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1 Misty and Brock Leave Misty and Brock Leave

That Misty's goodbye montage with the music is by far the saddest thing in the anime

Sadder than Pikachu’s goodbye and Bye Bye Butterfree.

Too sad

I stopped watching after this episode, I simply couldn't take it. This is the saddest moment without question.

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2 Bye Bye Butterfree Bye Bye Butterfree

For obvious reasons ;-;

This made me cry in the first movie I hope he and she comes back


Even sadder, when you know the REAL story (watch the japanese version...BUT BE WARNED! it may trouble you if you're super sensitive :<)

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3 Pikachu and the Other Pokemon Cry After Ash is Turned to Stone

I wached this with my dad who put it on so I would leave him alone and he checked on me and I was bursting into tears

How the heck is ash turned to stone I don't get how but at least u don't hear his stupid little voice anymore that makes me not care a damn heck that he is turned to stone

I was cing and crying then what?... I got my life back when Ash woke up, but seriously. Why on earth, WHY the hell were the clones crying. And then that MEW... guess what? Was LITERALLY LAUGHING. Like WHY the freak? Dude the anime is full of idiots...

Only moment in pokemon I cried at. - flash101

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4 Charmander is Abandoned by His Trainer


5 Tommy's Parents Almost Die Tommy's Parents Almost Die

Who's this tommy?

The kid from the episode the kangaskan kid. - egnomac

Butterfree's goodbye was sad, but watch the japanese episode of the kangaskhan kid. it is SO far for a kids show in tokyo!

6 Pickachu's Goodbye

I was happy that Misty wanted Ash and Pikachu to continue traveling, and Brock changed his mind thankfully

Why the heck did DUMB Ash Run from CUTE Pikachu

Sad episode where I thought Pikachu would stay with the other wild Pikachu. Ash"s Pikachu returned to Ash so heart warming.

7 Ash is Turned to Stone and Brought Back by Pikachu’s Tears

Only moment that made me cry. - Userguy44

8 Pikachu Chooses Ash Over Freedom

I cried

9 Stoutland Dies

Saddest episode in years

That's sad and it'll make people cry too.

The leaves where falling from the tree one by one and when the leaf fell litten caught it and kept it until it blew away and then litten saw a cloud that was like stoutland then the stoutland cloud rad away and that point litten knew that it was time for him to move on... what's sadder then that!?

Here is why this made me cry first I had a dog die and Scotland is the dog Pokemon and seeing Litten cry is so sad and why is ash being a jerk by not comforting Litten after his Pokemon dies and this is probably the first time a Pokemon actually dies

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10 Goodra Leaves

so sad

The first sad anime episode I watched 😭😭😭

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11 Ash Sends Butterfree Off with His Mate
12 Weezing and Arbok Leave

This needs to be higher!

Team Rocket are the nicest people in the anime and they have the biggest heart. Ash and his sad moments are over rated. Team Rocket>Ash and Friends.

They had to watch their own trainers get beaten up whilst trying to protect them. God this is sad - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ


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13 Pikachu is Turned Into Stone
14 Ash Loses to Ritchie After Charizard Refuses to Battle

After everything Ash did for Charizard saving him from an abusive trainer and saved him from death this is the gratitude he gets from Charizard by costing him one of the most important matches of his young career. - egnomac

Exactly why you should never get a charizard - Sambazing

15 Ash Says Goodbye to Charizard

Saddest episode for me. Its been 15 years still I cry when I watch this

16 Jessie and Blissey

Very touching side story on Jessie. Blissey/Chansey may be clumsy but the most lovable pokemon ever.

What happened in this episode?

Jessie has a relationship with a pokémon center blissey when she was still a chansey

17 Serena Cries After Failing to Make It Past the First Round of the Pokemon Showcase

What doesn't kill Serena isn't working

Serena annoys me. She cries easily after losses. Take Jessie for example, she has gone through lots of worse things throughout her life. Serena needs some backbone. And people call Jessie selfish, why do you think she is how she is today? I can definitely see how most people watching the show are young as young people don't understand complicted characters with complicated emotions. Well, usually.

I feel bad for Serena, this was suppose to be her big debut and one mistake completely cost her the first round. - egnomac

She is a strong character

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18 Dawn and Brock Leave

It was sad because dawn wanted to go back to kanto with them, but she couldn't because she had an opportunity in Sinnoh for Buneary and Piplup got upset anand ran off after learning it would never see pikachu again. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

So sad and finally brock leave the pokemon anime

19 Greninja leaves

I cried

20 Espurr Drives Off to Grandmother’s Gravesite
21 Manaphy Says Goodbye to May
22 Lucario's Death in Movie 8

Saddest moment, hands down

Why is that so low in the list?

23 Pikachu Decides Not to Evolve
24 Pikachu Almost Dies

THIS IS SAD! BUT LIKE OTHER SAD MOMENTS, REUBEN THE PIG'S DEATH IS SADDER! But I love Pikachu so...yeah... At least pikachu comes back to life! Reuben on the other hand, DOES NOT! HE TURNS INTO PORK! A

He did die. Xerneas just resurrected him. SADDEST MOMENT EVER IN THE ANIME! I literally cried when I saw pikachu get turned to stone. Yveltal is still one of my favorite Pokémon, BUT WHY YVELTAL! ASH'S PIKACHU IS MY SECOND FAVORITE POKÉMON ASH EVER GOT! (I only like Ash's Pikachu, none other than that one. Also, Charizard is my favorite Pokémon Ash owns. He's my favorite Pokémon ever).

25 Ash leaves Greninja for Sun and Moon

Greninja HAD to stay behind! He needed to save the world.

They want ash to be ready for sun and moon so thy get rid of his most op pokemon ever

The episode is gonna be so ' sad

26 Pikachu Talks
27 Max Gets Upset Over Norman's Loss to Ash
28 James leaves Cacnea

I did not like it anyway

29 Bonnie Says Goodbye to Squishy

In episode 43. This scene brings tears to my eyes when she says "Squishy! I love you! ".

Squishy = so cute
Turning into zygarde = hell no goodbye - Sambazing

30 Jessie leaves Dustox

100% better than bye bye butterfree. so much more emotion and the fact that its team rocket and Jessie of all people is everything. The crushing of the pokeball, the dustox montage, even before where we see Jessie fall in love in early childhood and then lose that someone because they had to move.Now Jessie letting Dustox go for love despite how much Jessie cares about Dustox is just heartbreaking and just truly emotional.

Bye Bye Butterfree is overrated this was way sadder Team Rocket leaves a Pokemon > Ash leaves a Pokemon

31 Pikachu Almost Dies After Being Attacked by a Flock of Spearows
32 Dawn's Piplup Runs Away

At the end of the Shinoh saga Puplup gets really upset after finding out that Ash and Brock and all its friends are leaving that it runs away. - egnomac

33 When James left his Chimecho with his grandparents
34 When Serena leaves at the end of XY

I hated and loved this episode hated it because serena leaves,Loved it because Cilan comes back

35 Ash yells at Serena because he wanted to be alone (Pokemon XYZ Episode 28)

Ash obviously needed to some alone time, while it was nice that Serena wanted to help him with his problem but he needed to figure his problem out on his own. - egnomac

Serena tried to HELP Ash get over his problem! what, MATE?!

36 Casey Loses to Ash
37 When Max was taking Ralts to the Pokémon Center
38 Celebi's Death

It made me cry too as a tween - Brensa

Ash's reaction makes this moment even more sad than it would be. Sure, Celebi is revived, but seeing Pokemon forever for the first time really made me weep.

39 Ash leaves Charizard

Ash was so sad, he couldn't even say goodbye to Charizard!

40 Latios' Death in Pokémon Heroes

This death scene made me cry every time I watch this scene of Pokemon heroes I say Latios no! Don't die please I love you - Brensa

41 When Pikachu Turns Stone

Yeah I seen it in lots of top 10s

42 Meowth backstory
43 Red Didn't Come Back Once
44 Cubones Mother's Death
45 Luxray Dies in I Choose You

Seriously, I cannot believe this is not on the list

I remember watching the movie and crying in the process. You know what the whole movie should be on this list it is probably one of the most deep Pokémon movies I have ever watched (it is my favourite Pokémon film.)

46 Dawn Suffers Back to Back Losses
47 Meloetta leaves

Poor Oshawott :( - InklingSethO

48 Clembot Dies

It's so sad. I cry a lot after watching this episode.

It's just a robot, that you can reprogram


49 James's Cacnea Leaves

Ok when Cacnea left I was like why did James's Cacnea have to go I hate team rocket but still they have a heart - Brensa

Very sad

50 Pikachu and Ash Die

This scene from the tower of terror scared the crap out of me as a kid my god - Brensa

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