Saddest Moments In the WWE

The saddest moments in the WWE of all time that just wanna make you cry or sad tear up.

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1 Owen Hart dying during show

Rip owen you will be missed you was the best wrestler in wwe/f you should of been in the wwe hall of fame also rest in peace Eddie Guerrero

saddest thing to happen in the wwe - decorulez97

R.I.P Owen Hart, its so sad that Owens gone from us. One of the best wrestlers of all time, phenomenal athlete and he should be in the hall of fame.R.I.P Owen Hart 1965-1999

I was very sad when you and the giant gonzalez died

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2 Eddie Guerrero Passes Away (2005)

Like Growing Up, Eddie Was My Role Model. And He Still Is, He Made Me Happy. And He Will Be Miss, From His Family. And His Fans.
Thank You Eddie! We Love You.

It seems just like yesterday when I found out one of my all-time favorite wrestlers, ´┐ŻLatino Heat´┐Ż Eddie Guerrero passed away, due to heart failure. Nov. 13, 2005 was such a sad day for wrestling fans around the world. It was definitely a tragic moment that hit the wrestling world hard like a meteorite.

He should be number one. when I heard I almost committed suicide

This is so sad dude

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3 Chris Benoit's Death

It is so sad that chris, daniel and nancy have passed away, I miss you R.I. P

It was a huge shock to me even more was how he died, I still don't agree with what WWE did by erasing Chris Benoit from the History books R.I.P Benoit truly one of the Greatest Technical Wrestlers of all time.

It struck the heart in such a painful way, much like Eddie, but this was just... Hopelessness

This is not sad.

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4 Shawn Michaels Retires (2010)

Shawn Michaels is a great wrestler and I love him

I Miss shawn but is not undertaker fault it's the WWE fault

I can't believe HBO retired. Seriously undertaker! Your streak shouldn't matter to you that much. What if that was your career! How would you feel? Huh!

It was time for him to leave, but it till hurt when he did. - LitaLee

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5 Edge announces his retirement (2011)

It's just sad hearing to one of the greatest and most talented (maybe the greatest and the most talented) wrestlers of all time say he retires duo to injuries that you already know have forced him all these years to stay out of action. And although you see that he's trying to make it and win titles and accomplish things and suddenly you listen to him again that he have to stay out of action, this time for the rest of his life.

Sometimes, it is very easy for fans to forget the punishment the wrestlers put their bodies through. However, this is a stark reminder of just how dangerous professional wrestling is. I am very saddened for Edge that he will no longer be able to continue to wrestle and live his childhood dream. As a fan, I just want to thank him for providing me with many great memories and to wish him the best of luck in whatever he chooses to do next with his life. - Bringls

I was really sad to hear that edge is leaving WWE. There are not many WWE superstars as hardship as he. He doesn't care of his body. He is a hard-working superstar. But it is a matter of sorrow that he could not overcome the injury.

I cried so much when Edge retired he was my hero growing up and it didn't seem really when he left #ThankYouEdge

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6 Brock Lesnar ends Undertaker's WrestleMania streak (2014)

I really wanted Undertaker to retire with the streak. But I want to see where WWE goes with this. Still sad.

This moment let my spirit for the WWE broken for never see wrestlemania again.

This was the most sad that I see in WWE moments, I only watch WWE for taker I now is over all the real emption is lost for many fans, they kill a legend, but for many steel the 21-0 the best in all the time.

I stopped watching wrestling after this happened

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7 Andre The Giant's Death (1993)

My favorite wrestler

Why is there no coments on this one
It is one of hulk holgans long time rivals that have passed a way

8 Ric Flair Retires (2008)

I was so happy!

9 Randy Savage Passes Away (2011)

Randy Savage deserves to be above a forgettable kane vs rey mysterio storyline by far and should be in the top 5

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10 Kane crying for his brother (2010)

That's just pulls on your heart strings, I mean the big red monster crying...

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11 Jeff Hardy's firework accident

My Mom was Tearing up when this happened because she is a Hardy fan - SmoothCriminal

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12 Jeff Hardy leaves WWE

God I miss Jeff Hardy I wished he will be back

It's a shame hell be back

He's back now

13 Stu Hart's Death (2003)
14 Brian Pillman's Suicide (1997)

He died of a heart attack, not suicide. - RalphBob

15 Paul Bearer's Death (2013)


16 Umaga's Death (2009)
17 Ultimate Warrior's Death

SO NO ONES GONNA SAY ANYTHING. REALLY? THE BEST PERSON EVER DIED! I even watched his very last interview/ match LIVE the night before he passed. Y'all are unbelievable



18 Eugene saying Don't make fun of me

Ugene you are awesome you are one of my favorite wrestlers ever you are funny to from ashton or ash smash by

19 Batista stripped of the WWE title (2006) V 1 Comment
20 Matt Hardy getting punted in the head during Jeff Hardy's match (2008)
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1. Brock Lesnar ends Undertaker's WrestleMania streak (2014)
2. Eddie Guerrero Passes Away (2005)
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1. Eddie Guerrero Passes Away (2005)
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3. Brock Lesnar ends Undertaker's WrestleMania streak (2014)

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