Nymphadora Tonks


Tonks death was extremely sad. She had literally just got her happily ever after before she passed. The whole year before she had been struggling with her love for Lupin. Her Patronus had actually changed just like Snape for Lily. I love stories that have a happily ever after for characters that deserve theirs. Tonks had to fight for her love. She deserves a happily ever after but No she dies.

What makes this truly the saddest is the fact that she didn't have to fight. She could've stayed home and survived. But she chose to go and fight for a better world for her son to live in. Curse you, Bellatrix Lestrange.

The sad thing is the book never told us if she ever found Lupin before both of them died. It only said the were both beside each other in the great hall. Possibly they could have died together. But sadly most likely Tonks may have found Lupin dead. It said he was last seen fighting Dolohov. I can't believe my two favorite characters are dead.

No! My favourite character! I cried a lot when she die... But she died with her loved one. They were holding hands...

Tonks is exactly like me I was so sad when she died

Last Words: Unknown
Cause of Death: Killing Curse
Killer: Bellatrix Lestrange

I don't think that any kid should have both their parents dead like that. Remus and Tonks were the perfect couple, and I feel so sorry for Teddy. T-T

i was like that when I found out she died.

I love Tonks cause because, first she was a Hufflepuff and she is just so plainly awesome.
When I read her her death I cried when I watched her death I cried. She also only spent a few days with her son. I'm so happy that she died next to Lupin.

It was so sad when she died, I was crying, she's my favourite character.
I also heard a rumour that she and Remus originally were not going to die, instead Arthur was to die in Ootp but he did not so they died instead.
Right after their son was born.