Top 10 Saddest Deaths from Non-Disney Animated Movies

A the name suggest these are the saddest deaths from animated movies not from Disney.

The Top Ten Saddest Deaths from Non-Disney Animated Movies

1 Little Foot's Mother - The Land Before Time

After Little Foot wonders off and encounters the Sharptooth his mother comes to his aid fighting off the sharptooth after fending it off she dies from her injuries while giving him some last minute advice while Little Foot in tears pleads with her to stay with him as she dies. - egnomac

2 Stoick the Vast - How to Train Your Dragon

In a very cruel twist Drago take control of Toothless and orders it to kill Hiccup as his father Stoick rushed in taking the blast killing him when Toothless regains conciseness Hiccup pushes him out of the way in despair. - egnomac

3 Optimus Prime - Transformers The Movie

I died for your sins - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

In the cartoon movie, optimus was shot by megatron and gave the all spark to hot rod. It was shocking to the leader of the autobots fall...

4 Constance - Monster House

Constance death is very tragic as Nebbercracker explains he first met and fell in love with her when she was a freak show attraction for a circus and was laughed at and harassed by the crowd who constantly threw vegetables at her, he helped her escape, got married and while building a new house for the two of them some punk kids begin tormenting her and hurled rocks and eggs at her sending her into an fit of rage reminded of the horrible torment she suffered during her time at the circus and while Nebbercracker tries to stop her from attacking the children she trips and falls accidentally releasing the switch that poured cement down on her killing her after being encased in cement. - egnomac

5 Sakae Jinnouchi - Summer Wars
6 Iron Giant - The Iron Giant
7 Martha Dracula - Hotel Transylvania

As its revealed that Dracula's wife was killed by humans after they attack their home leaving Dracula to become overprotective of Mavis and despise humans. - egnomac

8 Charlotte - Charlotte's Web
9 King Harold - Shrek The Third

The King of Far Far Away croaks literally as the characters have a funeral for the late king by placing him in a Foot Locker shoe box as the frogs sing "Live and Let Die". - egnomac

10 Barbatus - Antz

Barbatus was one of the other soldier ants Z encounters and befriends after being forced to go to war against the termites in the aftermath everyone but Z is slaughtered with Barbatus now just a head in his dying words he tells Z to think for himself instead of following orders - egnomac

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11 Mufasa - The Lion King
12 Baymax - Big Hero 6
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