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21 Lady and the Tramp

It breaks my heart to see the dogs at the pound all tearing up and howling that depressing song.

If tramp didn't care about lady he wouldn't have searched everywhere for her and wouldn't let the rat hurt the baby

Truly does break my heart pounds are just stupid - Artattack

It's a hobo movie don't watch it WATCH FROZEN

That's what everybody says and then they discover they've been ripped off. - LaST_LiGHT

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22 The Good Dinosaur

THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1! It's so sad when he is the only one who hasn't made his mark, loses his dad who died protecting him, loses his family, ALMOST loses Spot, and sees his dad in his mind. I literally CRIED on most bits!

I just got done watching... (SPOILER) It's so sad to see poppa die... And when spot leaves... Very Emotional.

. Just watched this movie. When Spot left and found his family I was bawling. So sad

At least it wasn't his mom( you know...that Disney cliche of motherless characters)

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23 Alice In Wonderland
24 Oliver & Company

This is the #1 saddest movie for me. First time I've seen it, I'm 30 years old, and I can't stop crying. All he wanted was a loving family, and nobody picked him out of the box. :(

And here's another one no one added. Come on, didn't you feel so bad at the beginning when Oliver almost drowned in that box? And then he got chased by rabbid dogs. And then I felt bad for Jenny later on when she did everything to get Oliver back.

Since I'm a cat person, this one hit me in the feels

Ok, why is this not #1? Oliver didn't get adopted, almost drowned, and got chased by dogs... - NoOreoForU

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25 Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch

This movie made me more emotional than a majority of the ones on this list. After the firs movie, you've built this connection to the characters, and all of a sudden they get torn apart once again. I still cry over it.

Lilo and stitch 2 is one of these movies that not much people have seen but is a sequel that is still brilliant. That being said, the film contains a very specific part which is guaranteed to make any person with a heart cry. From the first movie, a love is created for lilo and stitch where the thought of anything happen to them makes you sad.
"You will always be my Ohana, stitch"- It will break you heart.

I still cry when stitch is in the machine and his hand droops down. I'm 19 by the way

When She thinks stitch is dead

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26 Lilo & Stitch

I just... I don't know... I guess the overall theme of loneliness? Or having to need someone to rely on and talk to? Human's need for companionship?

I cry like a 3 year old every time.

It is so sad how she has no parents and possibly will be taken from her sister.

We're a broken family aren't we.

It shows you can always be good.

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27 Bolt

When Bolt realizes Penny can't escape the burning building and curls up next to her to die with her is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever seen in a cartoon. It makes me cry every time, because there have been real dogs that loved their owners too much to leave them, even if it meant dying

He would rather die with her opposed to away from her, but then they were saved from the burning building!

I never understood this movie as a kid, but now I do. I didn't really cry; I can't see sadness in movies most of the time, but I will agree, it is a beautiful movie - SeeU

Bolt really should be was sooo sad that he thought he lost his home and how the cat was obanded

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28 Cinderella

This movie should be number ONE because it is so sad... It starts out that Ella is a happy girl and is very rich. But soon her mother is on her deathbed and tells Ella to, 'have courage and be kind. ' In the next scene Ella is, like, seventeen and her father is going to remarry. It is obvious at once that her stepfamily is not friendly, and the cat is not either. Her father goes away on one of his many trips. Anastasia and Drizella (her stepsisters) ask for clothes and stuff like that, but Ella asks for the first branch he brushes against on his journey. A few days later a man tells her that her father is dead and gives her the branch. She is heartbroken. The stepmother gradually reduces her to a servant, because they have no money and she dismissed all of the others. Ella is sad but never loses heart. She has to eat after them and sleep in the attic. When it was too cold in the attic she slept by the dying coals in the fire. In the morning she had cinders on her face and so they ...more

This one should totally be in the top 20 at least! There were some funny parts but most of it was sad, how Ella was orphaned and everyone was so mean to her. And also when the prince's dad died. That wasn't in the original, I guess Disney wanted to make it even SADDER.

Come ON does no one agree with me? I have written ALL of these comments, by the way, so I could use some more people who agree! How could you not!?

I hate the stepsisters and the stepmother. They make her do everything just because her dad's dead! - LaST_LiGHT

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29 Pocahontas

The greatest.. Saddest.. Most beautiful Disney movie and love story ever made! So romantic and heartbreaking.. It's a tale of war between two cultures.. A love affair that was doomed from the beginning.. The sacrifices they made/were prepared to make for one another (Pocahontas ran to John Smith's rescue when he as about to be killed and he took a bullet for her father) and their sad goodbye to one another at the end... Pocahontas should definitely be number one!

Such a beautiful movie but with such a sad ending. I wasn't familiar with the story of Pocahontas so the ending was unexpected, and she was the only princess not to get a happy ending. Also, the music played at the ending is so powerful, so beautiful. I was crying for 2-5 minutes after this. Best Disney movie ever

Come on! The ending is so heartbreaking, it at least deserves the top 20.

I dare you to read the story of the real life Pocahontas. It's just as tragic as what happened on 5 October 2011.

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30 Brave

If you think about it, this movie is very devastating, Merida tries to control her own life instead of her mother controlling her life, so she ran away and had a witch put a spell on her mother to change her, but the witch turned Queen Elinor (Merida's mother) into a bear, making Elinor unwelcome at her own kingdom, for King Fergus, Merida's father, killed any bear he saw. It was sad how King Fergus (without knowing it was his wife) chases Elinor when she was a bear and nearly kills her, but after years of hating her mother, Merida steps in and starts fighting her father to save Elinor, this is true mother-daughter love. It is also sad when Merida couldn't break the curse from the witch and her mother was almost gone forever. And how the Prince that became Mor'du was so angry that he wasn't the only ruler of HIS clan that anger got the best of him, he turned into a bear because the witch gave him a spell. He ended up destroying the clan and killing his only brothers, he became lonely, ...more - docreywashere

It's a sad movie. It's devastating when Merida thinks her mom is gone and is just a bear. I find it mystifying that after Mor'du died his spirit turned back to a prince and then a whisp.

31 Toy Story 2

"When Somebody Loved Me" makes me cry every single time, without fail.

The Jessie's history with the "When somebody loved me" song playing are so deep... - Anton110

Lol I handled WHEN SHE LOVED ME I think jessie has bad coping skills it was 1960!

Woody lost his arms twice and Jessie hated him

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32 The Princess and the Frog

It's very sad how Tiana has very little time for anything but work. Also when the firefly does I forget his name. Haven't seen this in like two months.

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33 Zootopia

Judy's speech at the end, the scene where Nick gets bullied, and the song "try everything".

The flashback where the fox's friends put a muzzle on him and kicked him out of their scouts club made me BAWL.

The only bit I found sad was the bit where Nick was beaten up by the scouts

This movie is about racism if you think about it

Yeah, but it teaches kids that they shouldn't disrespect somebody just because how they look or what skin color they are. Or in short, it teaches kids that they shouldn't be racists. - LaST_LiGHT

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34 Wreck-It Ralph

I'm usually pretty good at not crying while watching movies, but I came very, very, VERY close to losing it with this one.

Who would break a kart?! If she made it, she would not be a glitch that bad and it's just random

The whole Sonic the Hedgehog scene made me cry like a baby. This should be top 1.

This is not sad at all!

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35 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The scene where the Seven Dwarfs grieving over Snow White's death (including Grumpy trying not to show his emotions but finally broke down and started sobbing uncontrollably) was the saddest.

Bambi's mom's death? Emotionless. Mufasa's death? Overrated. Snow whites death? Bawling my eyes out, especially when the dwarves have their funeral.

This movie had a part that was kinda creepy I mean who would kiss a dead body and expect it to awaken? A lovesick zombie, maybe.

This was the first time in the top saddest Disney moments I cried then I cried to Tarzan then to Bambi not to lion king it's not sad for me at least his mother's alive so my order goes by saddest Disney moments
1 Bambi's mother death (Bambi)
2 Tarzan leaves home( Tarzan)
3 Snow White funeral(Snow White and seven dwarfs)
4 bing bong fades (inside out)
5 servants turn into real frozen items( beauty and the beast 2017)
6 Aurora pricks spindle( sleeping beauty)
7 Ariel doesn't Marty eric( the little mermaid)
8 who am I (moana)
9 Eugene dies(tangled)
10 beast dies ( beauty and the beast)
11 tadashi dies( hero 6 )
12 baymax dies(hero 6)
13 ariels grotto(little mermaid)
14 mufasas death( lion king)
15 john's captured (Pocahontas)
16 reflection (mulan)
17 no one wants me( meet the robinsons)
18 bye father ( beauty beast
19 triton takes ariels place ( little mermaid p)
20 never leave the tower(tangled)

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36 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

I cried when sassy falls into the waterfall. I thought she was dead.

I've lived with a cat for my entire life whom I love very much... when Sassy falls down the waterfall and dies, I burst into tears.

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37 Finding Dory

The only sad part is that she lost her parents when she was young due to her short term memory loss.

I went to see this and it sad that she had lost her parents

This is the first movie that made me cry

38 High School Musical 3

The first time when I watched this movie... I cried for like an hour... When two lovers had to separate I felt sorry for troy... And when gabriella was singin "walk away"

The end pretty much saved it because Troy can drive to Gabriella's college

I hate High School Musical! - docreywashere

The thing that's sad is that this movie existed - poopmckenzie

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39 Brother Bear 2

I've never watched this before

When kota tells his mom to change kenai back so he can be happy.

40 The Black Cauldron

This movie is so SAD I can't even begin to explain my crying to people I just can't

This movie is terrible

I cry every time I watch Gurgi jump in the cauldron.

Gurgi has no friends...that part gets me.

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