Top 10 Saddest Disney Princess Movies

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1 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

It's not really sad, you know, when almost other Disney princesses cry or sing sad songs during their movies, Snow White is still optimistic. Perhaps the scene which she dies is the saddest.

When the Dwarves mourn Snow White and Grumpy breaks down makes me cry so much but the ending is so sweet - DisneyLoverxx

2 Cinderella
3 Beauty and the Beast

Well Snow White, beauty and the beast,little mermaid,tangled, mulan were the saddest

4 The Little Mermaid
5 Tangled

This movie is actually really depressing,
A girl taken away from her family, locked up in a tower, has abusive mother, people trying to steal her hair, betrayal,sacrifices her life for guy who betrayed her, "mother" dies, even though she wasn't a good or her real mother the girl still loved her, guy scarifices life for the girl and cuts off her hair, guy dies of stabbed wound, heals from magical tears, girls finds her real parents.
pretty depressing, right? - thereadingthief

6 Frozen
7 Sleeping Beauty
8 Pocahontas

It did not have a happy ending. I cried when John Smith leaves...depressing!

Pocahontas looks like and reminds me of my mom, who was barely in my life.

9 Moana
10 Mulan

The Contenders

11 Brave
12 The Princess and the Frog

This one is the saddest because it's touching. And a beloved character dies. The villain gets no chance at redemption and is just dragged to hell. Not sad,but dark.Tiana is too much of a hopeless romantic,which is sad. Besides this,this movie is happy and joyful.

13 Aladdin
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