Saddest Events In United States History

The Top Ten

1 9/11

Whoever makes jokes about this event are cruel bastards who want to become psychopaths.

A tragic event that happened for no reason and innocent people died when they shouldn't have

Why am I not surprised by this?

(For those of you that are stupid and don't know what 9/11 is) 9/11 is when the Twin Towers got destroyed by terrorists on September 11th 2001

2 Assassination of John F. Kennedy
3 Slave Trade

It ruined the lives of countless Africans, gave us gruesome stories about the cruelty of the slave-masters, started a war that killed hundreds of thousands of people, made racism a staple of American culture even after it officially ended.

By far the saddest series of events in American history. - ThePenguin227

4 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
5 Pearl Harbour Bombing
6 Sandy Hook Shooting
7 Oklahoma City Bombing

This was sadder than sandy hook sandy hook should not be in the top 10

8 The Iraq War
9 Hurricane Katrina

Okay that's it sandy hook is so damn overrated seriously how it worst than hurricane Katrina Orlando night club shooting and Virginia tech columbine is worst than sandy hook why you know what they say the original is always the best in this case the original is always the deadliest

Worst than sandy hook and killed more people so yea

10 The Vietnam War

The Contenders

11 American Civil War

This was a sad day

Over 600,000 dead; more than were lost during WW2.

12 Ku Klux Klan

Their not that bad


13 The Great Depression
14 Assassination of Martin Luther King
15 Challenger Disaster (1986)
16 The War of 1812
17 Virginia Tech Massacre

Worst than sandy hook

So sad I feel bad

The saddest thing to ever happend 2007

18 Stock Market Crash - 1929
19 Columbine Massacre
20 San Bernardino Shooting
22 Orlando Massacre

50 people killed just recently.

23 Boston Marathon Bombing
24 Ohio State Fair Accident
25 2017 Las Vegas Strip Shooting

Worst than sandy hook

26 Bay of Pigs Invasion (1961)
27 Charles Manson Gang Members Released from Prison

Pretty shocking; several of them have been paroled, and are now loose on the streets.
Even Charlie himself has parole hearings every so often, but he probably will not be let out.

28 Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse
29 The Acquisition of Native American Lands
30 WWI
31 The Day the Music Died
32 Aurora Movie Theater Shooting
33 Hurricane Harvey
34 Death of Paul Walker
35 2017 Sutherland Springs Church Shooting
36 Kurt Cobain's Death
37 Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting
38 Suicide of Chester Bennington
39 Hurricane Sandy
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