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81 Roman Bellic - Grand Theft Auto IV

Can't believe this is at 153. Roman was Niko's cousin! Watch the very ending when Roman dies on his wedding and at the very end when Niko talks to Brucie, his wife, and Kate. It made me cry - Gtaisawesome2013

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82 Ashley Williams - Mass Effect
83 Avatar - Fire Emblem Awakening
84 Steve Burnside - Resident Evil: Code Veronica

He's still alive, as Wesker's "son", Jake Muller. In the RE6 Jake/Sherry campaign, the main theme is about promises, as is the theme in CV. In addition, he has a patch on his sleeve that reads "La Nuevo Vita", which translates to "The New Life". This is only a theory as of now, and has yet to be proven.

Are you serious? He had to die in order for Code Veronica to continue. Why? What? Why? Just Beating Metal Gear Solid 4, this is easily the saddest moment in not only Resident Evil Games, but in video games as well. - wjacob313

Even though I'm more into Claire & Leon, I still think he was so sweet & interesting character. I loved him. And I'm sure, Claire Redfield loved him too - Irina2932

This was sad very very very sad. I cried so hard that my mother also cried. When my mother cried my brother killed my mother with a shovel. She did not die from the first hit and she bled out. This happend because I cried and then she cried and then my brother killer her with a shovel. True Story

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85 James - Fallout 3

After going through everything in this game... Spending many an hour in front of my T.V. looking for him... He just dies... I cried for days and it was the most emotional game I've ever played...

He sacrifices himself for you even though you killed hundreds of people

He sacrificed his own life while you stood there and watched.

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86 Bloodwing - Borderlands 2

Sweet Jesus! I cried so much! Mordecai screaming out that they can still save him, then Jack detonates the explosive collar, OH GOD! :'c :'c R.I. P Bloodwing

Sad very sad

87 Damas - Jak 3

Damas dies just as Jak found out he was his son, and Damas never knew it. Also, Veger's a prick for rubbing it in Jak's face

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88 The Dog - The Walking Dead Season 2

I thought he wold have been a cool companion for clem but no...

Things never last in that game.

Not even your dog companion. - DapperPickle

I can't stand animal deaths because they seem so helpless

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89 The Great Deku Tree - Ocarina of Time

Link tried his best to save him but he still died. Link: WHY! WHY MUST YOU DIE!?

90 Ben - The Walking Dead

I was so devastated when I saw Kenny go for Ben in the alley. My favorite character AND Lee's best friend both die. Unless season's 2 Kenny comeback counts which it does.

Sorry, but the game cracked me up when Ben was impaled and he kept saying "I'm fine." - DapperPickle

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91 Mike Harper - Black Ops 2

His death made me cry it was so sad, I had no choice but to do that just to get the best ending D;

It's dumb how to keep Chloe alive you have to kill Harper - 2storm

I didn't shoot him, he survived. - benhos

I shipping that relationship too - 2storm

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92 Omid - The Walking Dead Season 2

Por guy was shot by a stranger

93 Shadow - Sonic Adventure 2

I think Shadow would have rated higher if he stayed dead. Still, I was extremely saddened when he died. I care a lot about the Sonic characters and to see one die after he turned good made me cry over a video game for the first and only time.

After his death in SA2, I thought my life was over.
Luckily, some genius brought him back in Sonic Heroes!
His death was still sad.

His return to Sonic Heroes-onwards really made him lose his purpose. If Shadow stayed dead in SA2, then the later games wouldn't get suck slack and the Sonic fandom wouldn't be as bad as it is now. No offense to anyone but this is my opinion.

You know, if it weren't for his vocal, annoying fanpeeps, Shadow should have stayed dead in the end of SA2 and not return in future games. But thanks to his obnoxious fanbase, his return made the Sonic franchise go downhill and gotten the wide appeal it really shouldn't have.

94 Sgt Paul Jackson - Modern Warfare

How is one of the most shocking moments in video game history so low? Its not really the fact that Jackson dies that's sad, it's the way its done. The nuke going off, controlling him stubbling around in the descruction before he falls over and everything fades out. Then the kill shot were we see in a miliatry report: Sergeant Paul Jack: KIA. I was speechless the entire time

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95 Emma Emmerich - Metal Gear Solid 2

Man I Cried So Much

It was the saddest one that I see

96 Meryl Silverburgh - Metal Gear Solid

It may not be canon, but if you get this ending it is truly heartbreaking. The worst part is Snake's reaction. :'(

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97 Leah - Diablo 3
98 Deckard Cain - Diablo 3

I will always love that old man - whodafuqisthisguy

99 King Leoric - Diablo I

First he lost both of his sons then he wents insane kill his wife and then he got killed by lachdanan

100 Darunia - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
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