Saddest Futurama Episodes

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1 Jurassic Bark

Fry finds out his dog us fossilized in a museum and decides to get him back. After getting him back he decides to get him cloned out of jealousy Bender throws his dog in lava. When Bender realizes that Fry hates him after throwing his dog in he saves the dog. But Fry thinks the dog probably moved on and found new owners so he decides not to clone him. It then shows a montage of the dog waiting 12 years for Fry's return. His death is considered the saddest moment in cartoon history.

This episode is sad, because I love dogs. - PhilTheCorgi

This episode says something if it made the writers cry. - Avicerate

First T.V. /Movie/Book to EVER Make me cry.

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2 The Luck of the Fryrish

This is the episode where Fry is having horrible luck so he decides to find his 7 leaf clover from the 20th century. He finds out someone else has the name of Philip J. Fry & assumes his brother took his name. At the end he finds out his nephew was named after him to honor him.

3 The Late Philip J. Fry

This one is more sad than the Jurassic park they watched the whole universe end

Thé best

4 Meanwhile

The finale of Futurama that ends it all.

The guy commited suicide man and they grew old together and stuff

Honestly, the sadness of Jurrasic Bark is nothing to the sadness of this. - RalphBob

5 Love & Rocket

This the valentine's day episode of futurama where Fry tries to confess his feelings to Leela in candy hearts. When Leela"s oxygen tank runs out Fry risks his life for her by giving her his oxygen. She then gives him mouth to mouth after he passes out he then coughs up the heart "You take my breath away".

The heart actually said "You leave me breathless". They both have the same meanings. I'm just saying. - PhilTheCorgi

6 A Flight to Remember

This should be 2 - RockStarr

7 Game of Tones

It shows the other side of fry's freeze, and in the end someone still loved him and missed him

The ending really just shows the relationship between Fry and his Mother.

One of the most devastatingly tragic episodes ever written

This episode was one of my favorites with sad and happy values of fry showing how much he loved his mother and cared for her.even though fry can be dumb,he still has a very
caring heart.

8 Leela's Homeworld
9 The Sting

Fry saves Leela being stung by an alien bee by getting stung and the tip of the stinger touches her. He dreams Fry is dead & keeps coming to her in his dreams she is so sad she wants to kill herself to see him for real. She then wakes up from her coma to learn it was a dream.

10 Lethal Inspection

We learn that without Hermes there would be no Bender.

The ending is beautiful

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11 Time Keeps Slipping

Devastating ending for Fry

12 A Farewell to Arms

When Fry sacrifices himself for Leela by letting her going to Mars to escape Earth due to the "world ending", but it's misunderstood that mars would end, and not Earth, but still realizes her true love did the best.

13 Free Will Hunting
14 The Bots and the Bees
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1. The Luck of the Fryrish
2. Jurassic Bark
3. Meanwhile
1. Jurassic Bark
2. Lethal Inspection
3. The Luck of the Fryrish
1. Jurassic Bark
2. A Flight to Remember
3. Meanwhile


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