Top Ten Saddest Moments In Kids Movies

The Top Ten Saddest Moments In Kids Movies

1 My Mother (Alvin and The Chipmunks Movie)

I remember this making me sad as a kid when I first saw it on DVD. One of the most nostalgic movies I ever grew up with.

The person saying this movie sucks, get a life. There are hundreds of chipmunk and chipette fans, if there wasn't, then movies wouldn't still be being made about them. Obviously enough people love this franchise to have kept it going for so many years. I myself, love the chipettes and chipmunks, their songs are fun, the romance between them is cute, and it's neat how they each have they're own distinct personality. Another thing, If you dislike this movie franchise so much, why do you watch all the sequels? I guess you don't hate it as much as you say you do, otherwise you wouldn't keep watching the movies. This movie is a fun movie, called Chipmunk Adventure, where the chipmunks and chipettes travel around the world in hot air balloons. This one does not have sequels, it's not one of the CGI movies. Don't talk about stuff you have no clue on.

To the Guy who just said "No", way to go jerk, you just offended IHE.


2 Baby Of Mine (Dumbo)

Good luck for tomorrow

3 The Beginning of the Movie (Up)

The part where Ellie(Carl Fredricksen's wife) dies and they have the funeral is sooo sad -Ginger22

Am I the only one who didn't think this was sad at all?

This one should be higher in this list.

4 Goodbye May Seem Forever (Fox And The Hound)

This one kicked me in the feels I cried for literally the entire movie

5 Zordon Nearly Dies (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers The Movie)

Remember that but Kim and the Rangers saved him!

Happy ending after they saved him

6 Mufasa's Death - The Lion King

From wrestlers to little kids, everybody cried.

First on screen death with body from Disney

Grown tough adult strong deep voice 6 pack manly wrestlers cried to this

SpongeBob sees The Lion King Movie (Cries)

7 Andy Gives His Toys To Bonnie (Toy Story 3)

I am the olny one who remembered Toy Bonnie?

8 Alice unable To Go Home (Alice In Wonderland)

Sorry, that was the song " Good Advice"

Look before you leap

9 Perry's Memory Gets Erased (Phineas and Ferb Movie)

I thought perry was removed after this, but they kept making episode sores with him in it

Everyone exept for Perry got their minds erased!

Did they more episoides after this with PERRY IN IT

Ok thanks, I didn't remember that part much. Sorry.

10 SpongeBob and Patrick Shrivel Up and Die (The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie)

I can't believe I had to be the one to put this on the list. It seems to be one of the most underrated sad movie scenes ever.

The Contenders

11 Muppets Go On Seperate Ways (Muppets Takes Manhatten)
12 Little Foot's Mother (The Land Before Time)

Literally the saddest thing! My childhood though

Nostalgia. I haven't seen this since like 2002.

13 Ash Gets Turned to Stone (Pokemon the 1st Movie)

Only time I ever cried at a movie ever. Unlike most sad scenes, this one wasn't for the sake of plot development, or just to be sad. It had a meaning. Ashe gave himself up to stop the merciless pitting of friends against each other. Then Pikachu cries, and it just all fits together. Most moving scene in a kids movie ever.

This was sad, but he came back to life!

I’m a tough cookie and all,but if you didn’t cry at this,I have no words.To watch picachu cry,saddest movie ever!

14 Nick's Flashback (Zootopia)
15 Lisa's Got Gruties! (Despicable Me 2)

One day when I watched Despicable Me 2 at school, after this scene finished, I cried, because if that were to happen to me, I would lose my best friend.

16 The Mother of Bambi Dies (Bambi)
17 Sully Leaves Boo (Monsters Inc.)

At least they reunited

Yay! 😄

18 Optimus Prime Dies - Transformers: The Movie (1986)
19 Bing Bong Sacrifices Himself (Inside Out)
20 The Girl Ripping Everything Up (The Little Prince)

After the old man (who ends up being the pilot, by the way,) ends his story, the girl gets so shocked at how he didn't care about the prince forgetting, and ended up ripping everything up. The old man died soon after.

The girl is on her period

21 Coral Dies (Finding Nemo)

Finding Nemo would've been better if Coral was the main protagonist instead of Marlin.

22 Dumbo's Mom Gets Taken Away (Dumbo, 2019)
23 Sugar Rush Gets Unplugged (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

Very Sad! I didn't want Sugar Rush to be unplugged in the first place.

24 Landfill Incinerator Scene (Toy Story 3)

What doesn't scream tearjerker about watching your beloved heroes wait for their death. Tears were shed.

25 What Good Will Wishing Do - Wishing Well Scene (My Little Pony)
26 Forever Young (Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation)
27 I'm a Blue Bird (Sesame Street Movie: Follow That Bird)

That was "I'm So Blue"

28 Follow Your Heart (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of the Shell Tour)

Scene when the Turtles were feeling helpless.

29 Cinderella Is Unable to Go to the Ball and Gets Left Behind (Disney's Cinderella)
30 Goodbye Farewell (Muppets Take Manhattan)
31 Death of Stoick (How to Train Your Dragon 2)

Not a good one to see that on Father's Day.
I heard that movie came out near Father's Day.
Glad we did not saw that.

Not a very good movie no way

I heard that the put that for "Zoovie Night" (Movie Night) in Oakland Zoo.
Who would want to see a sad movie at the zoo?

32 Po Remembers (Kung Fu Panda)

In Number 2 Not 1

33 Jessie's Memory (Toy Story 2)
34 Lotso's Memory (Toy Story 3)
35 I'll Be Home for Christmas (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Alpha's Magical Christmas)
36 Marley Dies (Marley and Me)

Why was it Marley? When the baby died (real life opinions) Hmm... OK. But when Marley dies... (run out of room, sit on toilet with lid on and bawl) I love dogs and if someone's dog dies, I just have to cry for them. Overall Marley and Me is very funny.

Sad but not as sad as Emily reveals herself on an American girl on the Home-Front!

37 Skip Dies (My Dog Skip)

Now, if you're a Jackie owner like me, you'll have to cry. Skip driving the car... LOL! But Skip dying... WA WAA WAAA WA!

38 Emily Reveals Herself (An American Girl On the Home Front)

What happened in that scene?

! This moment made me cry SO BAD! I also cried in the movie when lutenent Davies died!

39 Something So Right (Muppets Most Wanted)

I cried at this in the theater!

40 The Little Red-Haired Girl's Confession (The Peanuts Movie)

I was bawling at the end when she revealed why she loved Charlie Brown so much.

I hate this movie this was the stupidest part

41 Oh Gets Smashed (Home)

He didn’t die!

42 Tip Can't Find "My Mom" (Home)
43 Nigel's "Death" (Rio 2)

Now He Has To Be Tortured And Annoyed Every Day By Gabi

You legitimately thought the guy was going to die. or at least I did. I felt bad for the guy, despite his evilness.

It wasn’t Nigel’s death. It was Big Boss’ death.

44 Joy Crying in the Pit (Inside Out)
45 Duke's Former Owner (The Secret Life of Pets)

I Did Not See That Twist Coming At All

His owner DIED waiting for him!

46 The Rose Dies (The Little Prince)

This was sad

47 The Little Prince is a Brainwashed Adult
48 Manny’s Flashback (Ice Age)
49 Toto Gets Taken Away (The Wizard of Oz)


50 Vitally the Tiger Gets Burnt Through the Tiny Hoop. (Flashback). (Madagascar 3)

At first, I didn’t think this was sad. After that, I thought this was sad.

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