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Beth Greene is a fictional character from the American horror drama television series, The Walking Dead, created by season two showrunner, Glen Mazzara, and portrayed by Emily Kinney.


Even though I think her death scene was rather poorly handled, it was still one of the saddest scenes in the show to me. Maggie and Daryl's reactions to it really helped make it more powerful. It gets even worse when you remember that the last time Beth and Maggie saw each other was at the prison shortly after watching the Governor murder their father right in front of their eyes. They never saw each other again immediately after the biggest tragedy they ever had to go through together.

When I saw Beth die I was really shocked but everyone knew it was going to happen sooner or later but it wasn't only that she was my number 1 character that made it sad it was the reaction from the group but mostly Daryl and Maggie When I saw Daryl had some tears in his eyes and Maggie fall to the ground yelling "BETH! " I lost it I couldn't stand watching her dye she really grew on me even though when we first met her she was kinda annoying but she became more and more stronger and reliable

What made it sad was how sudden and surprising it was to me I was thinking okay Beth is about to stab Dawn in the head but she stabs her in the shoulder ten instantly like two seconds after that she dead because Dawn pulls the trigger and Beth is dead and I thought it was fake because of how fast it happened and then I was like WOAH that just for real happened and Beth was a cool character anyways so yeah it was pretty sad.

Beth's death wasn't inherently sad, everyone saw it coming somehow. The group's reaction, specifically Daryl's and Maggie's, are what made this so sad. The entire group was visibly distraught by this, all of Beth's character developments, all the efforts made to find her, all the urge to rescue her ended up being for nothing. It was just a devastating death after building her up so much. When she was first introduced I never liked her, I thought she was useless. But her death... it just hit the right way and seemed worse than any other death so far. Easily number 2 behind Hershel

Beth's death is probably the saddest one. I did cry while watching Daryl carry her out of the hospital, and while watching Maggie fall to the ground and start screaming. Her death was so surprising because no one expected it. Everyone was so happy that she was alive and everything was going good until that happened. By far one of the most saddest deaths on The walking dead.

So far Beth's death was the saddest death for me, just watching her getting shot with no way to save her was really sad and it just kept going after Daryl's and Maggie's reactions to the death. One part that made her death so sad was seeing her go from wanting to commit suicide to being a strong powerful person and following her through out that journey

It's pathetic how much I cried. I loved Beth. She was absolutely my favorite character. Best story arc by far. She didn't deserve to die. She was so nice and so strong. And I was actually hoping she and Noah get together. One of the saddest parts though was Maggie and Daryl's reaction. I'm still upset and its been 3 months

When the toughest guys on your squad break down and cry daryl and rick u know its sad but when daryl carries her to maggie is the saddest thing because it was hope that she was still alive and that she is getting her little sister back I cried not gonna lie she should of stayed on the show I liked beth she was loved by all even opened up walls that daryl put up

I don't even really like Beth that much. She started to grow on me a bit in season 5. But for some reason this death was really sad. It was kind of unexpected but the reaction of the group made this the most sad.

Beth was a little stout girl. She lost everything, even her happiness. I hate when fans scream and cry like It's 1999 and the world is about to end. I love The Walking Dead! But I'm more familiar with the Negan bashing in brains era. I started watching this on the S6 Finale. But I kept hearing "WHAT IF BETH WAS HERE? " Who the heck is Beth? So I had a marathon of The Walking Dead on my toys r us 2006 T.V... I fell in love with her optimistic characteristics and how she always wanted to burn something down or be wild! In episode "Coda", I realized why everybody was crying about her. Beth was considered dumb and killed herself. And I'm so tired of the excuses. Beth died for Noah to be free. Emily was so beautiful and perfect for the portrayal of Beth Greene. Give Beth some credit, lord! She was better and sweeting than anybody on the show. She is a little angel with wings looking down at Daryl... I hope this makes you realize how sweet and beautiful she was... Goodbye World!

Beth's death was a complete shock and being a huge fan of Emily Kinney I was so sad that I would never see her on the show again

She finally came into her own and then died. Also watching Maggie, Carol and Daryl break down made me cry for the first time during the show.

I cried for Maggie, it was really Beth's fault. She went out how she originally planned in season 2: suicide. I'm pretty sure she was aware she would die. She caused everyone unnecessary pain, in my opinion.

Literally an icon she was so underestimated by everyone and she went way too early. The rest of season 5 sucked without her.

I screamed they should have went in guns blazing. I loved beth and I would have loved to see beth and daryl get together

I was like so mad when they killed off Beth it all happened so fast and then Daryl's face was so sad including Maggie's I mean Beth was loved by everyone she was awesome and then pow she was shot in the head by that stupid police officer who said she didn't even mean too! How can u specifically pull out a gun point it at her head and shoot and say that it was an accident. I mean come on now freal! That ain't No accident

This was a unexpected ending to coda I knew someone was gonna die but not her sad death

I think this death should be 1 or 2 because Merle's and dales death were dads but not as sad as beths

This scene pulled at my heart strings. Maggie fell and deeper in complete greif, Daryl stepped up and literally shot her killer in the head, and it really just made me emotional though. I felt bad for daryl though. He really took a liking to beth.

Shot in the head by Dawn, truly a developed and honorable character.

To me beth was my favorite character and her death was stupid but sad at the same time.

Sad she had a huge life ahead but she lived her remaining life as a badass girl

I cried so much but they should have made a more dramatic move on her death.

Beth was one of my favorite characters I was in tears when she died.

I did not see this one coming at all. So sad. Screw you Dawn!