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Lee Everett is the main character of the first season of The Walking Dead video game. Lee is the player character in the first season of the game, appearing in five episodes.


Death is supposed to be a relief, but not for Lee. He did everything he could to protect Clem, the only person left for him in the entire world, and now he was leaving this little girl who needed him, loved him and looked up to him in a world where you don't know if the next day you will open your eyes as a human or as a monster. It wasn't his death that was the real tragedy, it was leaving behind Clem unprotected, open to the roughness of that horrific world and I could feel everything Lee was feeling; like it was me who was on that floor breathing my last air. Like I was letting down Clem and I had caused her more harm than good; now she had to deal with another loss and all of this was for no good. Maybe it would've been better for her if she stayed in her treehouse until she met her faith. At least that way she didn't have to experience many many horrific things like seeing her parents as walkers or killing the only person left for her in that chaos. That's what makes Lee's death ...more

If you played this game, and didn't shed at least one tear in this scene you are a psychopath. Not one single video game has ever made me cry harder than this one. Over the game I loved Lee Everett, he was a likable character, and for most people, Clementine was too. I cried my eyes out after this scene, a thick stream of tears was down my face. For those of you that don't know, Lee is bitten in the last few minutes of episode four, and in episode five he has to save Clementine half zombified. After he gets Clementine back, he will soon die and turn into a walker and Clementine has to make a difficult decision: Either leave Lee to become a zombie, or shoot him to end his misery there. No matter what decision you mak this scene is guaranteed to make you cry. It is the saddest death by far.

This death is truly devastating, and I'm scarred from it. Lee's death wasn't a sacrifice, but it was something much more. His death may have been in a jewellery store with the only witness being Clem, but Clem is the reason this is so heartbreaking. Having to convince someone you cherish as a daughter, who you protected to the best of your abilities to either kill you or leave you kills me inside each time I watch the final scene. Telling her you miss her, and to keep her hair short makes you see how deep the bond is between these two. The thing that digs even dipper is that nothing can prevent it. Despite being a game about choice, Lee's death ends up being inevitable. Well played Tell Tale. You executed the final scene incredibly.

Lee Everett was the mist loyal and most protective person in video game history, never giving up, Lee spent his last 8 hours alive finding Clementine, his last words are to Clementine being "I'll miss you" He was a kind and an amazing person and telltale did a horrible thing by letting him die. But now we see Clementine continue and take on the tactics that Lee taught her. Even though there is a lot of sad deaths in this game this stood out from the rest being the most memorable moment in The Walking Dead, and I think everyone loved seeing Lee in S2 in the dream sequence and hopefully we see another one in S3. Lee has been remembered as an amazing person and a father figure to Clementine, some to this day hope to see Lee again, and are still convinced that he is alive and that he is still alive, and honestly if you think that I can't blame you, even a part of me still thinks that he is still alive and out there looking for Clementine. (Hopes) I pray every night for you Lee, ...more

Normally I don't care when a sad death happens I just laugh at it, but this one had me fighting the tears, throughout the game you bond with clementine, a little girl who your main goal is to protect, the ending gets so emotional as you have either the choice of letting Clem shoot you so you don't become a walker or have her leave you and have lee earn a fate worse then death, and one that he certainly doesn't deserve. If you can play through this and not even tear up there is something really wrong with you

The thing about this video game is you get emotionally attached to not just Lee, but to Clementine. Clem played a vital role, as when you first met her she was this little girl looking for her parents. Now she has grown up, and faced the reality which is a heartbreaking part. She just saw her parents as zombies, and only had Lee left. No matter what you chose, to shoot him or leave him, Clementine is on her own.

This game is part of the small group of games that causes the Player to get attached to the characters. Lee was from the very beggining a character you felt sorry for. When he found Clem, you start to see how good he is and make it your personal wish to protect the little girl in order to honor the character. But even after that, you still get to lose him. This emotional attachment to the character, in combination with tear-shedding soundtracks and Clem's presence in the scene, definitely makes this the saddest death in video games.

I cried so hard after this scene, at least for an hour. It was in the back of my mind for a few weeks, and It was always pushing its way into my life. Poor Clementine, everyone she cared about is dead, and she has to see the only person she love die slowly? And in some cases, even kill Lee. Clementine was completely covered in tears and blood; something a young child should never have to go through.

1) Lee Everett (The Walking Dead Season 1)

2) Sarah (The Last of Us)

3) Dominic Santiago (Gears of War 3)

4) John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)

5) Noble Team, especially Noble Six, Carter, and Emile (Halo: Reach)

6) Ghost and Roach (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

7) Mordin Solus (Mass Effect 3)

8) The Boss (Metal Gear Solid 3)

9) Aerith, the only character I ever loved in Final Fantasy VII (Final Fantasy 7) I refuse to believe she's dead!

10) Tidus (Final Fantasy X)

Honorable Mentions:

- Sgt. Johnson (Halo 3)

- Soap MacTavish (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3)

- Agro (Shadow of the Colossus)

- Sam (The Walking Dead)

- The Joker (Batman: Arkham City)

This is the saddest ending for a game that I have ever played. You develop all these feelings for Lee and Clementine. I never thought Lee would be bitten, and when he did I thought "He was going to live, games would never end like that." But the moment when Clementine lifts the gun to shoot Lee, all the tears come down my face. It felt like a part of me died after that game.

This game tears your heart out after making you make tough decision on things, but in the end there are some things you just can't avoid after lee gets bitten you can cut of his arm but he still is infected after everything and you can either let yourself become a walker, or have a little girl named clementine shoots you with tears rolling down her face

Doms death was depressing, John was shocking, but after all this man went through for his friends, only to have them die, just to protect a little girl, it was hard to see lee go, and it was even worse because you knew it was coming, enjoying the final episode with this bite still hovering in the room. Telltale better keep Clem alive, or someone's going to pay.

I wanted for lee to live I tried everything telling them I was bit and I also wanted Clem to shoot lee I didn't want lee to see that stuff but turning in front of her is so much worse and most shocking of all is that if she just dropped her radio 1 inch away he would've lived that tells you how easy people can die just like that..

Sad to see that our main character died at the end of season 1, The Walking Dead game is an outstanding and a bit underrated game created by Telltale. The ending gave us two choices, either way both of them are very sad, you could one leave Lee to zombified or two shoot him and end his suffering and misery. No matter what choice you make, you will end with the same result.

I haven't really played this but I have watched the death on YouTube and already I am saddened. I know Lee meets Clementine at the start of the game and Lee gains a strong relationship with her. It's sad that...


Clementine has to kill him or at least let him rot with the zombies.

When I first started playing Walking Dead, I thought Lee was just going to try to survive on his own. But he runs into Clementine, he protects Clementine throughout the game now. Clementine sees Lee as a step-dad, and she doesn't want to leave his side. When Lee gets bit by the walker, he assures everyone that he is alright. He tries to get his arm cut off, and then so fourth. Now, you are at the last part and the most heart breaking. Clementine has a choice to shoot or leave Lee there, either way you get a heart breaking experience. Mostly every YouTuber cried watching Clemetine leave or shoot Lee.

Played this game over and over again just to see how different decisions play out. No matter how many times I play it the ending always gets me. I'm not one to cry at fictional things like games, movies and books all that often, but because of the relationship you build between Lee and Clem...it gets me every time.

Such a sad death, because a nine year old girl who loved and practically idolized him had no choice but to kill him when he got bitten and was about to turn. Made even the legendary pewdiepie bawl like the little girl he screams like.

Playing the game The walking dead we get so emotionally attached to the character lee and clem and their bond formed during the storyline... Its hard to digest the death of lee. No lee did not gave up until he was sure that clem is ok. I voted this as the Top Ten Saddest Deaths In Video Games but I would have been happy if lee was not nominated. This was one of the most emotional game after the Last of us in my personal opinion.

This was one of the first sad gaming moments I ever witnessed because I am a new gamer, and it was just sad. When Lee was bitten, I was like NO! And, that last scene, urgh, that was sad. You should have seen me crying like a little baby when I had to reveal to Clem that I was bitten. Also, that entire scene is sad and the ending song did not help my sadness, it made it even worst. So, my entire face and neck was wet after seeing this death.

Why lee have to die! He is my favorite person on earth! When I saw the ending I felt like I am. Mad at the zombie who bit him? It was really sad I was crying when he is saying goodbye to Clem and then, the gun I was crying hard! I can't believe lee died! I am so mad at the zombie right now!

It's almost impossible to not feel attached to a character that's stuck with you through the whole game... and then he just goes bye at the end? It was seriously emotional and the final scene with him and Clem could not have been better put together. You will be missed Lee.

Considering This Is A Farily New Death To Hear About Because Episode 5 Was Currently Released But Brought A Tear To My Eye As I Had A Heart Breaking Decision Where I Had To Choose For Clemintime To Kill Him Or Leave Him To Become A Walker

Amazing and heartbreaking game, I was so close to crying. But I really don't understand why people would get upset over Soaps death, as you never really get to know him as a person and my reaction to Soaps death was "So what? ".
Lee Everett is a character that you really get to know, love and miss.

I couldn't even bare the depression this death caused from the game. It was like losing someone from the real world but with real grieve. I cannot wait for the return of the walking dead game season 2 coming late 2013!