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41 The Little Mermaid

Eh, She gets back to eric and saves her dad. Then its not sad anymore

42 Cinderella (2015)

Not only do Ella's parents die but also in this version the king dies but not before allowing his son Kit to marry for love.

The recent adaptation is arguably even sadder simply because we see the bond young Ella had with her mother.

Beautiful but sad

43 Fantasia

I never watched this before

It was so bad it was sad. - RalphBob

This movie is amazing

44 Tarzan

I love this movie it made me cry two times it's beautiful

It so sad when the head gorilla dies and he is tricked it is just so sad.

This should be on the top 10 list! Its just heartbreaking!

How is this not top 10? This movie was my childhood, damn it.

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45 101 Dalmatians

This is a warning to cruella the bible says thou shalt not steal somebody should shoot cruella and hang her on a cross just like they did jesus.

Puppies are taken away from pongo and perdy and travel miles to find them and then the rest of th puppies say what about us

46 Treasure Planet

For every abandoned child. Jim's found father figure will always seem heart breathtakingly beautiful. "I'm still here" is the anthem of every lost kid, searching for someone to recognize them in a way only a father's pride could.

Such a sad film. Jim's adventure from being a young teen and going into adulthood is a great story, dealing with serious issues like mortality, friendship, mentor ship and more! Must watch!

Saddest and most underrated Disney movie of all time

Of every Disney movie ever made, this is my favorite. Never gets old and always hits the spot in my heart

47 Peter Pan

This isn't sad at all! It teaches an amazing lesson, but it is not sad. - docreywashere

What makes the red man red is terrible it's sad that it exists!

The sequel to Peter pan is sad

it is sad

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48 Mulan

This is a pretty sad story; Mulan feels that she has put down her family honor, so she puts down herself. Then her father gets chosen to battle against the Huns with the rest of the Chinese army. She realizes that her family would be damaged forever if her elderly father was killed in war, but thought that if she died, no one in her family would miss her because she put down their family name. She took her father's armor and disguised herself as a man. She never would have known that her actions ripped her family's hearts out. - docreywashere

The devil is a liar

It's so not sad - Puppycutsies

I wanted Mulan to die onse she got unconcious.

49 Gordy
50 The Rescuers

Why didn't anyone else add this one?! You just have to feel bad for poor Penny especially when Medusa asks "What makes you think anyone would want a homely little girl like you?! " and then the song Someone's Waiting for You plays. And then poor Penny cries.

How is this not higher?! Even thinking about this movie makes me tear up! First of all the beginning of the movie starts with Penny being passed up on being adopted and it still gets worse when she tucks her teddy bear into bed tearfully telling him everything will be ok, not believing herself. Plus the atmosphere of the swamp and the music ugh

This movie was so sad and I cried so hard, Penny was the cause of it all, I mean, who would make a little girl have such a sad childhood

It's sadder and darker than the others should be on the top. But has funny moments as well

51 Bambi II

For me it is one of the examples when sequel is better than the first part of the movie. Very uncommon for the cartoon. It is the only famous animated film that reveals the problem of father - son relations so deeply, as well as questions of love, courage, boasting. Never understand people who cries about the first chapter. No offense, the time period between 2 chapters is 60 years. So drama developed greatly. And all its experience merged in this pure and soulful masterpiece. Lots of love.

P. S. Also read original P. Manix "The fox and the hound" (if you want to experience a real drama). But be aware of its mature content.

52 Hercules

How is a person giving up his life to save a person he loves not sad? Hercules should be in the top 10, at least!

Meg's death and last words had me in tears

This movie made me cry!

53 Enchanted

When the evil queen banishes the main princess, and she is lost in Manhattan trying to find happiness and her true love.


54 A Goofy Movie

The father son bonding experience is so heartwarming

55 Sleeping Beauty
56 Aladdin V 1 Comment
57 Peter Pan Return to Neverland

The ending made me cry. I wanted Jane to stay with Peter, he already lost Wendy to another man. I wish Peter would have stayed in England and grew up with Jane.

I cry every time the scene plays where Jane is upset and doesn't believe in her mothers stories about Peter Pan and neverland. It makes me cry even more when "I Try" plays in the background

I start feeling emotional whenever I think of this movie

58 Robin Hood

. Just watch it and you'll see what I mean.

Too bad Robbin Hood died because of a revenge.

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59 The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
60 Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin

I cried when Pooh sang the song wherever you are

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