Saddest Moments In the WWE

The saddest moments in the WWE of all time that just wanna make you cry or sad tear up.

The Top Ten Saddest Moments In the WWE

1 Owen Hart dying during show

I was only a year old when this happened but I remember re-watching it somewhere (I think I had a channel on my T.V. that played old WWE episodes and pay-per-view) and watching Jim Ross and King break the news was very upsetting. Just recently I watched a video about Road Dog witnessing doctors trying to give Owen CPR and stuff and my heart went out to him and all of the other wrestlers. Fair play to them for continuing the event even though that happened. I wouldn't have had the guts. - tinytootsierolls

Rip owen you will be missed you was the best wrestler in wwe/f you should of been in the wwe hall of fame also rest in peace Eddie Guerrero

saddest thing to happen in the wwe - decorulez97

R.I.P Owen Hart, its so sad that Owens gone from us. One of the best wrestlers of all time, phenomenal athlete and he should be in the hall of fame.R.I.P Owen Hart 1965-1999

2 Eddie Guerrero Passes Away (2005)

Batista talking about Eddie after his passing gets me every time. Fair play to him for getting up in that ring so soon after his passing. Eddie was a brillaint wrestler and its nice to see that the WWE didn't forget his career there the way they forgot about the likes of Umaga and Viscera. - tinytootsierolls

Tell me how Owen passes this? I know he's a legend and all but look at Chris crying over his best friend's death

Like Growing Up, Eddie Was My Role Model. And He Still Is, He Made Me Happy. And He Will Be Miss, From His Family. And His Fans.
Thank You Eddie! We Love You.

It seems just like yesterday when I found out one of my all-time favorite wrestlers, �Latino Heat� Eddie Guerrero passed away, due to heart failure. Nov. 13, 2005 was such a sad day for wrestling fans around the world. It was definitely a tragic moment that hit the wrestling world hard like a meteorite.

3 Chris Benoit's Death

I think the sad part is that the whole family died including his little boy. There was a leaked telephone conversation between Benoit and his son that some time close to when it all happened and it was so sad to hear. - tinytootsierolls

It is so sad that chris, daniel and nancy have passed away, I miss you R.I. P

It was a huge shock to me even more was how he died, I still don't agree with what WWE did by erasing Chris Benoit from the History books R.I.P Benoit truly one of the Greatest Technical Wrestlers of all time.

It struck the heart in such a painful way, much like Eddie, but this was just... Hopelessness

4 Edge announces his retirement (2011)

It's just sad hearing to one of the greatest and most talented (maybe the greatest and the most talented) wrestlers of all time say he retires duo to injuries that you already know have forced him all these years to stay out of action. And although you see that he's trying to make it and win titles and accomplish things and suddenly you listen to him again that he have to stay out of action, this time for the rest of his life.

Sometimes, it is very easy for fans to forget the punishment the wrestlers put their bodies through. However, this is a stark reminder of just how dangerous professional wrestling is. I am very saddened for Edge that he will no longer be able to continue to wrestle and live his childhood dream. As a fan, I just want to thank him for providing me with many great memories and to wish him the best of luck in whatever he chooses to do next with his life. - Bringls

Man, this was more sad than watching Michael leaving The Office.

I was really sad to hear that edge is leaving WWE. There are not many WWE superstars as hardship as he. He doesn't care of his body. He is a hard-working superstar. But it is a matter of sorrow that he could not overcome the injury.

5 Shawn Michaels Retires (2010)

Shawn Michaels is a great wrestler and I love him

I Miss shawn but is not undertaker fault it's the WWE fault

Best of all time sad to see him go he is always back though

I can't believe HBO retired. Seriously undertaker! Your streak shouldn't matter to you that much. What if that was your career! How would you feel? Huh!

6 Brock Lesnar ends Undertaker's WrestleMania streak (2014)

It was this moment that made the world stand still in my opinion. It was enough for Stone Cold Steve Austin to drop two beers so that says a lot. - tinytootsierolls

I really wanted Undertaker to retire with the streak. But I want to see where WWE goes with this. Still sad.

This moment let my spirit for the WWE broken for never see wrestlemania again.

This was the most sad that I see in WWE moments, I only watch WWE for taker I now is over all the real emption is lost for many fans, they kill a legend, but for many steel the 21-0 the best in all the time.

7 Ric Flair Retires (2008)

I was so happy!

8 Roman Reigns diagnosed with leukemia

I love how most of the fans who hated him now support him.

That actually made me cry, it was so sad to watch. I'm glad that Roman beat leukemia, he got me scared. - RogerMcBaloney

I literally almost cried...whats worse was my 8 year old brother said aww that's my favorite wrestler

It was one of the most saddest and disastrous news ever I hve heard it left each and every single Roman fan in Tears...
#Thank you Roman
#U can and U will
#Believe that

9 Kane crying for his brother (2010)

That's just pulls on your heart strings, I mean the big red monster crying...

Why was he crying? - RalphBob

Why but it is still sad

10 Randy Savage Passes Away (2011)

This guy shaped the WWE I mean no one did it like him

Randy Savage deserves to be above a forgettable kane vs rey mysterio storyline by far and should be in the top 5

The Contenders

11 Andre The Giant's Death (1993)

My favorite wrestler

Why is there no coments on this one
It is one of hulk holgans long time rivals that have passed a way

12 Jeff Hardy's firework accident

My Mom was Tearing up when this happened because she is a Hardy fan - SmoothCriminal

That's sad love Colby

13 Ultimate Warrior's Death

This really made my heart stop. Mostly because he was on WWE literally the day beforehand and he seemed fine. - tinytootsierolls

Forget the controversial man for a sec (he was a jerk, no question but he died before we could find out if he had evolved), just the idea of seeing him in the HoF, then Raw the next night and then...dead. For someone who grew up loving the character, this was a real kick in the guts. - truckturner

SO NO ONES GONNA SAY ANYTHING. REALLY? THE BEST PERSON EVER DIED! I even watched his very last interview/ match LIVE the night before he passed. Y'all are unbelievable


14 Brian Pillman's Suicide (1997)

He died of a heart attack, not suicide. - RalphBob

15 Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack
16 Paul Bearer's Death (2013)


17 Umaga's Death (2009)
18 Eugene saying Don't make fun of me

Ugene you are awesome you are one of my favorite wrestlers ever you are funny to from ashton or ash smash by

19 Stu Hart's Death (2003)
20 Batista stripped of the WWE title (2006)

Yes he was one of the greatst! his title reign would have been much longer than 282days..if he ws nt injured...BATISTA!

21 Jeff Hardy leaves WWE

God I miss Jeff Hardy I wished he will be back

It's a shame hell be back

He's back now

22 Matt Hardy getting punted in the head during Jeff Hardy's match (2008)
23 "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's Death (2015)

To me rowdy roddy piper was the best wrestler in history. He left us to soon. He will be missed😥😪😢😭"😰

24 Eugene turning on Jim Duggan (2006)
25 Stephanie McMahon getting DDT by Randy Orton, Triple H comes running out (2009)
26 Mick Foley Forced to Retire (2000)
27 Yokozuna's Death (2000)
28 Tommy Dreamer Leaves ECW (2010)
29 Psycho Sid Breaks His Leg (2001)
30 Eugene getting head shaved (2007)
31 Daniel Bryan Returns

It's Sad because the Retire Speech he gave us 2 years ago doesn't mean crap now since he's back just to ruin everything - s646451

32 Daniel Bryan Retires
33 Shawn Michaels Retires
34 Droz Gets Paralyzed (1999)
35 Trish Stratus Retires (2006)
36 Matt Hardy's jealous speech in the middle of the ring (2009)
37 Bret Hart at the back of the limo crashing into cars (2010)
38 Mr. McMahon Fired (2011)
39 People Power 'era' crap

Suks big jonny got punk

40 Undertaker Gets Banished (2008)
41 Rusev beats Ryder (2014)

Very sad to see a family man being crushed by an evil Bulgarian.

42 Macho man's death
43 The Rock is defeated by John Cena and leaves.

Such a sad moment with, the rock even crying, but Cena salutes him on his way out, for a very solemn but righteous exit.

44 Road Warrior Hawk's Death

-So sad
-By Far One Or Even The Best Tag Team

45 Attitude Era ends (2012)

Attitude Era ended in 2002, not 2012. - RalphBob

This was the beginning of the end of WWE.

46 Jimmy Snuka Dies (2017)
47 John Cena's Retirement
48 Becky Lynch Referring to Herself as the Man

This is quite clearly not in the spirit of the list and shouldn't be here. - truckturner

49 JR Stops Working for WWE
50 Kurt Angle's Farewell Match (2019)
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