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1 Running Out of Time

This sad song made by ZexyZek is just depressing. It's about a guy who ran away from his family and then has to survive on his own. He builds a wall to protect him from the mobs at night. Then a swarm of mobs surround him. Then, a zombie breaks through the wall and the army begins to attack him. First his hands are bloody. Then the army of mobs finally kill him as an ending to the song. - SuperBacca

Saddest song ever made me cry goes on quest to get food for his family dies wile trying very sad

Running out of time was a sad song that can make many people cry


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2 Deleting a World

This sort of sad song by Machinima and music by Kill a City. It is a 55 second video (about 55 seconds) about the ozone atmosphere of the world dies or something and then a world is deleted.
Watch it yourself. Hint: It's easy to find. - SuperBacca

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3 From the Ground Up

By Slamacow.
PREVIEW: A person gets up at dawn and begins to work. Then his grampa finds out he's gone. Then he finds the player and is wondering what's happening. What would happen next? - SuperBacca

4 Never Mining Together
5 Heaven
6 Sadness
7 The Last Steve
8 Can't Wait
9 Through the Night

Best song ever yet sad near the end

I love this song its one of my favorites.

10 Endstone Song

So sad, Jerome dies in the animation like he always does. Mitch even sings it

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11 Sad War

So sad that everybody killed each other.

12 Gimme Back My Pig V 1 Comment
13 The Mobs Can't Handle Us

This is not sad, it is just the best song ever

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14 Before Monsters Come V 1 Comment
15 Promise

Sad Ending. Mining Diamonds, a creeper explodes and then he falls down the ravine with a torch in his hand

16 Never Say Goodbye
17 I'll Never Lose You
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