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21 Abraham Ford - Season 6 Abraham Ford - Season 6 Sgt. Abraham Ford is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and is portrayed by Michael Cudlitz in the American television series of the same name.

Abraham's death was very sad as it was unexpected. He shouldn't have been blunged to death, it should have been Sasha because of the things she did in Season 4

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22 Sophia - Season 2

This death was very sad because all of season 2, Rick's group is trying to find Sophia, but then when she comes out of the barn as a walker, it is just so sad to see Carol and everyone else shocked and very sad:(

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23 Axel - Season 3

Did carol and him date or something

I do love Axel cause he's funny but his dead kinda shock me.. not that sad but just shock a moment

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24 Tabitha - Season 6

I cared more about this goat living or dying than I have since Judith was born

Literally the only death I cared about

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25 Shiva - Season 8

Animals death is sure more sad than any other human dying. Especially when it's a bad ass strong heroic tiger that sacrifices itself for its owner - RManPower

The only one besides Abraham I actually cried for

She sacrificed herself for the group - zeroclubsboii

26 Sasha Williams - Season 7 Sasha Williams - Season 7 Sasha Williams is a fictional character from The Walking Dead, an AMC television horror drama series.

Loved her. Don't think her death was that sad because I think that she was completely ready to go after losing every one she loved. She was probably one of the kindest character, being there for Maggie and not letting Rosita go in and kill her self. Will definitely miss her and hope that they will properly mourn her in season 8 after she sacrificed herself. So sad to see her go and it's so sad the look on Maggies face when she sees her Sasha walking in the woods. One of the best walking dead characters to date.

Such a great death. I think this is the only death in walking dead history when the character was completely ready to go and give themselves up for the greater good.

I think that I cried for 10 hours straight. She had suffered so much but was still able to come to a point of complete selflessness and heroism.

She should be number one. I wasn't even sad when Herschel got slaughtered.

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27 Flame (Horse) - Season 1 Ep.1

I cried when he died. Rick didn't even care about him while he laid there and let the walkers tear him apart. RIP

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28 Carley - Season 1

It was so sad I trusted her I know it's a game but when you play you feel how sad it is - HappysadGirk08

We're talking about the show, not the game. Why is she on here

29 Oscar - Season 3

Yeah. He and Axel were really wasted characters. Oscar had that awesome moment where he saved Rick from Andrew and they killed him like he was nothing. I could have seen them lasting up to season 5.

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30 Jimmy - Season 2

He tried to save Ruck and Carl in the RV during the season 2 finale, when the 2 were in the barn, but the RV was overrun and... guess what? - errrr

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31 Big Tiny - Season 3

I forgot about Big Tiny, his last stand was great. - errrr

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32 Jacqui - Season 1

It was defianetly the saddest of Season 1. I cried so much. I miss her. AMC says they could be a possibility of her return so just hoping now.

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33 Kenny - Season 1 (Video Game)

Kenny didn't die in season 1

You can shoot him in season 2 if you want, but I didn't

34 Alvin - Season 2 (Video Game)
35 Jessie - Season 6

The harshest scene of season 6. The entire Anderson family killed in two minutes. Then Carl gets shot in the head lol

36 Otis - Season 2

Shane killed him even though walkers weren't even close to them they could of survived together but Shane went crazy

It was sad how he was trying to help and Shane just turned on him - jbradbradley

God damn it shane - RagingDeath

R.I.P Otis. Such a good guy❤

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37 Deanna - Season 6

I cried watching spencer kill Deanna because she was so sweet and Pete sucks because he killed her husband

It's so sad spencer went into the woods to find his momma

One of the best characters introduced in the Alexandria arc. Her time on the show may have been short-lived, but it's had a lasting effect, and her final moments were very powerful.

Also, walker Deanna...absolutely heartbreaking.

She was well loved

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38 Owen - Season 6
39 Spencer Monroe - Season 7 V 2 Comments
40 Allen - Season 3
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