Top Ten Saddest Moments/Events Regarding PBS Kids

A list to reveal the saddest moments in the PBS Kids generation.
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1 The Death of Fred Rogers (March 20, 1928 - February 27, 2003)

Fred Rogers was perhaps the greatest person that ever existed in PBS Kids, has died in February 27, 2003, because of stomach cancer, He was a HUGE part of childhood for everyone in the whole world, His voice was gentle, and he made kids learn about things and how things happened and how we dealt with events that were happy and sad, He inspired dozens or hundreds of millions all around the world with his lifestyle and talent, yet he was passionate about how everyone's lives were and are, yet he was a hero to everybody of all ages and made the world change for the good, He was a true legend in broadcasting programs.

R.I.P. fred Rogers.

It says something when even on 4chan one usually can't trash Mr Rogers without getting flak. He was pretty Christ-like and I think we need more Mr (and Ms/Mrs) Rogers out in the world today. He was genuine too in what he believed and preached on his T.V. show.

I still miss Fred Rogers to this day. :(

I miss Mr. Rogers. :(

2 The Death of Lisa Simon (April 4, 1951 - April 4, 2015)

The director and producer of the #1 PBS Kids show, and first-ever kids show on television, Sesame Street, Lisa Simon, passed away in April 4, 2015, She was born in April 4, 1951, She was born in April 4, and she died in April 4, Unbelievable, She was the longtime director and producer of Sesame Street, and it was such a dark day for kids, but the Death of Fred Rogers, in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, will always be the true tragedy for such a big network in the years of life and years to come, Sesame Street is no longer the same like it was before without her.

3 The Death of Emily Squires (August 23, 1941 - November 21, 2012)

Emily Squires, a long-time director and producer of Sesame Street, died in November 21, 2012, She helped kids learn about people from different cultures and made everybody try to be nice to others, she was a legend, along with Lisa Simon, and made everybody's lives change, R.I.P.

4 The Death of Jovian ((Zoboomafoo) April 10, 1994 - November 10, 2014)

It's been a while since a few PBS Kids cast members died, but things started to change when some of the Sesame Street workers died recently, and then another cast member of a PBS Kids show was next.
Here, Jovian, or Jove, the monkey member who played Zoboomafoo, died in November 10, 2014, because he suffered a kidney failure, he lived for 20 years, no one knows how he got one,
Just like the death of Fred Rogers in 2003, Millions of people all over the world mourned the loss of such a character and will always remember him, he was one of the funniest PBS Kids characters of all time and he and his show will never be forgotten, R.I.P. zoboo.

We will remember him. At his funeral, the ending song should be played. I support Zoboomafoo. Jared

Change the name of this pat please, it should say April 10, 1994 - November 10, 2014.

5 The Death of Northern J. Calloway (January 22, 1948 - January 9, 1990)

Northern J. Calloway, who played David in Sesame Street, passed away in 1990, marking a tragedy to remember by everybody, he was a "brother" and made kids deal with different people anywhere, he was such a true legend for television, R.I.P.

6 The Cancellation of Cyberchase

Cyberchase was a big show that changed everyone's thoughts and imagination, it was full of adventures and made kids better at math, since it got cancelled, there will never be kids who learn about math from PBS Kids.

It's still going!

7 The Death of Norman Bridwell

One of the biggest stars, the creator of Clifford: The Big Red Dog, has died on December 12, 2014, The cause of his death is not known, but he created the books and series and inspired millions of kids to enjoy and imagine what it's like to live with a big pet, R.I.P.

8 The Cancellation of Zoboomafoo

Zoboomafoo was a great show for kids to have fun and watch, it made kids learn about animals and helped them learn how they live and what they go through and deal with, but it was cancelled too soon, it wasn't a long run, but what was even much worse, was that the monkey who played Zoboo, Jovian, died in November 10, 2014, which was one of the saddest moments in the history of PBS Kids, at least there's Wild Kratts, the spinoff show, but a childhood is gone.

Jovian was a lemur, not a monkey.

9 The Cancellation of Bill Nye: The Science Guy

Bill Nye is a popular guy and his show was full of science, Nobody was tired one bit of his experiments and facts, they made kids smarter every day, but when it got cancelled, kids wanted to form a riot and attack PBS to try to get him back.

Bill Nye has a new show on Netflix.
I also heard The Magic School abuse is also getting a new show there.

Bill Nye is kind of hot

10 The Cancellation of Dragon Tales

Dragon Tales was entertaining and even magical, it depicted talking dragons for the first time in children's history, but it was cancelled, which shouldn't have even happened, PBS Kids and PBS are supposed to have shows that last forever, but some just get cancelled for whatever reason, low ratings, budget cuts, etc.

Let's start a protest:

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11 The Cancellation of The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus was filled with imagination, education, wonder and science, it was very heartwarming to learn and go on adventures at the same time, it was a field trip every day, but then it got cancelled, whatever the reason, it shouldn't have stopped.

The Magic School Bus, was an excellent show that made kids go on wild adventures and learn about science, it was full of moments that were never forgotten and the books were worth reading, it was stupid of what PBS did when they cancelled it.

I loved that show! They have a new version called "The Magic School Bus Rides Again" but I prefer the old version instead.

There's already a copy of that, do we really need that?

12 The Death of Jared Nathan (August 10, 1985 - December 28, 2006)

Britney Spears payed tribute to Jared when he died

13 The Ending of PBS Kids Go!

Yay. Pbs kids go is over. Time to go pbs kids.

In fact, wanna just come

14 The Cancellation of Zoom

Zoom was a funny show, yet it was a great show for kids and adults, despite the empty void of darkness and nothingness the kids were trapped in, it was a good show, it helped kids learn and make experiments and ZOOM, but it got cancelled, which it shouldn't have, but why didn't the kids get out of the void? Couldn't they get out and still have the show keep running, where they will be safe and lie back in their homes?

Guys calm down, they have a reboot of this show on Netflix

15 The Death of Jim Henson

He was the one to made Sesame Street. The show has been around since 1969.

16 Barney Getting Rebooted

I hate you, you hate me, Let’s team up and kill Barney with a one shot two shot three shot poof, no more purple dinosaur

17 The Cancellation of Between The Lions

Between the Lions was one of my all-time favorite T.V. shows. A lot of other kids enjoyed it as well just like I did. The skits were hilarious and the animals were full of life and joy. It was sadly cancelled in 2009. I still can't understand why it was cancelled despite it being so hilarious, full of life-like and memorable characters, and mainly inspired by another PBS Kids show, Sesame Street, which is now owned by HBO. I am still a fan of the show to this day and will prefer it over Sesame Street any day. You can probably tell that I am old school because I loved the show for nearly my entire life, despite me being a 17-year-old as I type this. Curse you PBS, for cancelling this amazing show!

Between the Lions was one of my all-time favorite childhood T.V. shows. It was also widely popular with a huge amount of kids enjoying just like I did. It was super funny and I still can't understand why this show was cancelled, despite it being hilarious and mainly inspired by another PBS Kids/HBO T.V. show, Sesame Street. It was so sad to hear it was cancelled in 2009. I still feel like it means a lot to me and I still prefer it over Sesame Street any day. You can say that I am old school for loving this show for nearly 14, 15, or 16 years, despite me being a 17-year-old as of me typing this. Curse you for cancelling this, PBS!

Between the Lions was a very worthwhile show that kids enjoyed, it was funny when it had funny talking lions, it even helped kids learn new words, it even had cool games, yet it was funny when it made fun of Jon Stewart in it's own kid version of The Daily Show, then it was cancelled in 2009, Curse you PBS!

Between The Lions was a funny and worthwhile show for all kids to watch, it was very life learning and funny at the same time, but it shouldn't have been cancelled.

18 The Cancellation of Anne in Green Gables: The Animated Series

PBS Kids made it's animated kids spinoff of Anne in Green Gables, inspired by the live-action drama, it was a hit with drama used the right way and adventures, yet dreams that kids never got away from, it was such a shame it got cancelled after 1 season, what is wrong with PBS Kids these days.

IT ONLY HAD 1 SEASON! I remember watching it & I loved dancing to the theme song!

19 The Cancellation of Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman

I LOVED this show! -railfan99

20 The First Time Watching Dinosaur Train

No I hate dinosaur train

21 When They Replaced PTV Park With PBS Kids.

I mean come on PTV was and always will be a better block than PBS Kids.

22 The Cancellation of Clifford: The Big Red Dog (February 25th, 2003)

Clifford was such an endearing show. It told the story of a big red dog and her owner, Emily. The dogs all could talk and were voiced by amazing actors and the cartoonish animation was silly and creative. All of the show's episodes were based off of the books by Norman Bridwell, a famous children's book author who died on February 12th, 2014. The show was sadly cancelled on February 25th, 2003 despite it being a huge success and was cancelled without reason. The show was given a whole movie, and a spin-off series called Clifford's Puppy Days, a show which was cancelled on December 20th, 2006. The show was rebooted on December 6th, 2019, but it felt nothing like the original show.

23 The cancellation of Peep And The Big Wide World
24 The Cancellation of Reading Rainbow

A big show on PBS Kids, Reading Rainbow, was cancelled, it helped kids enjoy reading books as well as read them, it changed people's imaginations, it was a big part of childhood and will never be forgotten, and in fact, it was so popular, that it has annual anniversaries.

25 The Cancellation of Postcards from Buster

Arthur's only spinoff series, Postcards from Buster, where he made kids explore the world, was cancelled, how dumb of PBS to take away such an adventure.

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