Saddest Moments in Anime

those moments in anime that got you all emotional and made you cry.

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81 Tarrlok kills himself and Amon - Legend of Korra

Brother killing brother, what more is needed to be said

82 Carla Jaegar's Death - Attack on Titan

That was one of the saddest things I have seen. There is nothing sadder or more emotional than watching Carla be pinned. You think it's bad enough that she is going to die from being crushed but oh no wait a Titan digs her out of the rubble, snaps her in half and her sun gets sprayed with her blood as he watches the Titan eat her and smile. Man it doesn't get sadder than that, and it's in the first espisode!

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83 Yui Disappears - Angel Beats!

Okay, I get that Kanade is the main character and whatnot but SERIOUSLY!? Kanade's disappearance (touching and meaningful, but a bit too sudden and rather no buildup) is in the top 10, but Yui's is nowhere to be found... come on people. She couldn't move a muscle in the real world, so even with her tiny, fragile, delicate body she tries her absolute best and squeezes out every ounce of strength in her feeble body in the Afterlife to attempt to do the things she couldn't dream of in the real world. Then she is proposed the ultimate dream of happiness... so bright and colorful that she could envision them in the Afterlife... Yui's death was without a doubt the saddest moment in all anime for me, and it should be near the top for any anime lover as well.

84 Light's Death - Death Note

I cried when light died. he's death was iconic in the anime world and he should be in the anime character hall of fame

I mean light was cool until L died and the I diden't like light after that because he laught when L died

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85 Death of Tenka - Donten ni Warau

Cried for an hour after watching this scene. Tenka sacrifices himself in front of his two brothers and the entire village are watching him as decides to die by the government to end the Orochi, an evil snake demon. Seriously if this scene doesn't break your heart what happens afterwards with the brothers will. This anime's a bit new (English title: Laughing Under the Clouds) and fairly short but completely worth watching.

I remember this scene. I've always been very fond Tenka and when that chapter came out I couldn't stop crying. And it was even sadder in the anime. - Solariser

86 Law's Backstory - One Piece

Laws backstory is horrible! He lost the one person that didn't care for his disease AND went to numerous hospitals to save the poor child!

Saddest backstory of one piece

Saddest moment in the whole series of one piece!

All I can say is that it's depressing

87 Luffy's Crew Says Goodbye to the Going Merry - One Piece

For a pirate, ship is the most important crew... of course losing a ship is very heart-breaking

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88 Nicolas' Tells Worick He's Deaf - Gangsta
89 Wolfgang Grimmer's death - Naoki Urasawa's Monster

It was just so beautiful and sad, especially his last words and discovering his emotions.,I am not crying because I am about to die. I am crying because my child is dead.

90 Makise Kurisu's tears when Okabe disappears - Gekijouban Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryouiki no Deja vu

No matter how many times I watch this scene, merely seeing her tears and cry makes me tear up too. - hedwig

91 Pudding's betrayal - One Piece

My god, on top of all Sanji had been through... It was very painful to watch. Pudding will have to do something to redeem herself in Sanji's eyes.

92 Goku Sacrifices Himself To Defeat Raditz - Dragon Ball Z
93 Piccolo Sacrifices Himself to Save Gohan - Dragon Ball Z
94 Vegeta's Tragic Past - Dragon Ball Z
95 Death of Sarutobi Asuma - Naruto
96 Fujio Gets Rejected - I My Me! Strawberry Eggs
97 Rocco's Death - Cowboy Bebop

It's so sad All Rocco wanted was to help his blind sister get her sight back and then all of a sudden he gets killed in the final minutes of the episode, the most tragic part was the first thing she wanted to see was Rocco who she never got to see with her own eyes. - ZZDOORAL

Poor Rocco even sadder the first thing his sister wanted to see after getting her eye sight back was Rocco's face, Spike never actually tells her that he was dead but she was able to fell it on his face. - egnomac

98 Death of Shiro - Ao No Exorcist

It was so sad. Satan took over his body and right before Satan could take rin, Shiro killed himself to get satan away from Rin. Shiro was funny and probably the saddest death for me besides marco from snk

... So sad... And Rin and Yukio's reactions cued the waterfalls for me!

99 Death of Sakae Jinnouchi - Summer Wars

She was the matriarch of the family who everyone loved and respected the whole family was getting ready to celebrate her 90th birthday and then she unsuspectingly dies and the family completely break down. - egnomac

100 Natsume's Past - Natsume Yuujinchou
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