Claus - Mother 3


I completely expected Claus to be the final boss, but I did not expect him to commit suicide at all! The way that Mr. Itoi writes the scene makes it sadder, because it goes into so much detail. "Claus is gazing at Lucas", "Lucas wanted to cry", "Lucas doesn't know what to do anymore" it's all so heart wrenching... And that one line, "Come to your mother's arms"... *sniff*

How is this not at least in the top ten? This game has more death mention than the American Civil War. Its very dark. Chapter 1: Your Mother dies from a normally friendly creature and your brother tries to kill the creature that killed his mother and dies. Chapter 3: You are playing as Salsa, a monkey, that is getting electrocuted every time he makes a mistake. Chapter 6: You find out that your brother has been reborn as a cyborg and is being controlled by Porky Minch (The main villain of the game). Your dead mother convinces him that he knows Lucas and he recognizes what he has done and KILLS HIMSELF to reunite with his dead mother. If that is not sad, than nothing is.

(Earthbound/Mother2) - Giygas gets Porky - - Brainwash Porky - - Porky traps Giygas in Devil's Machine - - Porky is 10,000 - 1,000 year old - - Porky finds Claus - - Brainwashed Claus - - Turns Claus into cyborg/servant - -Claus dies - (Mostly because Giygas but also Porky) Doesn't anyone see it was Giygas who made this happen?!? Giygas brainwashed Porky! Don't blame Porky, blame Giygas! Also Porky, a little...

The tearjerker is when Hinawa, his dead mother calls out to Claus, and reminisces about their home, and how things used to be. When Claus eventually comes to his senses he becomes overwhelmed with sadness, and kills himself. If you have ever played the game before you would be aware of the incredible emphasis on this final scene. As a matter of fact this is the only scene that ever brought tears to my eyes.

Okay. So Claus is Lucas' twin Brother, he is close to him. Claus dies and gets resurrected by Porky, Lucas' arch nemesis. Claus is used as commander of Pigmask army, Porky's army, so later on, Claus has to fight Lucas. Lucas has an item called Franklin Badge, which reflects lightning. Claus knows this, ane hearing his dead mother's spirit telling him to stop, he commits suicide by firing lightning at Lucas, reflecting it at himself and dying. - Mewbosses

It's from MOTHER 3. What else do you want?

An explanation?

OK. Let's begin. When Hinawa dies, Claus goes insane, Lucas is traumatised and Flint becomes unaware of the outside world. Claus dies trying to get revenge on the creature that killed his mother, and Flint spends the next three years searching for him. Claus is brainwashed by The Pigmask Army and commands them. The two twins race for the seven needles and in the battle for the last one, Lucas and Flint realise that the commander is Claus. Lucas is unable to fight him, and Claus nearly kills his brother, but the ghost of Hinawa comes and tells them to stop fighting. Claus becomes uneasy, regains his memory and...

Kills himself.

Mother 3 isn't a game.
It's a how long until you cry.

Claus was brainwashed and forced to fight against his brother. When he regains his senses his first actions are to commit suicide for his actions. What that means is CHILD SUICIDE IN AN "E" RATED NINTENDO GAME!

So sad, GOD STUPID PORKY! HE RUINS IT! He brainwashed Claus but Hinawa helped him remember. When I saw him die, my life was so depressed. He said and I quote "I'm going to the afterlife with mom" I think.

He kills himself because he doesn't want to kill his brother. His father has been looking for him for three years, and he dies minutes after finding him. I cried really hard.

This had me bawling my eyes out. After Claus says "I'm going where mom is now", I lost it and began crying uncontrollably. :(

The character's twin brother goes in a quest to avenge his (and your) recently killed mother, but dies. Do you think it's sad enough? Well, he gets revived, brainwashed and set as the GENERAL OF THE EVIL ARMY, whuch means you have to kill him again with your own hands. At last, he remembers and kills himself.

It is just downright sad to see at the end of the game your brother kill himself. There is no other moment in gaming like it. It changed the way I look at games

Not as sad as in Punch Out Wii. When Donkey Kong (Yes, DONKEY KONG) won a the match against Little Mac, which cost him his third outing, there was a curscene where Doc Louis, his coach, goes up to his bike and says "Good job, son. Good job" and the music is also saddening. That meant... DONKEY KONG KILLED LITTLE MAC!

I just balled my eyes out during the final battle with him I don't wanna say anymore just play the game

What you guys have to see this this is definitely #1

My precious cyborg son kILLED me at the end of this game. I've been left scarred.

The saddest moment in the saddest game.

The only video game death to ever make me cry. Heartbreaking.

Claus is the ONLY and I repeat. ONLY death that made me cry...

Sadness isn't enough to describe this

It's sad enough enough that he commited suicide, but the music... Made you want to do what HE did.

Pokey: oo I just found this random kid and gonna turn him into a cyborg best plan ever muhahaahah.

Everyone except pokey: WE HATE YOU

Claus was a kind hearted child, untill Porky/Pokey brainwashed him. He became the Masked Man soon. When he battled Lucas, his mother, Hinawa, helped him remember. He realized all the bad stuff he did and comited suiside, (sorry for wrong spelling) to go to the afterlife with Hinawa, his mother and this was so depressing. He tried to shoot Lucas with his, sword thingy and shot lightning but was reflected by the badge on Lucas. He knew that would happen. He wasn't evil, PORKY IS! GOD STUPID PORKY!

Claus... T_T
Hinawa dies by a dragon cyborg, but Claus... Dies by child suicide, hits me right in the heart. The fight and music sent me to tears.