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The first 10 minutes had everyone in the theater bawling, adults as well as children. Such a sweet film. It's also comedic it had us laughing one minute and crying the next. I recently watched it for about the 100th time, and I still cried at least 5 times. It's also quite a relatable film as it involves love, loss, friendship, etc.. It's so powerful and just an overall fantastic story which I'm sure everybody, young or old, would enjoy. I can't recommend it enough!

This movie gave me so much emotion in the first 10 minutes! It is a very sweet and sad movie. - doctorman

All these movies are extremely sad, but I always cry watching up... Who said guys don't cry?! :'( - Ninja_Potato123

The balloons and Ellie WHY ELLIE

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2 Inside Out

This movie makes me cry during the time when Joy and Bing Bong fall into the pit where Riley forgets memories and stuff. It made me cry when Joy cried. I mean, it's the EMOTION joy. The emotion who brings us happiness and she cried. And when Bing Bong sacrificed himself and told Joy to take Riley to the moon as he was soon forgotten. It also saddened me at the ending.

I think by far its one of the best animated movies I have seen. Its very touching too.

The great thing about this movie is that it isn't perfect. How would you like it if Joy had never fallen into the pit with Bing Bong and Bing Bong was never forgotten and they all made it back to headquarters and the moral of the story was, "Quit wining and hot glue a smile onto your face." But instead, (Spoiler alert) Joy falls into the pit, we get a beautiful scene where Bing Bong sacrifices himself so that Joy and Sadness can save the trainwreck that is at this point Riley, which they do and even though everything doesn't end perfectly, at least there's progress being made, and the moral is, "You can't live without sadness and that emotions never die."

This movie makes me cry every time I hear it's theme song, watch a trailer about it, or whenever I watch the movie! This is by far Pixar's best movie yet! I'm not going to spoil it, though! It is the saddest movie I've ever seen! - doctorman

Bing Bong was my favorite character of the movie. AND. THEY. KILLED. HIM. :(

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3 Bambi

I hope hunters take this lesson seriously: Stop killing animals for no reason! They don't deserve it, and Bambi's story is definitely not fake. It's happening to millions of animals worldwide, and we have to stop it! Imagine if someone shot your mother or father! How would you feel? Why would hunters do that? I remember walking into Dick's and seeing all the hunting things and CRYING! I never cry! I hate it! Please make the torture stop, hunters!

The guy who shot Bambi's character is the worst Disney character of all time

If someone shot my father or mother I'm gonna shoot him back.

Not pixar

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4 Big Hero 6

I really think this is an emotional movie. I cry every time I watch it! - Lina1028

Very emotional. It's the best Disney movie and emotional

Big Hero 6 reminds me of this other movie, Frank And Robot

! SPOILER! it isn't always shown, but as a student majoring psychology, I can tell the grief and emotional dynamic that happens to the main character due to what he loss

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5 Toy Story 3

If you grew up watching the Toy Story movies as I did this one pulls at your heart strings. If your like me you feel like you grew up with Andy's toys as well and so there's that emotional connection you share with the characters. Not the saddest Disney movie but definitely top 5.

It's certainly the most unpredictable Disney movie, even the part where Lotso turns evil is almost impossible to predict unless you've watched the movie before or read this review.

The ending made me cry

Two words: The Incinerator

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6 Brave

WOW! This movie was like! The Mother and Daughter relationship is very well shown! I thought this movie would be like AVERAGE but when I watched this movie for the first time it had BLOWN my mind like anything! The last scene when Merida's mother turns to normal was even more EMOTIONAL! I literally cried that time! One of the best movies from Pixar! - Victoryboy

The end makes you very sad, and also it's very touching! Lovely movie!

I cry at this movie every time. Even if I am not a daughter I still love the Mother - Daughter relationship. The ending is so sad.

This movie is beautiful and heartbreaking an needs to be higher. - punyraisin

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7 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Such a heartbreaking movie!

I hate this movie

The world is cruel the worl is wicked. - misfortuneluck

8 The Fox and the Hound

This should be #1. Watch it and if you don't cry or even get sad, there's something wrong with you.

I cried in the end, seeing them apart is sad, needs a better sequel!

Upsetting. Why do these less sadder movies top this?


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9 The Lion King

I think The Lion King is the saddest Disney movie because Simba's Daddy died. By his own brother, that's just sad and they talked about it nearly talked about it for nearly all of the second part, but by the way, The Lion King is the best Disney movie ever!

Don't give me death threats for this or something but I love this movie but it's super overrated. I find it extremely sad and bawl my eyes out every time. - punyraisin

When Mufasa died, I was weeping uncontrollably, I have to admit.

YES! The Lion King is of course a sad one. When I saw this movie I was very angry with Scar, who murdered Mufasa. I almost cried when Mufasa died and when Simba was crying and calling for help. That was the most emotional scene in that movie.
That's why The Lion King is the one of the best and sad movie of Disney!
We have to admit. Disney is really a multi- talented company.

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10 Monsters, Inc.

The ending, then a soft sob

I cry every time Boo goes home


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11 Wall-E

This is the best movie of all it just proves that even the kind ones can get left behind and that all of the robots who were classed as broken were the best ones of them all

I cry every time

12 Toy Story 2

The Jessie & Emily moments! - sryanbruen

13 The Good Dinosaur

I found this movie disappointing. It wasn't the lack of realism, it was just... Not what I expected. A sad movie doesn't make a movie necessarily bad, like how parents were complaining about how "Inside Out" was too sad. Too SAD?! Uh-uh, you can't expose your children to sadness? Anyway, this movie was a bit more frightening than sad, but still eye-watering all the same. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

It was emotional, but not realistic, and the lack of realism is why this movie is the worst movie ever made by Pixar, it sucks and if they added realism into this movie, then the comet would hit the Earth and the dinosaurs would be extinct, no lie, Lots of fictional movies have lots of realism, and this had none, what a waste of money.

The realism isn't what makes this movie bad, it's its convoluted plot and shallow characters. Pixar lacks realism in almost all of their movies! A world of monsters that scare children for energy, toys coming to life, 5 emotions and millions of brain workers living in everyone's head, Earth but only cars exist and live... how are cars even born and who created the first cars? Anyways those movies are still fantastic (or at least good, in terms of Cars) and they lack a lot (or even any) realism at all. Lacking realism makes the film more interesting! - punyraisin

An extremely disappointing movie, and it's emotional scenes didn't carry through for me. Except there is a scene near the end in which the movie ripped my heart out and stomped on it. - punyraisin

The animation wasn't as real, but the emotions were. See my previous comment.

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14 Dumbo

WHY ANIMAL CRUELTY WHY! okay number one its not ethical to whip a innocent animal number two why are you separating dem

The seen where Dumbo's mother is rocking him in her trunk and dumbo starts to cry makes me feel so sad. I feel so sorry for dumbo - Froglamb

Saddest Disney movie along with The Lion King, Up, Toy Story 3, Bambi, etc. - PeeledBanana

Saddest movie ever!

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15 Coco

At the end when migil (sorry if I spelled that wrong) sang remember me to coco so she would remember hector and then she starting singing along with him! And she pretty much didn't talk the whole movie that part and the part when hector was singing to coco those two parts just got me I started crying it pretty sad

I cried in coco when hector sang remember me to coco and I cried in the ending

This movie is my FAVOURITE Pixar movie. It had its sad moments.. - Swampert02

GOD! How is this not in the top 3? I almost cried! - KalloFox34

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16 Wreck-It Ralph

The scene were Ralph has to destroy the car that he and Vanellope made together is completely heartbreaking for me. He is crushing her dreams (both literally and figuratively), because he wants to protect her, and this was the one thing that he had ever made instead of wrecking.

"You really are a bad guy! " This dialogue is enough to make us cry! It's like HEARTBREAKING for Ralph as well as for us! - Victoryboy

Oh come on, he was literally going to kill himself to save the arcade and this movie is only 14th? - DragonHarrier

Why in the HELL is Brave higher than this?!

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17 Frozen

The Sad Thing Is This Brainwashing Cash Grab Exists

This isn't that sad. It's a bit emotional, but not sad.

Its one of the most dramatic movies I ever saw but it's not very sad

I cry every time I watch it, very heartbreaking

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18 Finding Dory

At times it could be sad, and it did it well! Rate this 10/10 and is sad when it needs to be.

This one was a tear jerker, I won't spoiler it but my dad cried when my mom was DESCRIBING it

Honestly This almost made me cry first time watching it

My sister cry though re whole movie beginning to end.

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19 The Rescuers
20 Zootopia

This movie defiantly had its sad moments. For example, when Nick was revealed to be a victim of prejudice as a young child was a very sad moment. Also, Judy's heartfelt apology to Nick was sad as well. Inside Out seemed a bit more depressing.

Like real animals everywhere, Nick had to deal with prejudice. Sure, it's fictional, but people kill animals because they think they're harmful or because they did something that wasn't their fault. This isn't exactly the lesson, but I hope someone thought of this once.

Don't hurt my precious baby con artist fox! Nick is one of my favorite animated characters ever, second only to Dimitri from Anastasia and the Star Wars cartoon people who don't count

Pretty sad at times but not like extremely emotional. It has its moments - punyraisin

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21 Finding Nemo

How is this not higher

Extremely heartbreaking


So sad

22 Brother Bear

This movie is a whole entire emotional rollercoaster and I cried.

Definitely should be higher on the list! The story behind Koda is what seals the deal!

This is one of my favorite movies of all time because I love how the hole movie is talking about👏🏼

23 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Not sad at all to be honest - punyraisin

Where's lilo and stich

Snow White dies?


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24 How to Train Your Dragon 2

When toothless was hypnotized and tried to attack Hiccup and his father saved him and died, I was crying so hard.

Idiots trolling this with Dreamworks on purpose - doctorman

This is Dreamworks, not Disney nor Pixar - Sassy13crown

Every time I Watch it I cry

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25 Disney's A Christmas Carol

Really good movie!

This movie is a mix of sad and scary! How isn't in the top 5 or top 3

It's scary

26 The Iron Giant

This isn't a Disney movie

Not exactly a new approach for Disney seeing as to how it's not... y'know... made by Disney...

That movie was heartwarming but still it made me cry

This movie is SO sad that it isn’t even in the Disney lineup 😭😭 - children

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27 The Princess and the Frog

Not even joking, when Ray died, I've never been so emotional in a short period of time. - mstein96

"I am going to Evangeline." SO SAD! 😭

28 Toy Story 4

It's apparently so sad that people who haven't even seen it have already started crying...

So sad it doesn't even exist. Now that's some talented film-making! - punyraisin

You know it's coming to theaters soon right

Sad. Two years before it comes out and I'm balwing

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29 Cars 2

Sad that Pixar made it, I respect your opinion if you enjoy this Pixar flick

This isn’t even sad. The only thing that’s sad is that Pixar made this.

30 Cinderella
31 Sleeping Beauty
32 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Best movie ever

This movie's parts, songs and scenes make me cry every time and I've watched it more than 5 times! surprised it wasn't on the list before

33 Tarzan

It's sad when the gorilla die's.

34 Monsters University

It was very sad when Mike had to lose his family forever.

I find this sad cause for one thing I feel sorry for Mike. I mean he has such a tough time. :c


35 Turbo

I wasn't aware that Disney bought Dreamworks

Again, not Disney nor Pixar - Sassy13crown

Coming next turbo on Disney Channel movie

36 Home

I was not aware Disney had bought Dreamworks...

Disney Did Not Buy Dreamworks
But Home Did Make Tear Up

37 Lilo & Stitch

Really 35 people this movie was so sad

Very sad - doctorman


38 Minions

I heard that Minions made my family cry when they saw. They though it was that terrible. And the saddest thing is that somebody thought it was a Disney movie.

Made me cry that it was such a disappointment also I didn't know that Illumination was a Disney Company huh... My life is a lie now... Thanks a lot whoever destroyed this list

Oops sorry about my vote I mean that the minions was not made by Disney

It makes me cry that someone said this is made by Disney.

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39 Muppets Most Wanted

This isn't technically animated...

Not sad nor animated

40 Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Dude how many times do we have to tel you it's not Disney

I'm crying so hard at how annoying the troll is who added these to the list

Not every children's movie is made by Disney. I trust you know that.

It's not Disney

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41 A Bug's Life
42 Cars

This movie isn't very sad. It gets a little emotional but overall I never get teary during this film

This movie made me cry about radiator springs story

If you don't like it then you should of put a lid on it

Oops I was supposed to write that under Home

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43 Home On The Range

It’s sad that this trash exists

44 The Emperor's New Groove

I don't think that this is too sad, but at least it is Disney! (glares at the people who put a bunch of Dreamworks movies, as well as the Iron Giant and Minions)

What how is this sad

Not sad


45 Chicken Little

This movie made me cry so hard. I had the hardest time not crying when I found out how awful this movie is.

46 Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast

I cried so hard at the end and just when anything happened to the beast!

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