Inside Out


The five tearjerker moments:

#1: Riley crying in front of her class - I felt really bad that I cried on the inside.

#2: Joy failing to go up through the tube - I felt really bad and shocked.

#3: Joy crying while in the Memory Dump - I just about (JUST ABOUT) teared up for this one.

#4: Bing Bong fading away - I cried very badly. (*sniff*)

#5: Riley tearful brooding to her parents about Minnesota - I cried the hardest because I CAN COMPLETELY RELATE TO IT! T_T (I just wish I could go back to where I've grown up my entire life entirely as both a kid and teenager...

The movie seemed to have gotten sadder and sadder as it went on... - TylertheTitan

This movie is the only movie I have ever cried watching in a theater. and that doesn't take much because I am an extremely emotional person. What I like most about it is the fact I could relate a lot to what Riley was going through with moving and everything happening at once. A very emotional movie that brought tears to my eyes and trying to shield my face. I knew I should have sat in the back. I also love the animation style of the film and the hidden Easter eggs through out the movie. Great film. Great characters. Awesome.

I liked the second part of the movie very much especially, when Joy and Bing-Bong try to reach the top with the help of the cart! This movie is totally an emotional one! This movie also teaches moral values like we should be honest every time, we should always be happy with our family etc. Nice movie by Pixar as well as Disney! - Victoryboy

Who's your friend who likes to play? Bing Bong! Bing Bong!

This movie really need to been the first animated movie in win the oscar of best movie of the year

I only cried once, I only didn't cry at the first part because I was resisting very hard.

I saw this movie in theaters and it was the first time I ever cried in the theater.

This movie has two different parts I cry at: When Riley comes home and when Joy is crying in the Dump.

This movie is so sad, especially the ending and when Bing Bong was forgotten. This movie made me cry as much as the Boy in the striped pajamas

Joy makes us cheerful and happy. But family and people who truly love us will be there because of Sadness. - fiziman08

"I couldn't stop crying the first time I saw it."

UP made me cry, but Inside Out made me almost cry. Three times.

This is one of the saddest pixar movies of all time. But that's what makes it perfect

I watched the last half hour, without seeing the beginning and I still cried

I can tell disney spent so much time on the animation, the plot, the characters, and evreything is perfectly clean in the movie. This is the first disney movie I have seen, and by far the best disney movie ever made.

I cry when they fall into the pit and Then I cry during the rest of the movie

I didn't cry at the theater and it wasn't that sad

Especially the part where Riley's imaginary friend is forgotten forever...that was sad. - Minecraftcrazy530

I cried. My parents cried. We all cried. - DisneyQueen

Everyone should at least cry when Bing Bong was gone, I mean, HE'S THE CUTEST IMAGINARY FRIEND A CHILD COULD HAVE!

How is this sad it didn't make me sad happy or laugh at all

This movie was really sad yet it was a masterpiece.When Riley's happy memories turned sad and then she turned sad I was crying... at the cinema!

Bing Bong's death was emotional, but we're forgetting Sadness! No one understands the ending! Sadness touches the core memories, and she is finally allowed. It teaches that it's okay to be sad. And Joy realizing in the pit and saying, "Mom and Dad... the team... they came to help... because of Sadness! " You can almost hear Amy Poehler's voice crack. It makes me cry every time.

This film is the worst Pixar film ever made. The characters were all annoying, the jokes were stale and unfunny, and it was sooo damn boring. It really didn't deserve an award.

It's an awesome movie... I love psychological stuff! And Disney! But it is super sad!
R.I.P Bing Bong!