Saddest Moments In the Saw Movies

The Top Ten Saddest Moments In the Saw Movies

1 Jigsaw (John Kramer's) Death

Seeing the main character die is always hard to watch but seeing him know he was going to die and cry when Amanda dies, and laugh and cry when Jeff raises the blade, he's never really gone

2 The Rack Trap

Jeff is tested for forgiveness, the man that is in a trap is the man that killed his son in a car accedent. It is hard to watch as Jeff does not forgive at first, but decides to forgive but is to late as he cries and hugs the dead body.

3 Amanda's Death
4 Shotgun Carousel

The acting in this scene is far beyond brilliant. - Catacorn

5 Lynn's Death

She had just got to appreciate johns work and her life and she was almost about to be set free! She was also an amazing surgeon!

6 Eric Matthews Fails His Test
7 Dr. Gordon and Adam
8 Adam's Suffocation

For me it’s the saddest - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

9 Angel Trap
10 Eric Matthews Gets Trapped

Seeing Eric Matthews cry for his son is awful!

The Contenders

11 William's Death
12 Dr. Gordon Pleads for His Family
13 The Public Execution Trap
14 Bedroom Trap
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