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101 Vegeta's Sacrifice - Dragon Ball Z

Even after hearing what awaits for him in the afterlife, Vegita still goes through with sacrificing himself in hopes of finally killing Majin Buu.

102 Tomoya And Ushio Reconcile - Clanned After Story
103 Cats and Girls and Spaceships - Outlaw Star V 3 Comments
104 Trigun Badlands Rumble - Trigun V 3 Comments
105 Lucy Finds Out About the Death of Her Father - Fairy Tail

I cried too much here. Poor Lucy. She never got to tell her father that she loves her and that she's sorry. And their last encounter was when she was only when she has finally accepted him (but I can't remember if she has fully forgiven him). At first, she doesn't cry upon finding out. But when she read his letter, her regret just pours out and she bawls. It got me real hard.

At first I felt mildly depresses about her father dying and her being so excited to go see him again, and when she saw the letter from her father I braced for sadness. I didn't cry but it took all the effort for me not to.

I felt so bad first her her mother and now her father to. :(

106 The Disappearance of the Villagers - Fairy Tail

Too sad. I cried at the same time as when Wendy cried.

107 Kikyo Dies - Inuyasha

Even though I didn't really like her, this was sad.

V 1 Comment
108 Meruem's Death - Hunter x Hunter

How is this not even in the list? I cried so much. They dies holding hands. " I was born just to meet you"

109 Inori's Death - Guilty Crown

Sadder than code geass "BOOM! " let the haters rain...

This one was even sadder than hare's death.

110 Wolfgang Grimmer's death - Naoki Urasawa's Monster

It was just so beautiful and sad, especially his last words and discovering his emotions.,I am not crying because I am about to die. I am crying because my child is dead.

111 The Entire Second Story Arc - Steins;Gate
112 Iwasawa's Disappearance - Angel Beats!
113 Chiatozu's Sacrifice - Dragon Ball Z
114 Karou is Seperated From His Mother - Ai Yori Aoshi
115 Miina's Past - Please Twins!
116 The Ending - Slave Sisters

This is from a hentai and its about two sisters who loose their parents and end up inheriting a massive debt to massive crime syndicate and are forced into becoming sex slaves and the older sister ends up losing her mind and all I have to say is doesn't end very well. - egnomac

117 The climax - Fruits basket
118 Martel's Death - FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Al really tried to save Martel but she was so distraught over the death of her friends she takes control of Al's body and tries to kill Bradly but he cuts her down with his sword. - egnomac

119 Death of Antauri - Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go
120 Mizuho Saves Kei and is Banished from Earth - Please Teacher

To save him she enters his mind and tells him without misfortune one cannot appreciate true happiness, Kei finally wakes up but Mizuho is nowhere to be found, even tough she saves him however by doing so she's banished from earth and from separated by Kei not only that but all memory of her is erased from everyone's mind, perhaps the saddest part is while walking with his friends he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box of Pochie and then breaks down crying with Mizuho gone he's also lost a piece of his heart. - egnomac

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