Fred Weasley

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The reason I found Fred's death so sad was because I loved him. He was always so happy and he had a way of making other people carefree and happy as well. Also, he and George were so close. I can't even imagine how Fred's death damaged George. Now, without Fred, I feel like no one will quite be as carefree and George will by far never be who he was.

Fred was only 20 when he died. He died fighting against evil. He was so brave, and he died laughing! Fred is my favourite character in the series. I absolutely love Fred, so much that after a year that he died, you could still find me reading that section in the book and shedding tears! He lived an amazing life, fulfilled his dream of opening a joke shop along with George and was a very successful businessman when he died. Oh my god! I never loved any character so much, and I will never forgive J K Rowling for killing Fred! Also, the fact that in losing Fred, George lost his brother, his best friend, his partner in crime, half of himself and that he will never be normal again makes the death sadder. If I was George, I would've been in a mental asylum or killed myself! Oh George, I'm so sorry. And Fred, I love you so much. You are my hero!

Fred Weasley was funny, smart, and way unappreciated by his parents. He and George have been my favorite characters from the beginning. Their antics brought tears of joy to my eyes, and when they ambushed the school with their fireworks, that was awesome. Fred Weasley will always rest in my heart as the best character in the Harry Potter series.

Fred Weasley has been the only fictional death so far that made me cry. Others have been close, but they weren't enough. Fred and George were always able to make me laugh, and I even think Fred was the wittier of the two. In my Harry Potter world, he still hasn't died.

It's so sad because he was just in his early twenties and now George is sad and I just can't bear it when I read it I was in my math class and I started to tear up (unprofessional)

In the order of the Phoenix Molly's bogart shows each member of her family dead. When the twins appear they appears together because never in Molly's wildest dreams did she see them apart

Noo! I cried so hard! But all I could think about were the people who Fred left behind. His TWIN, Percy, who was just starting to change his ways, his mother, who already lost both of her brothers, Bill and Charlie, who never really saw him, Mr. Weasley, and Ron and Ginny, who were closest to Fred and George. Let us take a moment to remember Fred Weasley, who died laughing

Oh definitely Fred. This made me cry so hard- I'm a twin, and this made me picture losing my sister. Definitely the saddest moment in the whole series

It was completely unexpected. Maybe a Weasley would die, but not one so lovable. And it makes you wonder how George is going to go on because Fred completed him.

Fred was I think, by far, the saddest death in the whole series because, when you think about it, the twins were separated by none other than death, yet no one saw it coming. If George were real, then he would be devestated for the rest of his life. It was to sad to even think about after I watched it the first time.

Fred is definitely the saddest death in the series for me. He was one part of a pair that NO ONE imagined separating (Molly saw the two of them dead in her boggart. Together). He'd also finally just made up with Percy, and he died laughing. Other deaths in the series are very sad, but Fred's is definitely the most heartbreaking.

Fred and George had always been a team. Now, because of Fred's death, George is essentially deprived of his other half. That's why it's so tragic.

Him and George was inseparable. Just think how George feels it's like half of him is gone. It's Diffrent than having your girlfriend or wife or husband or boyfriend die cause him and George was each other's half

All the fun and happiness ended when Fred died. He was so lively and hilarious. Though Sirius was my favourite character the saddest death was Fred's. RIP Fred

I mean seriously. Fred and George were so happy. Always found something to laugh about. Why not Percy.

Fred was by far the saddest death in Harry Potter. I will never get over the fact that he died and left George alone.

It should be obvious- it was just so heartbreaking. Poor George- and Fred, obviously, for being the one who dies. :(

Like I said, if you want one more person to die, swap Fred and Umbridge because I would have thrown a huge victory if Umbridge dies. - LannaLau

Fred and George need to be together. Without Fred, there is no George. Without George, there is no Fred

George dedicating "see you again " to Fred
"its been a long day without you my friend,
and I'm tell you all about is when I see you again,
we have come a long way from where we began,
oh I'm tell you all about it when I see you again "
and someone is cutting onions again! !

I always loved the twins, although I equally feel sad for mad eye, Sirius, snape and pettigrew

They didn't even show his death but that doesn't make it any less sadder than the others

You do not kill off one twin. You just don't. Even Rowling cried while writing his death.

Damn I still feel my heart ache. I'm a twin and I could never imagine my sister dying.

I always loved Fred and just thinking of George's life after his death... It hurts.