Saddest Kid Movies of All Time


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1 Bambi

o bambi, I cried so hard when they shot your mommy! I have seen this movie 13 times and cried each time. I even have the platnum copy! ):

Death? Check.
Tears? Check.
Tragic event? Check.
Disney, listen.
You can have your plot.
You can have a few risks.
But please, for Pete's sake,

Such a beautiful and sad film ;(
I have a heart of stone because I didn't cry at all when I watched this movie

2 Charlotte's Web
3 The Fox And The Hound

Sadest movie of all time can't watch it with out a tear in your eye its a very touching story

This is so sad why did it have to have a sad ending they never get to grow old together

4 Up

I am watching it and I cried like 2 times

Best movie that I cry to every time

That waltze though is beautiful

5 Toy Story 3

It was such a touching movie. It brought back memories and so well put-together. I loved it. It was a tear-jerker. In my opinion, the saddest of the Toy Story movies.

It bing the final Toy Story makes it a whole lot sadder than any other movie on this list - munkee_linc97

the memories of the past 2 toy stories make this so sad...

Toy story 4 will be sadder. - Gabo147

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6 The Lion King


7 Dumbo

This little guy only has a mouse for a friend, while everyone else treats him like a Circus freak.

8 Old Yeller

Toy story 3 didn't have a sad ending. He gave the toys to a kid that would take care of then. It was a great movie and ending - Sabbath

9 Finding Nemo
10 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

The Contenders

11 Where the Red Fern Grows
12 My Girl

With him finding the ring... It's so sad!

I love my girl LOVE

This is the most beautifully sad movie I’ve ever seen, I cried for hours!

13 Bridge to Terabithia
14 An American Tail

T_T this is easily one of the most beautiful and sad kids movies I have ever seen
I will never forget this masterpiece

15 A Dog's Purpose

I love this movie this is mean it should not be on the list


16 The Land Before Time
17 Coco
18 Big Hero 6

How is this even SAD!? Hiro can make another robot

The guy who created baymax dies,you dolt! Also,how much of this movie have you even seen? Did you quit halfway through? Because Baymax comes back to life later on! Besides,if he did die,it would be sad because they created a special bond.

19 Hachi: A Dog's Tale

I have seen this movie so many times and cry always

20 Pom Poko
21 The Tale of Princess Kaguya

It is so sad! I cried the WHOLE movie! Watch it or at least the trailer! It should be #1

Why is this on 19? This should be at least on number 10 because bambi is really sad so it deserves to be number 1 but at least put this higher and E.T did not even make me cry and grave of the fireflies and when marnie was there should be here (my great grandma actually died and that makes the movie sadder for me)but can you please put this on number 10 because I cried my eyes out when the movie ended and the song at the credits made the ending sadder

22 Leafie: A Hen Into the Wild

! This movie is so sad! Poor Daisy!

23 Ringing Bell
24 Marley and Me
25 The Little Prince

It's so sad, watching a small girl go through a depressing life only to find out that the person who brings her joy is dying.

26 Casper

I mean, if saw this movie you know why it deserves to br here

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