Saddest Kid Movies of All Time


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I am watching it and I cried like 2 times

Best movie that I cry to every time

2 Bambi

o bambi, I cried so hard when they shot your mommy! I have seen this movie 13 times and cried each time. I even have the platnum copy! ):

Death? Check.
Tears? Check.
Tragic event? Check.
Disney, listen.
You can have your plot.
You can have a few risks.
But please, for Pete's sake,

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3 Toy Story 3

It was such a touching movie. It brought back memories and so well put-together. I loved it. It was a tear-jerker. In my opinion, the saddest of the Toy Story movies.

It bing the final Toy Story makes it a whole lot sadder than any other movie on this list - munkee_linc97

the memories of the past 2 toy stories make this so sad...

Just beats out bambi for saddest movie. - booklover1

4 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
5 Old Yeller

Toy story 3 didn't have a sad ending. He gave the toys to a kid that would take care of then. It was a great movie and ending - Sabbath

6 Where the Red Fern Grows
7 My Girl

With him finding the ring... It's so sad!

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8 Dumbo

This little guy only has a mouse for a friend, while everyone else treats him like a Circus freak.

9 Charlotte's Web
10 An American Tail V 1 Comment

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11 Bridge to Terabithia
12 The Lion King V 1 Comment
13 The Fox And The Hound

Sadest movie of all time can't watch it with out a tear in your eye its a very touching story

14 Finding Nemo
15 Big Hero 6

How is this even SAD!? Hiro can make another robot

16 The Tale of Princess Kaguya

It is so sad! I cried the WHOLE movie! Watch it or at least the trailer! It should be #1

17 Leafie: A Hen Into the Wild V 1 Comment
18 Ringing Bell
19 The Land Before Time
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