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161 Rock Lee and Gaara Fight - Naruto Shippuden
162 Corazon's Death Scene - One Piece
163 Lahar's Death - Fairy Tail
164 Shun's Death - Shinsekai Yori
165 The Ending - Wolf Children
166 Death of Neji Hyuga - Naruto
167 Death of Eren's Mom - Shingeki no Kyojin V 2 Comments
168 Death of Echo and and Noise - Pandora Hearts
169 Kanda Yuu's Backstory (and battle concerning it) - D Gray-Man

Okay, I don't know about you guys but the Alma Karma arc made me want to scream and jump off the Empire State. I didn't even know who I was mad at and that last part where Kanda finally calls Allen by his name...I'm dead inside. Then Allen went as far to commit treason by hiding Kanda and Alma's location even after Kanda stabbed him in the battle...THEN KANDA COMES BACK F O R. A L L E N. Stab me, it'll hurt less

170 Igneel's Death - Fairy Tail

You are looking for somebody for years just to see him die the moment you meet him/her?

171 Aquarius's Disappearance - Fairy Tail V 1 Comment
172 The maiming/torture of Griffith - Berserk

Truly horrific seeing someone put through such a long life changing ordeal. Broken mentally and physically with no hope of ever recovering.

173 Sting reunites with lector. - Fairy Tail

The way that sting reacted to thare separation was hart braking but this was happier but for some reason it made my hart trench more then when they got separated

174 Sting and Lector get separated - Fairy Tail V 1 Comment
175 Ayumi Dies - Charlotte

Yes. I never cared for her until she died, when I realized how important she was to the series. Having her come back to life was something that felt so good.

176 Train Scene - 5 Centimeters per Second
177 Envy's Death - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
178 Alexander Anderson's Death - Hellsing Ultimate
179 Voltron being more popular in America than Golion in Japan
180 Gretel's Death - Black Lagoon
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