Saddest Moments of the Fairy Tail Anime

At this list, we will vote for the saddest moments of Fairy Tail. Warning! This list contains so many spoilers if you haven't watched the whole anime.

The Top Ten

1 Ultear's Sacrifice

Ultear tought that she doesn't deserve to live anymore and turned the clock back at the cost of her life. After casting the spell, she looked at the clock with her last strenght and saw that she was only able to turn back the clock for a minute. While she was felling down, she tought that she couldn't save anyone. However, all the wizards saw their future and didn't die. - Tuana123

2 Silver's Death

For me, it's the saddest moment of whole the series. - Tuana123

3 Igneel's Death

Igneel,the dragon who raised Natsu, got out of Natsu's body in order to stop Face and fight Acnologia. However, he got killed by Acnologia and Natsu was forced to watch his death without being able to do anything. The sad thing is that Natsu was looking for him after he got lost and had so much things to talk with him. - Tuana123

4 Aquarius' Key Being Broken

While Lucy was fighting with all the Tartaros, he had to break Aquarius' key in order to defeat them and save his friends from Alegria. - Tuana123

5 Future Lucy's Death

Future Rogue attempted to kill Present Lucy but Future Lucy jumped in front of her and took the attack instead. Happy's speech was so emotional. - Tuana123

6 Lucy's Father's Death

After the 7 years time skip, Lucy looked for her father but she found out that he died 3 months ago. - Tuana123

7 Erza's Funeral
8 Lisanna's Death
9 Cait Shelter's Secret

Cait Shelter wasn't a real guild and all the members were just the spirits. - Tuana123

10 Jellal Being Arrested

The Contenders

11 Loke's Almost-Death
12 Simon's Death
13 Laxus Kicked Out
14 Laxus Watching the Fantasia Parade
15 Zera disappears
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