Top Ten Saddest Japanese Songs

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21 Sign - Flow

Slower English version is also amazing. I had to find it because I don't understand the Japanese lyrics.

22 You're the Only - Ono Masatoshi
23 Surely Someday - Miho Fukuhara
24 Cassis - The Gazette

A love story song that made me cry

25 Kona Yuki - Remioromen
26 Myco - Eternal Snow
27 Elisa - Hikari V 1 Comment
28 Sakura - Ikimono Gakari

Makes me cry every times

Its go through my heart

29 Rain - SID

At the first time I listen this song, directly I love this song... ,

Song by Sid from the anime Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

One of the best japanese song there is

Close your eyes while thinking about the lyrics of this song...
It's described the feeling of sadness perfectly

V 1 Comment
30 White Silence - TK from Ling Tosite Sigure & Shione Yukawa

Always cries when hear this song

31 Love Story - Namie Amuro

I love rhythm of the song, when I hear this song I can't stop crying...

32 Bokura No Mirai He - Aya Ueto
33 Aitakute Ima - Misia
34 A Song for XX - Ayumi Hamasaki
35 Uninstall - Bokurano
36 Aozora - Air

It's by Lia. It's so touching yet it's not in the top 10. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

37 Why Me - Yui

I don't know why, but, every time I listen it, I feel like there's something just gone from me~

38 Chiisana Tenohira - Riya

Long has it been since I first heard this song, but the feelings it gave me back then will never fade away. My hard breaks every time I hear it, and my mind fills itself with images of Nagisa and Dango's.

Clannad is life.

39 Vampire's Love - Vamps

Really sad. A love story about a vampire (yeah, I know it sounds absurd but just keep reading) who once was married but his wife died of an illness. Then, one day after long years of loneliness he found a girl identical to his dead wife. The song is about how he watched that girl for the rest of her life, and how he loved her but she didn't knew him, so she married another man. You have to watch the PV to understand.

40 Kimi Ga Tame - Suara
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