Saddest Events

The Top Ten

1 The Holocaust

In Connecticut, 20 kids and a few staff died. In the holocaust, 11 million died including children. In Connecticut, they were all shot. In the holocaust, people were shot, hanged, suffocated, gassed to death, etc. Etc. 'enough said.

Have all of you forgotten the 11 million people killed, 6 million of which were Jews and 1 million Jewish children? As sad as the other shootings listed were, I'm sure 20 is much less than 1,000,000.

Okay, were going to have this discussion. Elementry shooting death and kids which is sad. Holocaust blew that away with millions of deaths and a lot were kids.

2 Atomic Bomb In Japan
3 9/11

Even over a decade, by just looking at the footage taken by that time, reading back the pieces of news by that time, the heart is still wrenching in pain.


4 The Connecticut Shooting

A guy dressed in black walked into a school and killed over 20 little kids, and I think 3 teachers. This actually happened a few days ago. The guy was found dead on the scene.

5 The Terrorist Attack On The World Trade Center
6 Columbine High School Massacre
7 The Titanic Sinks
8 The Ghost Train Fire at Luna Park Sydney

7 people died, Jenny Poivedin wrote a blog about how she lost her whole family in the disaster!

1 word. TERRIBLE!

9 The Orlando Shooting

People were enjoying a party and a Nightclub, then a deranged guy came and shot 49 people in the worst shooting in US history.
We've lost 49 people in one of the worst attacks in the US since 9/11, because that guy did it on purpose.
Police officers shot him afterwards.

10 Donald Trump Elected U.S. President


The Contenders

11 WW2

After millions and millions of lives were lost, the age of destruction was over. Everyone in the world looses a loved one... And yet never received a goodbye or a hello... We all felt like it was a huge mistake, and yet never know what kind of damage we humans can do... Destroying our reputations and lives. The second world war was and will always be the saddest event in the history of the world. Men who had guts to enter the war turned to scared, hopeless, and lifeless men who want home... To be home with their wives who are waiting for them.

12 Manchester Attack at Ariana Grande Concert
13 Invention of Plastic
14 Hurricane Mitch

Killed a lot of people in Central America. - Vancedapurpleguy

15 The Aurora Shooting

Everybody was at the movies watching the new Batman movie. A guy dressed as the Joker walked in and threw some tear gas grenades, pulled out a rifle, and fired. Almost everyone there died. The guy is now in police custody.

16 The Shooting At The Toronto Eaton Centre

Someone who survived that shooting, was later killed at the Aurora Shooting.

17 WW1
18 Indian Ocean Tsunami and Earthquake
19 Vietnam
20 Syrian Chemical Attack
21 The Crusade
22 Famine in Ethiopia
23 Darwin Bombing
24 Collapse of the Soviet Union
25 Kurt Cobain's Death
26 Hurricane Katrina
27 Closure of Kmart
28 Closure of Sears
29 Closure of Toys "R" Us
30 Chernobyl Disaster
31 Death of Princess Diana
32 2019 El Paso Shooting
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