Sirius Black

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This is the saddest death because Sirius was the only hope Harry had of having a real loving family and father figure to come home to. They didn't get to spend enough time together, but for that short period of time where they did, Harry was so happy and never felt lonely.

I think this is the saddest death because it was sorta harry's fault, though you can trace it to Voldemort, harry still felt to blame. Also, how many father figures can one kid loose? Harry lost his dad, then Sirius, and finally Lupin. Imagine knowing that you are partly to blame for your father figure's death! So sad!

Sirius didn't have a good life until the end. He didn't have a very pleasant family either. For twelve years, he was in Azkaban. Until he met his godson, and got his friends back. I feel sad he never got to spend some time with his Harry. I wish he at least became a ghost but...

Dobby and Hedwig were loyal creature to Harry, Cedric and Fred were two of Harry's best friends, and after all Snape and Dumbledore have gone through, but I COULDN'T STAND the death of Harry's godfather: Sirius Black. It was just so sad!

"When all this is over, we'll be a proper family..."

And then he dies... :(
Watching Sirius falling through the veil... the look of utter devastation and disbelief in Harry's eyes... And the sight of Lupin grabbing Harry, pulling him back...
It's all too much for me... I cried so hard. Sirius might have been Harry's only hope of ever having anything that's closest to a family member...

He was always there for harry. And then he gets killed by a cousin he was most ashamed of. I'm sure if he was living in a world where his name was cleared before his death, he and harry would be out for ice cream right now.

He had been a prisoner in Azkaban for so many years, and then he gets murdered only a couple years after his escape, by his own cousin, to boot.

Harry used an Unforgivable curse on Bellatrix after she killed him. That obviously means Harry was very affected. This was the only Harry Potter character that caused me to cry.

WHY DID HE DIE? HARRY NEEDED HIM! If only he stayed alive with Harry until the end.. Could you imagine his face while Voldemort says "Harry potter is dead"?

I sometimes think his death was worse than Lily and James deaths, because he never knew his mother and father but he had grown close to Sirius

Sirius Black was one of the best characters because he shows bravery by not being afraid of anything and even risking his life on the line. - titan

Poor Harry. Sirius Black is his godfather and he loves him! If he wasn't there, Harry would almost permanently get stuck with the Dursley's.

Man I loved sirius and I like was torn apart when I saw him die for the first time. It in my opinion is THE SADDEST DEATH EVER IN THE SERIES!

He was the one person who was closest to Harry as a parent figure. Its really unfair to separate Harry from all his loved ones one by one.

I cried a lot with this dead. I liked this character so much and I think that he was an important person for Harry.

Why, he was such an amazing character who deserved so much better than that. I balled my eyes out when he died

I just LOVED him. Harry Potter also loved him as a father science he did not have any parents.

Why did Sirius have to die he was all harry had left I cry when ever I see his death scene I cry

I was so sad I cried when he died in the books and movies one of the saddest deaths

I think Sirius should be #1. I was devastated when he died! I cried for 10 minutes!

Only time I have cried while reading a book is when Sirius died.

It has to be the worst for Harry, because Harry went to the Department of Mysteries thinking he had to save Sirius from dying, and Sirius saved him, but died in the process. It's a lot of blame for him. And just when Sirius offered to let Harry spend the summer with him in Grimmauld Place, and gave him the mirror and everything.
And Sirius is totally everyone's bae.

No, not snape, not dobby, that s Sirius

Honestly, Sirius death had me heartbroken. I cried like a 5 year old little girl, and yes. He was Harry's role model for a dad and he was my favorite. His death is the reason why I hate Bellatrix so. Effing. Much.

If he Hadn't been standing there he won't have died