Top Ten Saddest Imagine Dragons Songs

The Top Ten
1 Demons (Night Visions) Demons (Night Visions) Cover Art

I'm talking about the Bible list, I kinda feel sorry for that comment, not all the way sorry. I'm a militant atheist at times.- Kevinsidis

I love the lyrics of this song!

Of course, I'm talking about the admin. Sorry to get you confused, it happens :) - Kevinsids

2 Monster (Smoke + Mirrors (Deluxe)) Monster (Smoke + Mirrors (Deluxe)) Cover Art
3 Nothing Left to Say/Rocks (Night Visions) Nothing Left to Say/Rocks (Night Visions) Cover Art
4 Smoke and Mirrors (Smoke + Mirrors) Smoke and Mirrors (Smoke + Mirrors) Cover Art
5 Gold (Smoke + Mirrors) Gold (Smoke + Mirrors) Cover Art
6 Warriors (Smoke + Mirrors (Deluxe)) Warriors (Smoke + Mirrors (Deluxe)) Cover Art
7 I Bet My Life (Smoke + Mirrors) I Bet My Life (Smoke + Mirrors) Cover Art
8 Natural (Origins) Natural (Origins) Cover Art
9 Walking the Wire (Evolve) Walking the Wire (Evolve) Cover Art
10 Bad Liar (Origins) Bad Liar (Origins) Cover Art
The Contenders
11 Believer (Evolve) Believer (Evolve) Cover Art

I mean... Its about pain. I can list some sad parts but theres just to many

12 Next to Me (Evolve) Next to Me (Evolve) Cover Art
13 Bleeding Out (Night Visions) Bleeding Out (Night Visions) Cover Art
14 Battle Cry (Smoke + Mirrors) Battle Cry (Smoke + Mirrors) Cover Art
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