Top 10 Saddest Moments from the Pokemon Anime


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1 Misty and Brock Leave Misty and Brock Leave

Don't forget to check out their return episodes in Sun and Moon anime. I didn't like the episode when Misty left it will always be my least favorite because Misty's sisters were not letting her travel with Ash.

Misty was almost the best pokemon character ever! BRING HER BACK! BRING HER BACK!

This is bye far the most saddest for me. Bring back Misty and Brock

By far the most emotional sendoff - lu

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2 Bye Bye Butterfree Bye Bye Butterfree

The first of many emotional times Ash has had to say goodbye to one of his Pokemon. - egnomac

It's sad until you realize that butterfree leaves to get laid. - taishisohma

Every time I watch this scene, I cry for the whole day

Caterpie was the first Pokemon Ash caught. After the full eveloution to Butterfree, Ash releases Butterfree into the wild. Yay, dumb Ash!

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3 Pikachu and the Other Pokemon Cry After Ash is Turned to Stone

I was cing and crying then what?... I got my life back when Ash woke up, but seriously. Why on earth, WHY the hell were the clones crying. And then that MEW... guess what? Was LITERALLY LAUGHING. Like WHY the freak? Dude the anime is full of idiots...

Only moment in pokemon I cried at. - flash101

This is just sad. - RiverClanRocks

4 Tommy's Parents Almost Die Tommy's Parents Almost Die

Who's this tommy?

The kid from the episode the kangaskan kid. - egnomac

Butterfree's goodbye was sad, but watch the japanese episode of the kangaskhan kid. it is SO far for a kids show in tokyo!

5 Pickachu's Goodbye

Why the heck did DUMB Ash Run from CUTE Pikachu

Sad episode where I thought Pikachu would stay with the other wild Pikachu. Ash"s Pikachu returned to Ash so heart warming.

6 Goodra Leaves

The first sad anime episode I watched 😭😭😭

7 Ash Loses to Ritchie After Charizard Refuses to Battle

After everything Ash did for Charizard saving him from an abusive trainer and saved him from death this is the gratitude he gets from Charizard by costing him one of the most important matches of his young career. - egnomac

Exactly why you should never get a charizard - Sambazing

8 Stoutland Dies

Here is why this made me cry first I had a dog die and Scotland is the dog Pokemon and seeing Litten cry is so sad and why is ash being a jerk by not comforting Litten after his Pokemon dies and this is probably the first time a Pokemon actually dies

This is so sad because litten is so cute and confused and it doesn't directly tell you that stoutland died. But I loved that meowth talked to litten to try and get it over its sadness and worry.

It made me cry not only it is sad to see stoutland die but it is also hard to see litten grief stricken

I feel so bad for poor Litten. It is not it's fault...

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9 Jessie and Blissey

What happened in this episode?

Jessie has a relationship with a pokémon center blissey when she was still a chansey

10 Serena Cries After Failing to Make It Past the First Round of the Pokemon Showcase Serena Cries After Failing to Make It Past the First Round of the Pokemon Showcase

Serena annoys me. She cries easily after losses. Take Jessie for example, she has gone through lots of worse things throughout her life. Serena needs some backbone. And people call Jessie selfish, why do you think she is how she is today? I can definitely see how most people watching the show are young as young people don't understand complicted characters with complicated emotions. Well, usually.

I feel bad for Serena, this was suppose to be her big debut and one mistake completely cost her the first round. - egnomac

She is a strong character

10? how? its just a showcase, it is not like it is the super bowl or world cup, hell not like its if your friend died

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11 Weezing and Arbok Leave

This is the saddest in my opinion

Bring them back!

It's not only that Arbok and Weezing leave, it's also watching Jessie and James battling the hunter and his Tyranitar to save those Ekans and Koffings. - GamingSanx

12 Greninja leaves
13 Dawn and Brock Leave

So sad and finally brock leave the pokemon anime

14 Ash leaves Greninja for Sun and Moon

They want ash to be ready for sun and moon so thy get rid of his most op pokemon ever

Greninja HAD to stay behind! He needed to save the world.

The episode is gonna be so ' sad

15 Max Gets Upset Over Norman's Loss to Ash
16 Pikachu Almost Dies V 1 Comment
17 Lucario's Death in Movie 8

Why is that so low in the list?

18 Bonnie Says Goodbye to Squishy

In episode 43. This scene brings tears to my eyes when she says "Squishy! I love you! ".

Squishy = so cute
Turning into zygarde = hell no goodbye - Sambazing

19 James leaves Cacnea
20 Ash yells at Serena because he wanted to be alone (Pokemon XYZ Episode 28)

Ash obviously needed to some alone time, while it was nice that Serena wanted to help him with his problem but he needed to figure his problem out on his own. - egnomac

Serena tried to HELP Ash get over his problem! what, MATE?!

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