Saddest Facts About Michael Jackson


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1 He Was Punished Brutally As a Child

His tough childhood greatly affected him as a man. Michael you were a good man and the King of pop regardless of anyone said about you. I'm just glad you didn't live to see your genre disgraced by gaga and that lil bieber who wanted to to a duet with you, what a joke

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2 He Died
3 He Was Accused of Sexual Assault
4 He Was Forced to Team Up With Pepsi In 1983 by His Dad
5 He Had Vitiligo

It's sad because people accused him for bleaching his skin! - rock2metal

6 His 1982 Accident With Breaking His Nose

He didn't want to have this surgery - alexanderalbert

Very true. Michael broke his nose during rehearsals, and needed to have surgery on it. Afterward, the surgery made it difficult for him to sing, so he got his nose altered again for that reason. Haters really need to let Michael be <3 We love him

7 He Never Slept That Much, But When He Did, He Had Nightmares of Being Murdered
8 He Made His Career His Childhood
9 He Had His Scalp Burned And Had To Wear Wigs For The Rest Of His Life
10 He got several plastic surgery procedures because he didn't want to look like his abusive father
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