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21 Finding Nemo Finding Nemo V 3 Comments
22 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

It's so sad that Snow White dies! I have cried off this

This movie is just so sad! Can't believe the stupid queen poisens her! I always cry when snow white dies!

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23 Disney's A Christmas Carol Disney's A Christmas Carol

This movie is a mix of sad and scary! How isn't in the top 5 or top 3

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24 How to Train Your Dragon 2 How to Train Your Dragon 2

When toothless was hypnotized and tried to attack Hiccup and his father saved him and died, I was crying so hard.

This is Dreamworks, not Disney nor Pixar - Sassy13crown

Idiots trolling this with Dreamworks on purpose - doctorman

I agree that it is sad, but is it sad enough to have it on a list made pf Disney and Pixar movies?

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25 The Princess and the Frog The Princess and the Frog

Not even joking, when Ray died, I've never been so emotional in a short period of time. - mstein96

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26 The Iron Giant The Iron Giant

That movie was heartwarming but still it made me cry

Not exactly a new approach for Disney seeing as to how it's not... y'know... made by Disney...

This movie is heartwarming, and funny, offering a brand new approach that Disney usually strays from.

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27 Cinderella Cinderella
28 Toy Story 4

It's apparently so sad that people who haven't even seen it have already started crying...

You know it's coming to theaters soon right

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29 Cars Cars

This movie isn't very sad. It gets a little emotional but overall I never get teary during this film

This movie made me cry about radiator springs story

If you don't like it then you should of put a lid on it

Oops I was supposed to write that under Home

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30 Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty
31 Tarzan Tarzan V 1 Comment
32 Monsters University Monsters University

It was very sad when Mike had to lose his family forever.

I find this sad cause for one thing I feel sorry for Mike. I mean he has such a tough time. :c

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33 Turbo Turbo

I wasn't aware that Disney bought Dreamworks

Coming next turbo on Disney Channel movie

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34 Home Home

I was not aware Disney had bought Dreamworks...

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35 Lilo & Stitch Lilo & Stitch

Really 35 people this movie was so sad

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36 Minions

I heard that Minions made my family cry when they saw. They though it was that terrible. And the saddest thing is that somebody thought it was a Disney movie.

Made me cry that it was such a disappointment also I didn't know that Illumination was a Disney Company huh... My life is a lie now... Thanks a lot whoever destroyed this list

Oops sorry about my vote I mean that the minions was not made by Disney

It makes me cry that someone said this is made by Disney.

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37 Muppets Most Wanted Muppets Most Wanted

This isn't technically animated...

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38 Mr. Peabody & Sherman Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Dude how many times do we have to tel you it's not Disney

I'm crying so hard at how annoying the troll is who added these to the list

Not every children's movie is made by Disney. I trust you know that.

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39 A Bug's Life A Bug's Life
40 Home On The Range Home On The Range
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