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121 Ballad of Worms - Cage
122 Chum - Earl Sweatshirt

He lost his dad.

123 I Need a Doctor - Dr. Dre

This is a very emotional song about Dre at his lowest. Makes me cry every time I listen.

This song is very emotional and if u are a NWA and an Eazy-E fan you should listen to this... cry almost every time cause of the music video...

124 Snoop Dogg - Imagine (Ft. Dr. Dre)
125 Red Eye - Big K.R.I.T.
126 Perfect Couple - Fozzey & Van C

If you haven't heard it, listen, now!
Not mainstream but the first time I heard this song I cried and I continue to do so every subsequent listening.

127 Treasure - Bruno Mars
128 I Seen a Man Die - Scarface V 1 Comment
129 Mind Playing Tricks on Me - Geto Boys

One of the most sincere songs of all time

130 Missing You - Brandy
131 Stupid Hoe - DJ Eezy

It's sad because it exists.

132 Tearz - Wu Tang Clan
133 I. Flight of the Navigator - Childish Gambino
134 Silence - Jarren Benton

Great song talking about losing his best friend.

135 Fifty In Five - Hilltop Hoods

I was wondering YouTube while working one day and found this song, I believe it really says something about society and how we are destroying the world by being Human.

136 Gangsta Lean - D.R.S.
137 03' Adolescence - J Cole

So many people can relate to this

Shows his struggle with fameAnd how he may never find the girl he loves because of it

138 Kush & Corinthians (His Pain) - Kendrick Lamar V 1 Comment
139 Coming Home - Diddy Dirty Money and Skylar Grey
140 So Many Tears - Tupac
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