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41 Gintoki's Past - Gintama

Episode 305 shows that Gintoki's past is much darker and sadder than we thought. Had me cry louder and longer than I have in years.

Probably the saddest past story in Gintama

I cried watching Takasugi and Gintoki fight it out in between scenes of when they first met.

I didn't expect that coming (who could have thought that lazy poop samurai have such a tragic past like that). Gintoki's past is much sadder and deeper than I had thought.
1. Found by Shouyou sensei, in a field which full of corpses. No parents.
2. Grows up happily with Shouyou sensei, Katsura and Takasugi. But then the war begin, and he has to join it (just to protect Shouyou sensei). He promise to Takasugi that he'll protect sensei and promise to Shouyou sensei that he'll protect his friends.
3. Shouyou sensei being arrested. His friends too. He has to broke his promise to Takasugi, and killed Shouyou sensei. (The last thing Takasugi's left eye see is Gintoki's tears.)
4. After that, he leaves the war. He has no money and almost starve, until he met Otose)
Gintoki and Takasugi's past is probably the thing made the Shogun Assasination arc much more depressed than others, in my view. - Kuroemon2002

42 Winry Over Hears The Truth About Her Parents Death - FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Ed tried to keep Winry's parents death a secret but of course he ends up blabbing it out loud while fighting Scar with out realizing that Winry was standing right behind him her reaction says it all. - egnomac

43 Rue's Love - Princess Tutu
44 Nagato's Past - Naruto Shippuden V 1 Comment
45 The Eclipse - Berserk

Just three survived out of hundreds. While Griffith, the traitor earned Godhood, Guts lost an eye and a hand. Caska lost her mental health. Once cheerful Band of the Hawk ended in a bloody sabbath. - Undistinguished

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46 Going Merry's funeral - One Piece

This is probably the most memorable moment of any anime for me, it had me bawling buckets when I first saw it many years ago in middle school. Now when I rewatch it as a 21 year old I may not cry anymore but the memory of what it first made me feel remains. I couldn't believe a show could make me care for a ship, especially with out me realizing it did, and that by itself is a feat. Not to mention merry rescued all her friends and sail one last time with them before ultimately giving in to what was inevitable, and don't even get me started about merry apologizing, only for luffy to say she had nothing to apologize for and it was their fault, while in tears. and to to top it off she got a viking funeral, what a way to go out.

The one thing one piece does best: nostalgia. The feeling of men setting out to find romance and adventure. But all things must come to an end. After all they went through together. merry had to go. She was like a member of the crew herself. This was the first time I had ever cried watching something.

Probably the only show I've ever watched who made me cry because of a ship. It was so sad because Merry was there from almost the begging of the journey and how luffy was upset and started regretting not taking better care of her. It was very sad and nostalgic at the same time.

You're not a man if you don't get a teary eye here

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47 Setsuko's Death - Grave of the Fireflies

One of the saddest moments in one of the most moving anime films ever.

48 I Don't Wanna Die - Chrono Crusade
49 Death of Jiraiya Sensei - Naruto

Death of Jiraiya sensei - Naruto

He died a honorable death but still heart breaking.. That the pervy sage is gone

For me this was sad for 3 reasons: 1.He was my favourite character. 2.He died trying to help the world. 3.Naruto's reaction

50 Robin's Past - One Piece

How can anyone forget about this? I'm only picking on this because it was in the Top Tens, but trust me when I say that this is way sadder than Homura's past from Puella Magika. I won't spoil, but believe me when I say that Robin literally lost everything.

51 Gin's Disappearance - Hotarubi no Mori e

This is just too heartbreaking. "A love that was never meant to be."

This should be number 1 ahhh... Gin why?

I loved Gin so much! I was sad when he died, but I didn't cry. I almost lost it when he and Hotaru said they loved each other, though. My eyes had tears in them that didn't fall out. I know it was sad, but at least Gin got his happy ending; wanting to touch Hotaru, and he finally did, but while fading away...

The only thing that surprises me is how Hotaru was able to get over Gin so quickly. She knew him since childhood. How could she get over him that quickly?! This girl is AMAZING.
Especially since she retold her story of how she met Gin all with a smile on her face. Didn't cry or didn't feel sick. I know I would probably feel tears or feel sick.

52 Ending - Grave of the Fireflies

The while movie not just the ending #shook

"She never woke up".
After that one sentence the movie continues for about 10 minutes and it's tormenting. - Martin_Canine

53 Yumi's sacrifice - Rurouni Kenshin.
54 Zabuza and Haku Deaths - Naruto

Even a demon can cry

55 The Ending of Black Butler: Book of Circus

I thought this was incredibly heartbreaking. I watched each of the character's die in this series, and almost cry when I saw Joker's spirit floating in the sky, whilst Peter and Wendy continuing to swing with each other. I then saw Dagger, and beast flinging her whip. They all gathered together, with Joker introducing everyone, a reminiscence moment. Then Doll came dancing by, transforming into a child and joining her family. Then they walked off into the sky together. It was so sad.

56 Kei and Mizuho Finally Realize thier Love for One another - Please Teacher!

They finally manage to realize their love for one another unfortunately when they do Kei ends up going into another serious standstill and to save him Mizuho breaks Galaxy Federation rules to save him which results in her being banished from Earth and all memory of her existence is erased from everyone's minds, its just so heartbreaking that she saves his life only for them to get separated from each other and just when their finally realize their love for each other but luckily she manages sneak back to Earth to be with Kei.

57 Kakashi and Obito's Past - Naruto Shippuden
58 Ed & Al Mother Dies - FullMetal Alchemist
59 Death of Spike Spiegel - Cowboy Bebop

Why is this so far down the list! The death of Spike Spiegel is the most saddest moment is any anime, clearly not many people in this list have watched Cowboy Bebop

Spike lives on. not so sad because for me he is immortal

"Bang! " That's too much for my poor heart.

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60 Jiraiya's Death - Naruto Shippuden

This man was a beast! Nobody ever expected him to die against pain and if you did you are not a true fan of jiraiya or Naruto

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