Top 10 Saddest Evanescence Songs

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1 My Immortal

What? My Immortal is number 3? Come on, this song is easily number 1. It is sadder than other Evanescence songs.

Not difficult to choose. The whole song is sadness. However, it's a beautiful song. Amy Lee speaks to your soul - Userguy44

Great list but My Immortal is definitely number 1.

Most saddest song in the world.

2 Hello

That feeling you get when nobody talks to you and you feel all alone for a long time... That is what the song talks about. This song is very peacefull and sad... - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I adore this song, it makes me think of my boyfriend of three years. He got killed in a car crash, it haunts me and I hate myself for breathing without him

The piano would be more than enough to tear you up, so don't even get me started on the vocals.

I feel this song hits Amy harder than any of her other songs, she never sang it in a concert because she’d probably cry while singing it, it is about her dead sister after all, this song even made me cry while singing it, and I’m not a very emotional person.

3 Like You

This song always makes me cry... Amy's voice is magnificent and the music of the song is really really sad. What makes it sadder is the lyrics... That feeling when you lose someone and it haunts you forever in the point of hating yourself... Up at number 1. I even got tears when I wrote that comment - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Its about feeling bad when her sister died, this is one of her most meaningful songs.

It's of the most sad songs I've ever heard

It is about her sister who died chiled

4 Lost In Paradise

The piano made a really sad tune and it was a great idea to put violins here. Amy's voice is really sad. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I love this song so much. I'm listening to it right now and trying not to cry.

I was sad and in pain and this song healed me.

5 Your Star

The tune of this song is really sad and Amy put all her feelings in this song - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

6 Missing

That feeling you get when you did sins and that people won't forgive you... That's what the song is about - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

7 The Last Song I'm Wasting On You

The Last Song I'm Wasting On You is heartbreaking! The lyrics are so poetic and melancholic. I think this song deserves to be in the top 5 at least! - jaxie

This is one of the saddest songs Ev has ever put out. It should be in the top 5.

'Sparkling grey, they're my own veins.
Anymore than a whisper, any sudden movement of my heart.
And I know, I know I'll have to watch them pass away...
Just get through this day...'

8 My Heart Is Broken

The title says it. A really sad breakup song. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

9 Lithium

The lyrics are really sad and Amy's voice too - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

10 Good Enough

Again, sad pianos with sad lyrics and sad voice - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Ok, this is sad, also peaceful. So relaxing and comfortably.

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11 Swimming Home

Very, very beautiful song, Amy's voice is like an angels. She makes me feelgood. - 05yusuf09

12 Understanding

Honestly this has to be, hands down one of the saddest songs I've ever heard. This song epitomizes what it feels like to truly be absolutely done with being alive. There is nothing left on this earth to live for. I consider this a song to firstly down a bottle of codeine, then slit your wrists in a bathtub before fading into the other side.

13 Tourniquet

Shes talking about suicide

Really great song.

14 Secret Door
15 Forgive Me

The title says it, forgive me. And the lyrics are really sad - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

16 The Change
17 Give Unto Me

This Is One Of The Most Creepiest Saddest Evanescence Songs I Ever Heard But I Love This Song I Love All Of Evanescences Dark Songs My Friend Justin Introduced Me To Evanescence And I Love Evanescence I Like Evanescence More Than Him He Already Knows That I Like Them More Than Him Ill Call Myself The Main Evanescence Fan And I Will Always Be A Evanescence Fan I Used To Like Rap Music But Now I Converted To Heavy Metal Christian Metal Christian Metalcore Christian Alternative Christian Hard Rock And Gothic Metal My Favorite Christian Bands Is Skillet Red And August Burns Red. My Favorite Gothic Bands Is Evanescence Mostly Nightwish And Delain Maybe Ill Might Look For Gothic Bands That Justin Never Listen To Even If Justin Did Not Introduced Me To Heavy Metal I Would Convert To Heavy Metal. I Think I Have Heard A Evanescence Song Before Justin Showed Me Evanescence I Just Do Not Remember. I Love Evanescence I Am A Evanescence Boy Call Me A Evanescence Boy.

18 Breathe No More

Describes me in every verse.

19 All that I'm Living for (Acoustic)

It's easily one of the best and saddest songs that they have ever recorded.

20 Taking Over Me

I love this song

21 Ascension of the Spirit
22 My Last Breath

My Last Breath is such a sad song because it represents someone dying! The saddest line in this song is "Say goodnight, don't be afraid. Calling me, Calling me as you fade to black." which literally means someone was trying to get you to come back! Which is such a sad thought.

23 Even in Death
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