Top 10 Saddest Harry Potter Deaths

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21 Frank

The Riddle family gardener who was accused of murdering them. Though there wasn't enough evidence to convict him he remained the rest of his life as an outcast.
Died when watching over the one house he worked at all his life.

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22 Phoenix Fawkes
23 Binky

Binky, Lavender Brown's pet rabbit, died in the third book.

Is a rabbit really that important? 😐😐 - pouria_mt

24 Petunia Evans

Um come on people - pouria_mt

25 Vincent Crabbe

Vincent Crabbe, the Boy Who Was On Fire! Ha you'll get it if you've read the hunger games

This was sad but I think he deserves it

He deserved it

It was funny cause he conjured the fire but musta been quite hot the fire- luckily it was a quick death so not so painful

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26 Nearly Headless Nick
27 Nagini

Nagini is not evil...she just had an evil person who she considered a friend control her. She was not the saddest death, but it was pretty sad. She didn't really deserve to die, and she died in a horrible way; her 'friend' inserted part of his soul in her, made her kill many innocent people, and in the end, she had had her head chopped off. Talk about animal abuse...

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28 Caradoc Dearborn

who? - pouria_mt

29 Scabbers

The sad thing is, Peter pet tigers is different to scabbers, but they were trapped in the same person... If u know what I mean. Scabbers loved Ron, and when Peter died, scabbers died too. I honestly cried.

He was a rat but he was a good guy

Scabvers technically didn't die Peter did

30 Morfin Gaunt

Though from an inherently evil family his imprisonment in Azkaban and later death was quite the injustice.

I don't know why but I felt sorry for him - pouria_mt

31 Professor Quirrell

He got bullied his whole life and got forced to be bad. Unfair completely and I can't believe Harry ended him like that. One more thing. TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!

It's still sad since he was so shy and didn't want Voldemort to hide in his turban... - Winterush

32 Barty Crouch Sr.

What Makes It More Tragic Is That His Own Son Killed Him

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33 Lavender Brown

We don't really know if she died really... But I think since he dragged her then.. Well... Yeah

Feel sad it was the anti Voldemort movement

The gossip queen is dead...

She died in the last movie. She was bitten by Fenrir Greyback, and it was sad because she was only 17 and nothing really good happened to her...

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34 Draco

He's faced with death, but he doesn't die. (He faces death if he couldn't follow Voldemort's orders to him in the sixth book)

Draco Never died...

He's not dead imbeciles do your research

He didn't die idiot

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35 Percy Weasley

, why is this here too( if confused, read Draco post)

Percy never died...

He's not dead idiot

Perce never died

36 Aragog

Mad eye never killed aragog and he's DEAD

I loved Aragog. - FizzyCocoaMan

Mad Eye killed the spider he should go to azkaban for that.

37 The Bloody Baron


38 Moaning Myrtle Moaning Myrtle

She was bullied all her life and died out of nowhere because she tried to tell a boy to get out of the girl's bathroom in some school. Not the saddest death, but definitely a undeserved, miserable one. And she didn't even get to tell the boy off.

39 Gregorovitch
40 Regulus Black

Just when he turned good...

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