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61 The Chosen Pessimist - In Flames V 2 Comments
62 Gone - Katatonia
63 Megalovania - Toby Fox
64 Seven Faces - Slayer

This song is about how the seven deadly sins can change a person!

65 Holding All These Lies - Korn
66 Scarlet - In This Moment V 1 Comment
67 H. - Tool
68 Life Eternal - Mayhem V 1 Comment
69 Mutter - Rammstein
70 Farewell - Avantasia
71 When the Eagle Cries - Iced Earth
72 Lack of Comprehension - Death

Haha what? This is the farthest thing from sad. Awesome song though - ryanrimmel

73 Foolin - Def Leppard
74 02 Panic Room - Riverside
75 Screaming In the Night - Krokus
76 Kitchen Ware and Candy Bars - Stone Temple Pilots
77 The Theft - Atreyu
78 Chop Suey! - System of a Down

Don't let the funny title, badass metal riffs and Serj Tankian's crazy vocals fool you, this song is way sadder than you think it sounds. Especially in the fact that it was released around the same time 9/11 happened. Admit it, you cried at the piano parts when Serj sang about self-righteous suicide and crying on "the day that angels died".

This song is about abuse and suicide

V 1 Comment
79 Love You to Death - Kamelot

This is one of the saddest Kamelot songs I have listened to

80 2 Am
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