Saddest Little Mix Songs

The Top Ten Saddest Little Mix Songs

1 These Four Walls

Painfully sad song.

Definitely number 1! - 23MACCAja

sad songs

€�I tried to eat today, but the lump in my throat got in the way”. Come on!

2 Towers
3 Little Me

'I'd tell her to speak up, tell her to shout out.
Talk a bit louder, be a bit prouder.
You can be beautiful, wonderful, anything you wanna be.
Oh, little me.'

4 Turn Your Face

'Each time I take you back, you bring one thousand cracks, and I accept them like a fool.
So now what's your excuse? What do we have to lose? Since I'm already losing you.'

5 Love Me or Leave Me

'Love me baby please
'Cause I could still be the only one you need
The only one close enough to feel you breathe
Yeah I could still be that place where you run
Instead of the one that you're running from.
Oh! '

6 Secret Love Song, Pt. II
7 Good Enough

The verse
'You stole the love that I saved for myself
And I watched you give it to somebody else
But these scars no longer I hide
I found the light you shut inside
Couldn't love me if you tried'
And the line
'Wouldn't notice if I disappeared'
They're just heartbreaking.
It deserves a higher place than 7.

How is this not in top 3! I would say:
1. These Four Walls
2. Good Enough
3. Towers
4. Love me or leave me
5. Nobody like you
6. Turn your Face
etc. - 23MACCAja

8 Pretend It's Ok
9 Secret Love Song
10 Nobody Like You

Ahh no not that please..

The Contenders

11 Case Closed
12 Always Be Together

'And just stand, high and tall
Make sure you give your all
And if you ever fall
Know that I'm right here'
I love that part

13 No More Sad Songs

No more sad songs for me. I'm hearing happy songs!

14 Change Your Life

It's sad for jade thirlwall.

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