my favourite couple. - EJ0602

9 Michael Dawson
10 Alex Rousseau

The Contenders

11 John Locke
12 Jin-Soo Kwon
13 Ethan Rom
14 Charlotte Lewis
15 Ana Lucia Cortez
16 Daniel Faraday
17 Sayid Jarrah
18 Danielle Rousseau
19 Pierre Chang
20 Ilana Verdansky
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1. Charlie Pace
2. Boone Caryle
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1. Charlie Pace
2. Libby Smith
3. Shannon Rutherford
1. Charlie Pace
2. Juliet Burke
3. Boone Caryle


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