Top 10 Saddest Loud House Moments

These are some of the saddest moments from the Loud House, and of course if you don't agree that's fine this is juts personal opinion.

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1 "What Have I Done" from Really Loud Music

In the special Luna enters a competition and becomes a finalist but the two producers don't like her look and drastically change her appearance until she is unrecognizable and at first she's willing to go along with it until Luna realizes that she really dosen't like the new her and suggest to the producers to let her perform as herself but they of course reject this and tell her she either performs as Lulu or they won't let her perform at all which leaves Luna with a hard realization as she sings "What have I done" of the fact that she gave up her true idenity just so she could perform in the contest as what the producers want her to be and the horrible mistake she has made. - egnomac

Is anyone going to talk about luan crying. Oh wait you don't care

This song and scene is very similar to Reflection from Mulan. - egnomac

so sad

2 Lincoln Getting Kicked Out The House for Being Unlucky from No Such Luck

This was the moment that really crossed the line for this episode when the family board up his room and force him out of the house because of their stupid superstition and the next day they announce their all going on a trip together and of course Lincoln isn't allowed because they think he's unlucky and poor Lincoln tries to plead with them but it falls on deaf ears as Lola tells him he's bad luck and closes the dog door on him as he is left sad being rejected by his own family, just how could something this tasteless be allowed on Nickelodeon worst the family don't feel bad at all for how Lincoln is being unfairly treated at that point Lincoln should have divorced his parents and get emancipated. - egnomac

Lincoln should go to Six Flags Astroworld [in an alternate timeline where it was still open] and move in with Marvel and his enchanted animals! And then Lynn will be sorry!

3 Lincoln Learns About Mr. Grouse's Family from 11 Louds a Leapin'

It's sad when people are lonely, especially around christmas time - Spongehouse

4 Lisa Misses The Family from The Mad Scientist

Well Lisa is still just a 4 year old kid so it must have been real hard as smart as she is to be so far away from them.

This part made me hate Lisa less. - SanicWantsHisSandwich

In the episode Lisa gets invited to stay at a scintific lab and she is more than happy to leave her family but it dosen't take long for her to realize just how much they really mean to her and misses them at one point while trying to sleep she starts to cry. - egnomac

5 The Louds and Casagrandes Finding Out Their Fighting Drove Away Bobby and Lori from The Loudest Thanksgiving

It shows that both families suck

After both families get into a big fight at the dinner table Bobby and Lori manage to sneak out to Flips where the families chase after and find out that both of them left because they couldn't stand all the fighting and not wanting to choose sides and deciding instead that the two of them would rather spend Thanksgiving alone which fianlly gets the families to realize how horrible they acted all because they didn't want either Lori or Bobby leaving their family on Thanksgiving. - egnomac

6 Ronnie Anne Finds Out She's Moving from The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

You really can't blame Ronnie Anne for feeling resentful of her family moving to the city from Royal Woods as her mother just decides to move them without really giving them any say or even asking them what they wanted after Ronnie Ann fails to get Lori to convince Bobby not to move she gets even more sad as she tells her mother what she really feels about them moving but eventually she comes to accept it. - egnomac

7 Lynn's Backstory from Middle Men

It's sad

Poor Lynn

8 Lily Becomes Sad After The Sibling Get Rid of Fenton from The Crying Dame

Annoyed by the constant singing of the Fenton toy the siblings get rid of the doll so they can fianlly get some peace and quit however this makes Lily sad with Fenton's disappearance but instead of crying she just becomes incredibly distraught and and just mopes leading to the kids to try and cheer her up but nothing helps before realizing that she really misses Fenton. - egnomac

9 The Loud Siblings Learn About Myrtle Never Having a Real Family from Insta-Gran

In the begging the Louds take a liking to Pop Pop's new girlfriend Myrtle until the next day after she breaks into their house starts smothering too much that they tried to break her and Pop Pop up using a fake photo and sending it to Pop Pop but Myrtle sees them and invites them to her birthday party which they reluctantly agree to only to see that its just them and Myrtle as she explains she doesn't see much of her family anymore and that since she never got married she didn't miss not having a family until she met them and now considered them to be her family at which they finally realize how wrong they were about her and that all her smothering was just her making up for lost time. - egnomac

10 The Loud Siblings Cry After the Pets Go Missing from Pets Peeved

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11 Lana Thinking that there is something wrong with her from Toads and Tiaras

It happens after Lincoln yells at her after she chases after Hops who was hiding in her dress and Lincoln scolds her which leads to Lana starting to believe that there is something wrong with her since she can't be prim and perfect like the other pageant girls and starts to sulk before Lincoln realizes that he was wrong to change her. - egnomac

I've watched this episode twice and this never happens.

12 Lily Has Her Ice Cream Sundae Ruined by a Bird from Any Given Sundae

After spending the whole episode insuring that her siblings don't do anything to prevent them from getting ice cream and making it to the ice cream shop before closing Lily is about to chow down to her ice cream sundae when a pesky bird for no reason swoops in and knocks her sundae to the ground and making things worse they can't get her a new one because the shop closed early and just the whole scene of Lily breaking down crying after all the hard work she did to get that ice cream and its ruined is just devastating. - egnomac

13 Luan Crying Thinking That They Are Moving from Fool Me Twice

This was my 3rd least favorite episode because of how she humiliated the family. She crossed the line when she humiliated Lisa. - KyleLarsonFan16

14 Luan Gives Up Comedy After Overhearing the Loud Siblings Complaining About Her from No Laughing Matter
15 Luna Considers Breaking Up with Sam Due to Them Not Having Anything in Common from Racing Hearts

Luna and Sam team up for the Royal Woods Astonishing Quest challenge expecting to have everything in common but they soon discover that they have nothing in common excluding the fact that they both play music, Luna starts to doubt that her and Sam can remain as a couple after getting advice Lori she tries to force herself to like everything Sam likes which fails miserably and after the two are sent flying during the sailing challenge Luna confides in Sam about how the two have had nothing in common with each other and decides that it would be best for them to continue the quest just as friends which upsets Sam who really wanted their relationship to work. - egnomac

16 Liam Finds Out Lincoln, Clyde, Rusty and Zach Ditched His Sleepover to Go to Girl Jordan's Party from Pasture Bedtime

Lincoln, Clyde, Zach, and Rusty attend Liam's sleepover but become tempted to go to Girl Jordan's party which is held on the same night after Liam goes to sleep they sneak off to the party where things go horribly wrong for them with Zach losing some of his hair from the hair spray, Rusty swelling up due to his food allergy and Lincoln and Clyde losing their clothes while going swimming and after being humiliated at the party they return to Liam's barn only to find out that he already knew they ditched his sleepover to go to Girl Jordan's party even though it was obvious and of course Liam is hurt and the guys do feel bad. - egnomac

17 Fiona, Miguel, Jackie and Mandee Finding Out Leni Missed Her Favorite Sale Because of Them from Everybody Love Leni

During the episode Leni is torn between two sets of friends her co workers Miguel and Fiona and her high school friends Mandee and Jackie and neither side gets along with the other and after Leni's attempt at getting the four of them together backfires and causes more tension, later after the four end up at the pop up sale where they were planning to shop with Leni and realize she's not there they call her demanding to know what she didn't show as Leni explains that no matter who she went to the sale with she would be upsetting the other two so she stayed home and its only then that they finally realize how the error of their ways that because of their constant fighting Leni missed her favorite sale. - egnomac

18 No Ticket for Lincoln from Yes Man

The sisters guilt trip Lincoln into helping them get money from mom and dad and after they do he then proceeds to ask them from money for a ticket to the special SMOOCH concert only to find out that his parents have no more money to give since they gave it all to his sisters leaving him without money to buy his ticket and rubbing salt on the wound they tell him he should have asked them earlier even though he was going to until his sisters pestered him to teach them how to get money from them. - egnomac

19 Finding Out Luna Was Lesbian

Its sadder that so many people have such a problem with Luna's sexuality. - egnomac

How is that sad, PS do not reply I was speaking rhetorically. - egnomac

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