Zack Fair - Crisis Core

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"Hey, would you say I became a hero? " I think that was the one that mad it so sad. That's all he ever wanted and when he finally gets it, he dies. I must say I cried like a baby. He was my favorite character in the game.

Zack Fair deserves to be number 1 or at least above above 5. He was and continues to be my favorite final fantasy character. Throughout the story he never betrays his morals no matter how much it hurts him psychologically and physically. After years of experimentation on him does he care about revenge, no he just wants to get to Aerith. He dies smiling knowing he protected his friend, which he could have left and lived. When you finish the game you feel as if you've lost a friend, especially if you're 9 (I cried). And no Zack you didn't become a hero, you've been a hero...

At first I was like " I won't cry. His death is none of my concern, its just a video game". Then in the end he said "Hey would you say I became a hero? " that's when I noticed tears were spilling down my eyes. His death is even more sad when you think listening with the "Price Of Freedom". The thing is at the end I didn't want him to die. Its just not fair. He is the best ever. After I finish Crisis Core, I'm just heartbroken and I didn't even feel a tingle of happiness that the game was over.

Give me a hero and I will show you a tragedy.

In my opinion, Zack Fair is the most underrated and best ff character out of the franchise. He is adorable and have so many redeeming qualities. One would say he is always happy go lucky until you see what he went through. His maturity begin to show at the end if the game and he dies. And then the greatest character ever made became nothing more than a concept in Cloud's story. There is no other game character that I would root for than Zack the puppy. (T-T)

After I completed this game, I never wanted to play this game again and I haven't. As of now, never;have I felt the malevolence of deceit that is a sure pinnacle to one's decadence. I felt barren, perplexed, then happy. Because if it's on thing Zack taught us is the "The Price of Freedom is Death."

This is one of the saddest deaths in video game history, you've been through this guy's whole life, seen his hardships, met his friends, watched as he lost his love, his best friends, been betrayed, fought and fought, got so close to being re-united with the one he loved, only for his whole life to be cut short because Shinra is selfish and wants to keep him as a test subject. It is by far one of the saddest stories ever told in all of fiction.

The ending and music playing and cloud's scream just made everything worse and made me start bawling my eyes out this was the first game I ever played where the main character dies at the end too so that didn't help at all.

Loved the character development of Zack. Started out silly and naive, becomes a hero and then dies. Final scene really got to me and I can imagine it will again if I give it another run through.

Sad but beautiful

To me zack's death was the saddest death ever in final fantasy because all he wanted to be was a hero and when he does become one he get's experamented on for four years the army he worked for turned on and killed him and that's the reason cloud was like he was in final fantasy vii.

When honourable good hearted people have bad things happen to them. It's like when Ned Stark died but if Ned Stark was also your loveable goofy older brother.
It burns so bad knowing that all he wanted was to get back to Aerith and he was so close too. Just outside of the city... He's missing for four years and even after she sends 89 letters, she never truly knew what happened to him. SHE NEVER FOUND OUT. She's just like... I had a bae. But he never came back.
The one man. The one person there to witness the noble sacrifice that Zack enacted for his sake, was Cloud. Who forgets everything, adopts Zack's persona, and begins his journey in FFVII.

Final Fantasy VII, Crises Core, truly had the saddest ending,
I know a man should never say this.
But I cried. We grew... I grew attached to Zack Fair, he was a hero in every right.

Yes Aerith's death was sad. But not as sad as Zack's death.

Okay, not to be rude but, to be blunt: How in hell is the death of the Joker or many others mentioned above, better or sadder than the death of Zack Fair!? Arieth is an exception, but, really, have you seen his death in Crisis Core? I dare you to play Zacks story, hear it and see it all, and still watch him die without crying. I dare you. (And I apologise if this sounds rude, it is simply my own opinion). Anon, out.

When he died I was holding my tears... Then he said: "Hey, Would you say I became a hero? ".. At that point I started crying so much.. I cried for half an hour... And every time I see that cutscene again, I start crying... Yes, Zack Fair, you became a hero!

Take a sad death, and put it with superb soundtrack, and you expect me NOT to cry?

My tears are a waterfall whenever I come close to the end of the game.

It's the saddest death ever I cried for 4 hours

I literally cried when the game was ending. writing this comments is also making me cry. to me, zack is the unsung hero.

Hard to see one of the best FF's characters dying in such a way. It was a hard end for me.

Yeah... This person make me can't forget this game after 2 days. But... Don't let Cloud get your Aertih fufufu =w= (Sorry, for my bad English)

Made me cry like a baby. Even now as a 21 year old it makes me cry. Final Fantasy 7 has to be the most emotional game I ever played. Crisis core was way more emotional than that. I really hope they give us more of zack in the upcoming remake.
Yes Zack.,you became a Hero. The best Hero there ever was.

Zack defeated sephiroth, angeal and genisis plus he's awesome should be number 1

When they started making this game they ZACK should die I don't konw but it is crazy becouse of making a person like that die.I really cried I alreddy finshed this game 5 times but syil I play this game and cry