Saddest Harry Potter Songs

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1 Dumbledore's Farewell

This song made me cry every time it played more than any other song.

2 Lily's Theme

The melody gets me every time... It's so sad.

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3 Farewell to Dobby
4 Obliviate
5 Harry & Hermione
6 Death of Cedric

Those violins...

7 In Noctem

This is Snape song, when he knows he have to kill Dumbledore.

The depth that this music brings in the movie, when we see snape´┐Ż's face its unbelievable.

8 Statues
9 A Window to the Past

This music his about the past, its beautiful, have no words.

10 Willow Level 3

The Contenders

11 Reunion of Friends
12 Courtyard Apocalypse
13 Another Year Ends
14 A New Beginning
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